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The Debate of Sept 30, 2020


The Debate of Sept 30, 2020, If he did one thing Joe Biden demonstrated exactly what sort of president he would be if elected. He has been rejected by Americans before, and for good reason.
When he called the president of the United States hey man, shut-up, a liar, then a racist and then a clown, it was over for me; if he does not like President Trump, then at least have some respect for the office. Christopher Wallis repeatedly demonstrated his obvious bias often, even in picking the topics for the debate. Biden’s continuously lied about the virus, the economy, and race. In summation Trump hit the nail right on the head when he said; “I have done more in 47-months than you have in 47-years”. For Wallis’s information, Critical Race Theory is a racist process of demeaning the Caucasian race, nothing more and nothing less. The Green new deal would cost about $100-trillion over ten years verified by numerous economists. Green energy, Joe, does not create a million jobs, it’s a job killer, results in rolling brown-outs and black-outs, and costs 40% more than fossil fuel. Just look at Spain and California. For Wallis, global warming is a socialist trick, used to get environmentalists in tune with the progressive left.
In retrospect the clear winner was Trump, and Biden by denouncing the green new deal, riots, arson, and all the problems in Democrat cities, lost the left, that he has been coddling for the last six months. Biden dodged ever question posed by Wallis or Trump. Wallis was disappointing, he is an unskilled moderator, Trump was overly aggressive, but then who can blame a man who has been attacked by every media source, lied about, been investigated, and demeaned. Biden’s attempts to claim no knowledge of Hunter Biden’s and his family's crooked dealings were simply over the top. And for Chris Wallis to let that go as moderator is unbelievable. Dr. Adrian Kriegwww.A2ZPublications.comSend it to your friends!
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