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If you think that Dementia Joe is going to govern, if elected, think again! If you think that Harris, the replacement president, will govern anything but überleft progressive, think some more. The DNC platform which is about as long as the A3P platform was in 2012 just under 100 pages, lists some of the following priorities:

  1. Repeal or drastically change the 2nd amendment by EO
  2. Abortion on demand everywhere and at any time by EO
  3. Tax increases on the middle class and rich by EO
  4. Reduce ability to medicare age to 60
  5. Healthcare for illegals and refugees by EO
  6. The Green New Deal at $10-trillion per year by EO
  7. Eliminate the fossil fuel industry by 2035 by EO
  8. Single-payer socialized medicine for all by EO
  9. Cancel Culture #Me too for everyone everywhere
  10. Restitution for slavery to all Blacks by EO
  11. No operational opposition to BLM actions (DNC army)
  12. No operational opposition to Antifa actions (DNC Army)
  13. Rejoin Iran stop opposition to nuclear Iran by EO
  14. Détente with China by State Dep
  15. Restrict the First amendment by EO
  16. The platform wants more wars
  17. Hillary back at State more stupid Arab Spring disasters
  18. Not in the platform but; Obama in the Supreme Court.
  19. Citizenship to all illegal aliens in the country
  20. Join the Paris climate fiasco.

This will cost American taxpayers over $40-trillion per year, our present annual budget is $3.7-trillion but congress spends $4.2-trillion. America will be bankrupt the day they take office.

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