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The Fools, Crooks and Liars


(not a medical doctor)

In the annals of modern science, there is no bigger fool than British Neil Ferguson the man who single-handedly destroyed the Western Worlds’ economy. His utterly wrong future predictions, regarding COVID-19, halted the best economy America had seen since the early 1920s. The basic consideration of his motives for doing so come into economic/political question. Regardless of his past as, a historian, he is Sr. Fellow at the Hoover Institution and was a previous prof. at Harvard, NYU, New College, and Oxford. To his chagrin he had to step down from his position at Imperial College in London due to his catastrophic and bad predictions and recommendations.

I must admit considerable bias against academics, almost all of whom live in a make-belief world of their own construction. This is in no small part due to academias flirtation with communism and socialism; these people, almost all of whom have never worked in the competitive economy, live outside the spectre of rational thought, primarily based on their political believes whose poor results they try to impose on us all.

What did Ferguson actually do? He created a computer model at Imperial college that scared the world into a panic about CORONA-19 that predicted 2.2-million deaths in America, and 500,000 in England. He then called for lock-downs for the following 12 to 18-months. When asked by NY Times reporter what the best case scenario was Ferguson responded with 1.2-million deaths. Not satisfied with screwing up the entire worlds’ economy he followed up his lame and totally wrong predictions with; “the only reason that the death rates are so low is because governments followed my recommendations.” He made that assertion, one day after the lockdown was implemented. Talk about an over-inflated ego!

What is truly amazing is that Ferguson refused to provide open source codes, which his predictions are based on, that he claims consist of thousands of lines, or any validation for his predictions. The code was not for CORONA-19 it was for the Flu and is dated to 2005. Then he chose to go with Microsoft, instead of publication of the codes. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has a lot of cash invested in a vaccine being developed by some various pharmaceutical companies, in which Gates as well as many CDC and FDA workers hold stock. Not to be forgotten is Bill Gates’ funding of Imperial College with two million dollars. Just by the way Ferguson’s prediction beginning in 2001 and ending in 2020, five of them were all wrong. (1) With such a bad history why were his predictions taken at face value? Where were all those claimed clever investigative journalists?

That then brings us to hydroxychloroquine the med that worked for the president, and Congressman, Louie Gohmert, a large number of American political insiders and can be brought over the counter in Turkey, which has done much better then we have; that is being blocked in America by CDC and FDA. Ask yourself why, are our governmental agencies actively blocking a drug that was proven effective with over 1,000 clinical trial tests in France and hundreds in Germany? I have some interesting insight into this, because I was prescribed hydroxychloroquine from 1970 to 1985 frequently as I traveled to Africa, the Middle and Far East to prevent malaria...and just to make this as clear as possible, this drug has been used for over 50-years without any bad side-effects for malaria, lupus, as well as arthritis. Fauci, who I believe is in on the vaccine profits train, along with most of Washington insiders, are all looking to big profits from the planned coming vaccine.

As I always say; Follow the Money! The DOH (Department of Health) has allocated $2.4-billion for the purchase of a vaccine. Reasonable estimates are that the 7 Drug companies who are actively working on a vaccine have allocated $24.8-billion to vaccine development and production. The federal government has 124 active CORONA-19 operating programs in about 30 defined agency programs. Grants for COVID-19 Moderna $1-billion, plus a grant for $483-million. Pfizer $1.95-billion, plus a guaranteed order for 100-million doses at $20 per dose. AstraZeneca $1.2-billion Novavax $1.6-billion, which also got $388-million for a research grant. As you can see we are into some big money, as far as I can determine about $35-Billion.

Now I understand why. Working drugs that are not patentable are all being sidetracked. Why? Countless older Americans are dying due to the virus, why so many government officials and all of big Pharma are fighting tooth and nail for a vaccine, why? because Bill Gates has invested millions; it all makes sense now!

(1)British foot and mouth disease costing 10-billion pounds. Mad Cow disease prediction of 50,000 to 150,000 deaths, actual 177. Bird flu he predicted 200-million deaths there were 282. Swine flu he predicted 6,500 deaths actual number 457. Later he predicted 71,610 deaths for Sweden, because they did not lock-down actual number was 2,586. Get my books from: A2ZPublications.com they reveal all!


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