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We are now 58-Days from the electio


Call me a cynic; but I do not think that John Durham will produce anything before the election. He’s a swamp creature. They all protect their own. If Harris/Biden* are elected, the entire investigation will be deep sixed. If Trump/Pence are elected the following will take place: Biden will not concede, Antifa and BLM will riot in every city in the country, Hillary will
claim the election was rigged and the DNC will not accept election results. The Durham investigation will indict some low lever FBI and DOJ individuals, the real crooks, Clinton, Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Gauhar, McCabe, Weiner, Stzock, Page, Carlin, Laufman, McCord, Toscas, Nuland, Winer, Finer, Dibble, Williams, Kahl, Kavalec, Lukens, Elias, Sussmann, Mook, Sulivan, Shearer, Blumenthal, Akhmetshin, Baumgartner, Frish, Jacoby, Murray, King, Jr., Catan, Jones and Simpson will not be charged or indicted; they will all walk! Unless Marshall law is instituted in 2021 the turmoil will continue into 2022. *Biden is the place holder.

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