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The media is the primary sponsor of riots looting and arson. How they report events is an outrage. In the Loyd case they neglected most of the relevant facts:

  1. Lengthy previous 7-felony arrests.
  2. Previous weapons charges.
  3. False imprisonment.
  4. threading and beating a pregnant woman.
  5. multiple drug arrests.
  6. A heart condition.
  7. At the time of the incident high on drugs.
  8. Cause of death drug overdose.

In the latest case in Kenosha Bob (Jacob) Blake had an outstanding open warrant third-degree sexual assault, trespassing, disorderly conduct, (issued July 6-2020) he refused to comply with the officer's requests. When he reached into his car to retrieve something the officers assumed it to be a knife or gun and shot him. That is not how these events were reported.


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