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Author of: "Usury Banking": "Money a primer": "Federal Reserve update 2017 & 2019": "Practical Economics for Millennials" among over 35 books and the holder of 20 US patents.


America at this time, is at the cusp of a great upheaval. I'm not speaking of COVID-19, riots, looting or arson; while they are all symptoms of what is to come, they are only the precursors of coming events. Obama promised to transform America and all was started in his administration.


Regardless, the virus figures big in our national transformation. Reporting on the virus has by plan been false; everything you thought or accepted about the virus is wrong. 99% of people under 65 that get the virus, survive. The actual death rate is 0.02% of those infected; and those who die, are almost exclusively over 65-years of age with other diseases. CDC admitted in the first week of Sept. 2020 that 90% of their own reported deaths from CORONA-19 were mistaken, and that only 9,200 have died from the virus. Meanwhile Bill Gates', Alliance of Vaccine & Immunisation (GAVI) and MasterCard, have begun testing their "Digital Identity Platform Trust Stamp," (which is injected as a virus vaccine into people, in West Africa) far away from your prying eyes. The plan is to use it as a "Wellness Pass," which will be used to allow you to travel, and use credit card payments. It is the first step to "FedCash" which is the RFID chips to be included in the vaccine. All of it is part of the "World Beyond Cash initiative" that is intended to replace fiat dollars as the medium of exchange for buying and selling. With the RFID platform securely injected within your body the Biblical 666 will be a foregone result. Funding for all the aforementioned is The Rockefeller Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Soros's OSF through surrogates. With the integration by MasterCard of "Wellness Pass, Trust Stamp & FedCash, by injection of the CORONA-19 virus vaccine you will be chattels of the state. I'm not smart enough to make this up!


Due to government market interference by the Fed's purchase of open market assets (Stocks, Bonds & Government Notes [The Plunge Protection Team]) markets have increasingly been propped up. (Index Exchange Trade Funds) Proven by the NY Post of UBS and CS purchases of over $140-billion in US stocks acting as agents of the FED. (2015 & 16) This is demonstrated, in the seesaw way the DOW and other markets are continuously fluctuating and always reach new highs, regardless of economic reality. The interesting thing is, that, the falling markets (Bear) trading days duration, has also been falling for almost a year to just 16- days this last March 2020.


The very next thing of note, is that the distribution of wealth among citizens has for the last 40-years been changing to the very same situation which existed in 1920 to 1940. The share of the nations wealth today is again as it was in the 20s seated in the upper ten percent of the population. In fact that highest percentage of national ownership of 50% by the top 10% is now reality again. Noticeable is; that the rich are gaining in wealth; while the poor and middle class is losing it. That demonstrates that the shift in wealth, is changing the way people view society and America. The very next fact, that is not openly reported, is that Americans are getting poorer, while 10% including almost all of your elected officials are the highest wage earners. The very next group, are government bureaucrats who now represent the upper-middle-class of citizenry mostly living in the greater DC region. The fact of the matter is, that the previously existing middle class incomes have annually fallen annually by 6% and the poor's income has fallen by 5% and that's just in the last ten years. OK, you say, my salery has gone up!—And you are right!—but, the purchasing power of your earnings has fallen by 18%, due to massive inflation. Inflation is caused by government spending more than they take in as taxes—something they excel at; and has dramatically increased in the last 12-years. While government collects about $4.4-trillion in taxes annually they spend about $5.5-trillion or one trillion more than they collect. The life style—the economic means of the population— is falling and has been falling for the last five decades. Or put another way the standard of living that my parents and my family enjoyed is not possible for my children and impossible for my grandchildren, this has never happened before in America. Claims by the FED Chairman that these price rises are caused by the increase in salaries and greedy retailers is a ruse, it is the FED and congress that controls the printing of fiat, which is the only cause of inflation.


Due to the fake virus more Americans are working from home,

almost three-quarters of Americans whose earnings exceed $150,000 can work from home, but those below $34,000 must almost exclusively not work from home. This again, handicaps lower wage earners. It is not unrealistic to articulate that the cause of "income disparity" is seated in the fact that wages are no longer tied to the increase of productivity. Previously, in past decades, blue collar workers income levels were shared between management and workers, today any increase in productivity is exclusively reserved to stock-holders and management. Much of it used by multinationals, to buy-back outstanding stock shares, thus increasing the value of owned stocks by management. American factory workers productivity is one ot the highest in the world, in no small part due to advances in automation. While productivity is up over 250% from 1952 to 2020 income began to stagnate in 1980 and from there to 2020 only rose by 4% lagging far behind productivity.


Student debt is now over $1.5-trillion and the FED owns it, by Obama mandate, in fact the FED bases the "partial value of the dollar" on the projected return of student debt interest and principle. Something that is wholly unrealistic in present circumstances. Repayment due to the virus and other issues is 28% in arrears. This situation is so bad that president Trump has granted a reprieve on repayment until Dec. 2020. Worse is the fact that the average student debt is higher than the probable annual income of a new college graduate. Possible re-payment will therefore be 10-years at minimum. How the hell can two people live together in harmony, if when starting their relationship with a debt load of over

$100,000, before they even have a place to live? This entire matter is due to higher education whose average operating costs exceed the national economic stats by about 10% annually and academics whose income is stratospheric, over $75,000 and whose workload is minimal, with incredible benefits. (housing, cars, services, healthcare, mortgage payments, pensions, sabbaticals & tenure)


Congressional spending—and yes all government spending is authorised by the House of Representatives, i.e., Nancy Pelosi & co, is completely out of control. They are creating debt at lighting speed, so fast that the FED can no longer keep up. This has resulted in the delinquent practice of the Federal Reserve System (Not Federal but a private corporation incorporated in NY State in 1914, not a reserve because it has no reserves and certainly not a System, but in fact a privately held NY corporation) of buying back issued fiat (loan instruments by making journal entries on the asset side of the 12 FRS banks in the billions of dollars weekly—you try that and you'll be in the slammer for the next 50-years. This is the process of making money out of thin air! The basic result is that I purchase a Chevrolet Corvette in 1958 for $3,400.00 the same car costs between $58,900 & $66,400 an 81.7% increase. This is called inflation!


The real issue of higher education is, that it has become worthless. An American College graduate in many disciplines especially in liberal arts education, knows less than an 1880s 6th grade student. In fact last year administered test for an average 6th grade 1890 matriculation by college student produced an 84% college failure rate. Considering the accumulated debt and the lack of learning in liberal arts; a HS graduatewill do better in life learning a trade. College is fine for engineering, medicine, Law and other technically complex matters but is worthless for liberal arts; don't even get me started on Feminine studies, Black studies, sociology and others, for which there are no available open jobs now or any time in the future.


I am of the opinion that all of the things that have been taking place in the last 9-months will soon come to a head. I have previously noted the extraordinary number of small business bankruptcies mostly in Democrat controlled states; now estimated at over 300,000. The failure of more than just Lord & Taylor in large retail is following, in fact a massive national change in retail sales is in the making. The collapse of countless malls and their replacement of Internet centred sellers like Amazon, which are eating stock shelf businesses lunch. This is across the board, from hardware, to books and from clothing to cars; the change will be dramatic. Shopping centres and malls are all done for; they simply are unable to compete especially when half the population is so brainwashed and terrified that they won't even leave their homes, and if they do, wear the "masks of  fear". You must understand that the changes brought about by the fake pandemic is not medical it is economic. It is being used by multinationals and big government to change everything and to destroy small business which they see as their major opponents. All this was no accident it was planned from the highest levels!


The pandemic called COVID-19 is a man made virus bio-weapon. It's development was partially funded by US, CDC; to the tune of $3.6-million to the Chinese Wuhan laboratory. The Antifa communist terrorists are the reemergence of the 1920 Antifa movement in the Weimar Republic, which brought the National Socialists (NSDAP) to power. BLM is the brainchild of a small group of three communist women funded by the same communist Jews, Geörgy Schwartz (George Soros) and his over 199 member OSF (Open Society Foundation) as well as the 7 member organisations, indirectly funded by Soros. These are all anti Christian, anti-Free Enterprise, anti-Western civilization, and pro communist, big government and a plan to merge big government and multinationals into a population controlling world government —it is called "Fascist Government." It is the Messianic delusion of Soros. Who these organisations are is the real question to be considered.


The Center for American Progress, The Democracy Alliance, The John Adams Project, American Prospect, New Organising Institute, MoveOn.org, ACORN and the DNC and other "Think Tank" Progress they are on the B list. One of their failures was Air America; an attempt to counter politically conservative radio; what are they up to now? One of their pet projects is vote by mail. This is the Pelosi/Schumer/Soros pushed and funded plan to mail every listed person on local voters lists, a mail-in ballot. These lists are not properly kept up. In LA County a law suit forced the removal of 1.6-million names that included dead people and dogs and cats, and illegal aliens. In NJ 17,000 were by court order destroyed, whena judge found that they were sent out filled out for Democrat candidates.   In NH thousands of dead people were on the lists. We are not speaking of absentee ballots, we address only bulk mailings by local authorities, based on existing fraudulent voters lists. As of the date of this article there are 1,285 pending criminal cases of proven voter frauds in NC, AL, GA, CA, NY, MA, NH, WI, MS, OH, among many. These are not individual voters they in every case are thousands of voters in 1,285 separate districts.


The latest effort you will not have heard of is, presidential pre election polling. There is a new version of push-pull polling and the DNC  as well as the Harris/Biden campaign are doing it. Have you noticed that you almost never see a Biden bumper sticker, tee shirt, MAGA hat, but all the polls place Biden ahead—just like they did with Hillary. Let me explain how this works. A site is established on the Internet, always with a nondescript name, that cannot be tied to a political party. The site will pose a question in the form of a yes or no reply. Regardless of which you chose, it takes you to a second question, with which you will disagree. When you vote against it simply tabulated your vote to Biden approval. You have just been had! It is not possible to change your vote that was made for you. The second part is the hacking into conservative sites and adding or deleting pertinent issues of the site. None of this is Russian hacking it's all DNC hacking.


Understand that this is a national problem, that it is planned and administered to bring about change, remember Barack Hussein Obama's promise of change! "We will fundamentally change America". Of course he never said to what, or how. I can tell you; change into a socialist New  World Order, you know the NWO phrase used by in order of appearance; Napoleon Bonaparte, Benito Mussolini, Adolph Hitler, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, George Bush, W. Bush all those nice people who have been lording it over the citizens. What is in store for us?


  1. The elimination of independence
  2. Total reliance on government
  3. The elimination of small and family owned business & farms
  4. Total employment of all labor by government and big business
  5. A top down pyramid shaped world government
  6. 3% rulers, 5% bureaucrats, 5% police/military enforcement and 87% us as surfs.


This planned NWO system is far worse that the top down aristocracy of the dark ages. It is in fact the type of governments as was run by Mussolini, Hitler, Perone, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Salazar, and Franco. A system that is a political merging of multinational corporations, banking  and government. It will herald in the second dark age, but without Islam to preserve history and invention. It will in political terms, be a world kleptocracy that will gradually decline onto a Kakistocracy. (rule by the stupid) This would be the sort of governing as Cuomo in NY, he did meet his NWO in population reduction by killing over 11,000 by sending CORONO-19 virus cases into nursing homes. Want confirmation? Go look at the ten guides of the Georgia Guide Stones.


The fact of the matter is, that we have been in a changing environment for decades. One of the clear results has been the opioid epidemic; which is the result of the relentless attack on family and small business and the change from a healthy economy to an Information/ service economy. Any-way this issue is employed; no society can function in any logical manner, based on just information and services. It is impossible to build homes, make cars and airplanes, highways or bridges with services or information, this crap was sold by multinationals who were exporting American jobs to the third world, for the sole purpose of increasing their bottom line. As they did it, the media, which is ever the captive of their advertisers, pushed the fable on to the population. As millions of small business jobs evaporated, their function overtaken by the Walmarts, Loews, and Home Depots, the previous owners of those businesses became despondent and then became employee number 7896 of one of the multinationals, while turning to drugs to ease the pain of their losses. This is the deindustrialization of America, in which the displaced previous self employed small business owner turned to opioids in their despair. I saw this first hand in Claremont NH, where over 50 local businesses, gas stations, book stores, drug stores, lumber yards, hardware stores, all disappeared within 5 months of the new Walmart Super Center that turned the down-town hub of the County Seat into a destitute waste land.


From 1992 to 2020 America lost 11.7-million manufacturing jobs and 54,000 small manufacturers, of those manufacturing jobs 5-million in the last ten years. From Jan to August 2020, due to COVID shut downs, America lost over 300,000+ small businesses and countless retailers like Lord & Taylor, Sears, Sports Authority, Florsheim, Rite Aid, Crazy Eddies,  F. W. Woolworth; names that were American Icons. In fact on the Internet, on Wikipedia, you can access; "List of defunct retailers of the United States; I'll save you the trouble: in 20 separate retail classifications beginning with Automotive and ending with Warehousing, there are 427 major retailers that shut down. COVID-19 has hurt manufacturing badly, auto, appliance, consumer electronics, have closed shop for at least four months. It is conservatively estimated, that these shut downs will result in a loss of 7% of our national GDP. This additionally reduces tax collections and boosts inflation and unemployment.


What do Democrats really want? They want to end capitalism and economic freedom, they want to eliminate people who own their own businesses. They want to eliminate zoning laws. The want to outlaw you ability of self-defence. They believe that no citizen has the right to private property or business ownership. They are so stupid, that they don't understand that in our system you can purchase shares in a company and be a shareholder in it. They see socialism as the future—the exact same socialism that has failed in Venezuela, Zimbabwe Soviet Russia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Argentina. That's the reason they want to end history classes in public schools, that's why they don't want private schools. What they want is for government to control all aspects of your life—healthcare, education, employment, banking, finance, they even want to ground all commercial aircraft because they are a symbol of capitalism. (Sandy Cortez & Ashley McCray) want the Green New Deal, which would take us back to pre-electirc times. This lunacy would cost $10-trillion a year for the coming decade. Don't believe me— how about CA, now with Rolling blackouts and brownouts across the entire state. CA is the state with 35% green energy! Beginning in August 2020 LA is cutting power and light to anyone that does not comply with the mayors lunatic ideas. Spain has the highest electric utilities bills in the EU, and also the highest percentage of green energy. The concept that an industrialised economy can function with green energy is ludicrous and opposed by science.


There is a huge international movement. Out of Cash. There is in fact a US government program to speed the elimination of cash. That in fact, is why Obama had the Bluffton Data Center built in Utah. The Bluffton Center collects & stores everything on everyone; health, wealth, public records, every thing you will have done from birth to death. If you agree with all of this by all means go to the pols and vote for who you think best, for your family and community. It's really not a very difficult decision.


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