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OZ in the new Millennium


Is the title of a book I wrote in 2010 In the OZ introduction, I wrote about the book “The Wonderfull Wizard of OZ” and what all the particular things in the book meant. One was the Straw Man. Did you see a vacuous Biden; the caboose of the Democrat effort, the “Straw Man” standing in front of a meadow claiming that the fires on the Pacific coast were caused by president Trump? Well, actually the fires were the product of the DNC policies, they have held every state office in CA, OR and WA for the last nine-years. I said that the straw man was representative of government and what he wanted from the Wizard was; brains; something sadly lacking in government. What did the Wizard give Biden—oh sorry, the straw man, the Wizard gave him a certificate (Social Security Number) Biden—sorry again, the Straw Man, was proud of his new persona and promptly began lying about his past, and what he would do in the future, completely forgetting that he had done nothing in office while in Washington for the last 50 years?

Dr. Adrian Krieg

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from www.a2zpublications.com It’s a good read and its blacklisted like most of my books; because it tells the truth.

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