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Neo-con’s impact


Neo-Cons are not the neo-conservatives they claim by title to be; they are anti-American zionists, whose primary interests lay in Eretz Yisrael the century old zionist pipe dream. To accomplish those ends these traitors have through political influence power, (partially financed by American foreign aid), committed America into one after-another disastrous wars in the Middle East on behalf of Israel. Most of these wars have been preemptive and were initiated by false propaganda or clandestine military actions concocted in Tel Aviv. They are carried out in America through AIPAC and an over 40 membership of Jews in the progressive congressional caucus. They are to a man progressives or in more realistic terms members of the DSA, and Socialist International, which now boasts mebers in 131 nations. An examination of the DSA website reveals most Neo-Cons to be DSA members and discloses all Jews to be socialists, calling themselves progressives.

Eretz Yisrael is “Greater Israel” that according to zionists is all the land between the Nile, present day Israel, the Euphrates River in Iraq, to the Turkish border and including some of Saudi Arabia. This territory comprises a population of just over 70 million, with a broad ethnic and religious makeup of Sunni, Sufi, Fatamist and Shia Muslims, Arabs and Semites, Druz, Marinates, Orthodox, Roman, and protestant Christians.

American foreign aid to Israel consists of three parts. First is direct economic aid, which includes resettlement stipends, military aid, and aid through provided tax loopholes to allow Jews to invest funds in Israel with US tax-exempt status. Certain substantial amounts of this aid is returned to America (repatriated) in the form of political contributions by either un-named credit card contributions, to Jews running for office in America, or direct contributions, to political parties or stipends to zionist organizations in America like AIPAC among many others. In this manner American foreign aid is directly employed in Americas demise.

Preemptive war is a totally Talmudic concept based in Old Testament (Torah) [first five book of the bible] initiative, which is totally un-Christian contradicting the Gospels. The newest of these neo-con preemptive initiatives is that America, on behalf of Israel, should attack Iran based on the possibility that Iran might at some future date, develop the ablity to produce a nuclear weapon. On that basis alone we should most likely attack every nation that has a physics department in their universities because they also have the same identical ablity. Furthermore, it is well known that Israel has a stockpile of over 400 nuclear war heads and ICBM’s as well as bombers to deliver those weapons anyplace in the Middle East. Additionally, Israel remains the only nation in the Middle East that has a bacteriological as well as chemical weapons development program at Saleh Al-Naami, preemptive as being the primary and only IDF military, as well as political concept, relating to everyone who is not a Jew.

AIPAC, which is in accordance with American statues, an illegal operation standing in violation of the “Foreign Agents Registration Act”, had their Washington congress in April 2012 attended by 13,000 Jews and zionists. Major speeches were made by every Republican presidential candidate except Dr. Ron Paul, who was not invited due to his opposition to a war against Iran, as well as Democrat Obama. AIPAC is the largest lobby in America. The power of AIPAC can be seen in the arrest by the FBI of Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman of AIPAC for espionage, that AIPAC agreed to defend through trial; all subsequent additional charges against AIPAC were dropped. No department of our government or any politician has the guts to demand that AIPAC register as a foreign lobby, or even that the hiring of spies on behalf of Israel is prosecuted. .

The question being, how did we get to this point? Max Weber was a German philosopher who visited the 20th century St. Louis world fair. He concluded that America’s economic success was routed in the Protestant work ethic along with the diversity of many sects rooted and a secular government that did not interfere with organized religions. This work ethic has been under continuous assault by rampant consumerism, self-interst, socialism and greed. In education the change from a Republic to a Democracy was the prime political stimulus. Additionally all religious organizations in America have come under attack by socialist/communist values vested in the concept of control and regulation of churches by the IRS. Freud, Marx and Darwin the inventors of three false theoretical viewpoints were instrumental in perpetuating Americas gradual fall. With their ideas came exit of the church and acceptance of pornography, abortion, feminism, homosexual acceptance and general societal ethical and moral breakdown. Not all that different from Rome 2,000 years ago. This then was accelerated by socialism, which promised fair and equal distribution of wealth through taxing those who work to give to those who loaf, the welfare state (Wohlfartstaat). Socialism according to Sir Winston Churchill is [socialism] “A philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery”. The fact that there is no recorded successful socialist society in world history seems not to be an issue, certainly not to the progressives, whose ever pronounced “This time it will be different and will save mankind” is pure rubbish. 

War, which has been the ruination of many nations, as well as empires, is likewise America’s primary problem. The Veterans administration now has over 20,000 employees dealing with the monumental epidemic of suicides of veterans. The misuse of military for wars on behalf of Israels Erez Yisrael has been one of the primary culprits, along with the deployment of over 200,000 troops overseas, of which 100,000 are engaged in active combat. Some of these troops have been re-deployed eight times, having spent over four years in combat. The un-constitutional deployment in the absence of a congressional declaration of war by various presidents has been the instrumental issue. Coupled together with troops clear loss of religiously anchored belief system, and the general degradation of ethics and morals causes combat veterans to after deployment reflect on a war based on false concepts and an acceptance of moral understanding that what they did was wrong and the inability to then cope with their newly found understandings. As of March 2012 the number of suicides of active military exceeds combat deaths. The Air force indicates the airmen suicides are up 40% over 2011.

Ironically, various pentagon general staff officers predicted all this as far back as the Bush administration. Such predictions have also been prominent in the Obama administration with the identical effect, officers contradicting the Neo-Cons, Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle, Abrams, Khalilzad, Bolton, Kristol, etc were forced into early retirement or simply decommissioned. The stupidity of foreign military policy formulated by dual national Israeli-Americans most of whom have never seen military service, crafting war policy without military input is thereby proven. Bush made VA secretary Eric Shinseki retire simply because he insisted that the Iraq war would require more men than were allocated and that injuries would be higher than predicted. Both of which proved to be correct. Costs for the Iraq war were also misrepresented and are now verified at over two trillion dollars.

Neo-Cons are closely related to Judaism from which their policies come. Various concepts such as preemptive war, preemptive without trial murder of opponents, assassination of opposing politicians, all of which have been used by Israel, much to their detriment, have now been incorporated into American foreign and military policy. Mossad agents training them in interrogation procedures have brought torture and other anomalies to the US army. Preemptive war and political assassinations are the primary reason for Middle Eastern peoples to hate us as well as Israel. A foreign policy driven by foreign national Neo-Con legislators and policy wonks is in large part responsible for our present economic situation.

The second issue of our economic decline is also Neo-Con or in this case progressive caused. Since Neo-Cons are all progressives there is no delineation between the two and they, for all-purpose are one and the same. Economically the prime cause of our problem relates to green energy indicatives all sponsored by socialist progressive politicians. People like Al Gore, George Soros, (Gyoergy Schwarz) and scores of socialist minded individuals who came to the conclusion that socialism was not a sellable asset in the West and hooked their cart on environmentalism and changed the name of their movement to “Progressives”. The utter economic failure of environmentalist green energy policies is more than just apparent in Spain, that now boasts a 25% unemployment level and for those under 25 years a 50% unemployment level is the role model. Spain is economically about to go under with a national debt load of just under two trillion

The Spanish National Debt is $1.090 Trillion, European debt is $ 643 billion, combined is $ 1.733 Trillion, Debt to GDP Ratio 133.8%.  Euros that the ECB has advised they will not underwrite. With Italy in the same or similar circumstance that decision is easily understood. .

As some might argue about the greens, lets understand the green movement. The green movement began in Germany when it was still separated. West Germany had two political movements that merged the Greens and the Gays (Die Bunten U. Die Gruenen) this amalgamation politically became the outer rim of the German socialist party, to form a ruling coalition. The East German communist party operated a green movement called Buentniss 90. When the wall came down all of these movements merged into the socialist party to become the new German ruling clique’, in opposition to the before ruling Christian Democrats.

In America a socialist policy that became our national strategy and was spearheaded by the progressive democrats led by Obama/Biden 13 senators and 70 house members, all of which are DSA members. Over 40 of these are Jews or zionists. They comprise the progressive caucus and controlled the house and senate from 2007 to 2010 and the senate from 2007 to 2012 and the White House from 2008 to 2012. For these people to blame George Bush after virtually controlling the entire goverment for two years and 2/3rds of the goverment for four years is ludicrous. When Obama was inaugurated America had a national debt of $9 trillion, by the end of Obama’s term it will be over $ 16 trillion, a $ 7 trillion increase the largest by an American president in history, in fact greater than all the combined debt expenditures of all preciously elected presidents. Furthermore, an economic projection by the Obama administration indicates that if the same policies are continued, the national debt will exceed $ 20 trillion by 2016. Unemployment the day Obama took office was 4.3%, today based on realistic count (ShadowStats) unemployment is at 23.4%, an almost 20% increase. America’s economy is in dire difficulty and is not improving.

Green energy projects funded by Dr, Chu of the Energy Department demonstrates gross nepotism in funding of projects by campaign contributors like Solyndra, Spectra Watt, Beacon Power among many. In fact the Department of Energy has funded for a total of over $ 6 billion green projects, Sun Power, First Solar, Solyndra, Evergreen Solar, Spectra Watt, Beacon Power, Amonix, Babcock and Brown, Solar Trust and Nevada Geothermal, all of which have either declared bankruptcy or are under reorganization. In the automotive field things are even worse. Fisker funded by $ 529 million to build a car in Finland that is to sell for $ 100,000. The Atlantic funded by $ 193 million that is to sell for $ 50,000 no further information available. Tessla got $ 465 million to build a car to sell for $ 100,000, and lastly Government Motors with their self-igniting Volt, that GM had to stop producing due to the lack of sales costing $40,000 with an Uncle rebate of $ 10,000 but costing GM $240,000 each, to produce. One of these green projects touted by Obama to produce jobs for Americans created a cost per job of $ 16 million. These socialist, sorry progressive, expenditures are systematically bankrupting America.

Of particular interest is GM that was bailed out by Obama along with Chrysler with $ 80 billion. GM has paid back nothing, and the government is stuck with junk bond valued GM shares. GM bondholders were screwed, the union rewarded and the taxpayers bilked. Before the bailout GM produced 75% of its cars in America today 7 out of ten are produced offshore mostly in the Peoples Communist Republic of China. GM now NCM (New China Motors) has 11 assembly plants and four power train production plants in China. The Chinese operations are jointly owned by SAIC, FAW, and NCM all affiliated with the Chinese peoples army. GM is in the midst of transferring their entire R&D development operations from Detroit to China.

On the green front, the Bush funded green Ethanol fuel project is the worst of the lot. Ethanol costs 23% more to refine than gasoline is 15% less effective as a fuel, reduces gas mileage, causes damage to older gasoline only engines and components, is subsidized by taxpayers funds from seed stock to fuel, and uses corn as a primary source of production, causing food prices to rise worldwide. Without government subsidies ethanol would cost over $6.00 per gallon.

The last item of this essay relates to housing the third leg of the tottering stool. In order to simplify and streamline the entire housing debacle let us clearly understand that caused it was Barney Frank (DP-MA) and Christopher Dodd (DP-CT) [DP democrat progressive] When the progressives took over the house and senate in 2007 Barney and Chris embarked on policies of having Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack authorize the issuance of mortgages with; no money down, no assets by borrower, income levels unable to meet mortgage payments, various kick back arrangements with banks, and absolutely no oversight. This was in fact the socialist plan for wealth re-distribution to allow minorities and unqualified lenders, the ability to obtain houses they were in no way able to afford. The American dream realized through other peoples money. As always happens they ran out of other people’s money. The result of this in 2012 is: foreclosed units held by banks 2.8 million, units 90 days in arrears on mortgages one million, foreclosed units in transition 2.3 million units, bank owned but not on market 500,000 units, foreclosures pending from 2011, 2.87 million units, number of homes under water 23.1%, residential value decline 2011 to 2012 33%, residential decline of sales 80%, late on mortgage payements 2012 summer, five million. Thanks Barney, thanks Chris and thanks so much to the academic morons who had Barney as a commencement speaker last week.

The root cause of American decline is vested in the socialist polices of the political left, who call themselves progressives, and whose major cheer leaders is the lamestream media. A little anachronism: The SNAP Food Stamp program are administered by the US Department of Agriculture, which is proud to advice that they are distributing the largest amount of free food in world history. Meanwhile the Department of Agriculture, administered by the Department of Interior, advises, “Please don’t feed the Animals because it makes them dependent and they will not be able to care for themselves”. A true lesson in the stupidity of government.

By: Dr. A. H. Krieg Board member A3P American Third Position Party got to www.american3rdposition.com or http://merlinmiller2012.com

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