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California was not always like it is now, it took 50-years of Democrat rule to destroy California, which was the best and nicest state in the union. Multiple huge fires are burning all over CA, Gavin Newsome the governor claims it’s “Global Warming” so, who is Gavin Newsome? He is Pelosi’s nephew, a multi-millionaire who lives in a 12,000 sq ft $3.7-million mansion in Sacramento with 8+acres of grounds, pool, tennis court, and a large  wine cellar.  It was all part of a $6-million loan sweetheart deal, not one  cent of which he used to pay his $20,000 arrears property tax bill, something that has taken place numerous times.

In the last two years 2.8-million acres of California-forest have been

burned and 131 people killed. This time around, it’s far worse. Previous governor and defrocked jesuit priest Jerry Brown, just like Newsome, said that these fires where the “new abnormal” which threatened “our whole  way of life”. They should know it’s the policies of the Democrats in Sacramento, who are responsible for these fires, none of which have anything to do with “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”. Both of which are Sierra Club and Tavistock invented phrases, they hoodwink the public with FEAR, to force compliance with corrupt politician’s bad policies.

California’s environmental laws, can in the kindest possible way, only be called draconian and Byzantine. Decades of state forest mismanagement is responsible for endless fires. When I lived in CA long before Brown, California was conservative and Republican, it was well managed by Reagan and men of his ilk, Brown was the beginning of the end. I remember Ronnie’s slogan when he ran against Brown who was the governor; Brown said; “Why an Actor” Ronnie responded with; “Why not   an Actor we’ve had a Clown” Ronnie won in a landslide. Reagan went on  to the presidency Brown to destroy California.

It’s not global warming, it’s really stupid environmentalists, the Sierra Club and their political allies the Democrats. California grows about 4- billion board feet of new timber every year, sucking up, about one metric ton of CO-2 per acre, all in the productive northern California forests. If this timber is not harvested, trees will grow untill there is a fire. When the harvesting of trees is reduced and dead trees are left lying on the forest floor, fires consume all of it. That’s how nature works. In the early 90’s the


Spotted Owl fable was begun by the Sierra Club they said, “Spotted Owls will only nest in old forest trees”; these people, actually convinced Californians of this load of BS. Just so that you get it, in 2002 spotted owls were found nesting in Golden Gate Park in remaining old world fair pavilions inside SF City limits—so much for the old tree crap. Harvesting was drastically reduced in Ronnie’s last year 1988, it was down to under 1.5-billion board feet. Dead wood began piling up; and the fire breaks that had always been cut were eliminated because the Sierra Club said; “Kangaroo Rats” were upset about the fire breaks. One would think that Californians were smarter than that, at least I did, how wrong I was! Today 90% of the American population has been induced to wear masks of fear, based on a fake CORONA-19 virus, which kills at a lower percentage rate (0.06%) than the Swine flu of a few years ago, which was not labeled as a pandemic, and for which the Obama/Biden team did nothing; do you suppose the US presidential election might have had some influence in 2020 for that? (destroying the economy is certainly one way for not getting a sitting president reelected)

Beginning in the 90’s severe restrictions were place in California on

logging based on the spotted owl fairytale. Communities were uprooted, lumber yards closed, thousands of Californians lost their jobs. The truth came out. Eventually spotted owls were losing out to other predators.

Actually the reason for these fires is the Santa Anna winds blowing up from Mexico, which occur every year, and the fact that California has cyclical wether, in which Pacific storms roll in, in November and December, ending in late March. The State is bone dry by fall, the cause of the fires is not as Newsome claims global warming, or any other Sierra Club nonsense, its the cyclical California climatic condition that has prevailed   for over 3,000-years. This is easily proven by the giant Sequoia trees in Tulare County of Northern CA, whose rings, prove the cyclical climatic conditions. Newsome and all his friends who are members of the  Bohemian Grove certainly know this, after all they have to drive through the Sequoia forest to get to their meetings in Monte Rio, just north of SF.

Climate alarmists who have been proven wrong on every prediction since 1970 when they started their convoluted rubbish 1) There will be a new ice age 2) We will run out of oil 3) we will run out of copper 4) we will run out of iron 5) we will be experiencing rising oceans 6) there will be global warming 7) the oceans will rise, 8) we now have Climate change. (See predictions by the Club of Rome actually located in Schaffausen Switzerland) Every one of these has proven to be a huge load of BS. The latest; comes from the Grey Lady, (Fri. Sept 11, 2020) There will be a


“Cascade effect in which a series of disasters will overlap”. What the heck they tried everything else and it all failed so why not this? I have followed the Club of Rome since they were actually in Rome, then Paris now Schaffausen. (moved for tax reasons) They are the premier climate liars, in over 50-years they have not made a single prediction that actually took place. With a record like that the Sierra Club is right on board.

Now, you might wonder why it is that you have been induced to believe this unscientific climate change garbage. The fact is actually very simple, media people, have little scientific education; graduates in journalism are not required to take any courses in chemistry, physics, geology, biology, botany, mathematics, geometry, algebra or government and Heaven forbid weather or environmental sciences, but they will relentlessly pontificate on these issues, of which they know virtually nothing. But far worse are the charlatans hawking the climate  change issue for fun and profit; that would be Woods Hole Research, The Environmental Defence Fund, The Sierra Club and the UN, among many. It began seriously with the Woods Hole Research Center at Dartmouth NH not far from where we lived at the time and the ever menacing Club of Rome, soon the UN joined in, with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and believe it or not 611 (UN Accredited) organisation pushing Climate Change from the Academic Council on UN Systems to Zoï Environmental Networks.

With the support of all American ivy league colleges, the support of the UN as well as the majority of media, and the world political structure, is impossible for an employed accredited academic to oppose the climate change scenario, because he will be ostracised by the academic community,  which will result in the loss of tenure, allowance to publish,  and elimination of academic acceptance; in other words loss of employment. Being retired, does have some benefits! This is how they keep almost everyone in line, but there are at least 1,000 weathermen, climatologists, scientists and academics who will not be cowed, unfortunately the ever compliant to the left media, prevents oppostion papers from publication.

One matter that no one has reported on is the fact that the

progressive left is tied to environmental policy like conjoined twins. When socialist came to the realisation that their garbage theories would not sell to the American public, they tied their wagon to the environmental movement and have been stuck there for the last 50-yeas.


Dr. Krieg has a doctorate in manufacturing science and is a certified manufacturing engineer by the SME. He is the holder of 20 US patents, author of over 30-books, and recipient of numerous awards. His books are attainable from www.A2ZPublications.com.

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