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A true Icon of the “Oppressive Left” Charles de Gaulle said the following


A true Icon of the “Oppressive Left” Charles de Gaulle said the following:

“Si une communauté n’est pas acceptée, c’est parce qu’elle ne donne pas de bons produits, sion elle est admise sans problème. Si elle se paint de racisme à son égard, c’est parce qu'elle est porteuse de désordre. Quant’ elle ne fournit que du bien, tout le monde lui ouvre ses bras. Mais il ne faut pas qu’elle vienne chez nous pour imposer ses moeurs”

My French is terrible but a rough translation would be:

“If a group of society is not accepted, it is caused, by them not bringing any value; otherwise they would be readily accepted. If they complain about systemic racism it is caused by their opposition and turmoil that they bring to society. When on the other hand, they do good, they will be accepted with open arms. But they must not come to us in hope of upsetting our status quo.”

Can you name a single politician worldwide, who today, has the balls to state these simple facts? Nope—we live in the touchy-feely world of the 21st century!

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