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We have all been wrong—for over a decade!


We have all been wrong—for over a decade!

Dr. A. H. Krieg 07.24/20. 2,797 words (long)


"My enemies have defined me to a greater extent than have my Friends"



The realization regarding the events beginning with the first Obama administration and continuously expanding since has struck me like a bolt of lighting. I had several theories; things like overthrowing Trump, altering our judicial system, changing us through demographics, making America Democrat, I was wrong on all counts. I was wrong, because I did not understand the extent, to which our academic community has indoctrinated our youth, with communism. B.L.M. as well as Antifa movements, have nothing to do with race, race is simply another means to an end, just like sex, religion, b o r d e r s , i m m i g r a t i o n , destructing of historic statues and museums, education and opposition to nationalism.

This is a massive many faceted effort, which is centrally controlled. Centralised control is the hallmark of the political left, while disorganisation and infighting is the hallmark of the political right. It is exactly why the progressives (socialists) are so successful. The Right consists of numerous little group-fiefdoms, whose leaders refuse to cooperate with each other for fear of losing political control of their little groups. The control displayed by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer over their progressive D.N.C. is amazing; especially considering how a small leftist communist faction has taken over the entire Party. The "Squad" dictates policy to everyone in the D.N.C. Biden has accepted Francis O'Rourk, using his moms name Beto, into his planned administration, Sandy Cortez from affluent Yorktown Heights in Westchester, as environmental tzar, socialist Bernie Sanders as principle advisor for policy, and Pocahontas as resident guru, turning the entire D.N.C. to a sharp left socialism. Not one of those four ever held a private sector job—who the hell would hire any of them?

We have not noticed, or paid attention, to the end game! We should have attended to events of a hundred years ago in Germany, because repetition of those events are playing out here and now. The process of eliminating previous history is not new, from pre Christian Egypt to almost every following civilization B.C. and up to A.D. the destruction of history-past is the story of man. From 1919 to 1925 Lenin destroyed every vestige of the Tzars who had taken the reins of government from the Varangians in the first century A.D. then to the Romanovs. The "Weimar Republic" was a decadent state, its social structure had been undermined by a cadre of communist Ashkenazim. Pornography and decadence, in all, was the Schlagwort of the day. Cabaret' replaced opera, jazz replaced the classics, literature was passe,' entertainment like a Roman Zirkus Maximus was the norm. We see that today Our music is rap—worse far than Bach, Beethoven or Puccini. Maya Angelou has replaced Ezra Pound, Paul Thomas Mann replaced T. E. Lawrence, pornography has been nationally institutionalized by the Supreme Fools, democracy has replaced the republic, and communism has replaced capitalism, and fair trade was replaced with free trade. Church attendance, now as then in the 20s, is greatly diminished along with honesty, integrity, morality and ethics. Hell, millennials would be hard put to even explain those attributes.


All lead to the question; what is the end game? You should know, because it has not changed since 1848, when it was plagiarised, from Adam Weishaupt, by Karl Marx, then published in England, but in German because Marx lacked the mental acumen to translate Weishaupt's Hagiographa. Indeed, the Communist Manifesto is the ultimate representation of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movements. Just look at the financial agent of it all, Geörgy Schwarz, who like the Ashkenazim before him, Bauer, later to be known as Rothschild, changed his name to George Soros. The present day anti-American communist movement is no different from the German one of 1920 and is run by the same tribe. Incrementalism is the backbone of socialist communism, that is in every case identical. Globalism, Multiculturalism, Internationalism, Communism, Socialism, all invented by tribe members and now the mantra of Progressives. First is the takeover of education, then the elimination of history, the destruction of statuary, replacement of classical music and economics, the attacks on Christianity and Islam, in crass terms the end of Western as well as Eastern civilization. Look at the C.C.P. of China, a good example, Christians, Uighur Muslims, Falun Gong all philosophic movements whose members are now in concentration camps, making as slave workers, Nike, Amazon, LG, GE, Calvin Klein (P.V.H.) and Apple phones indeed there are 83 major capitalist brands whose products are made in China by C.C.P. slave labor. (SOURCE: Business & Human Rights Reoccurs Center—Internet ASPI.


Let's look at COVID-19 as an instrument of change. I have not been allowed into my bank, the organization that has my money for over three months. Our local education system—public schools as well as colleges are closed. Our church is operating at about 10% capacity. The VA which is my health-care system eliminated my annual checkups instead doing the exam by telephone. Movie theatres are closed as is the local library and the Sarasota opera. My gym was closed but recently opened again. Ask yourself; is this rational behavior? Your personal chances of being killed in an auto accident are 20-times higher than death by COVID-19, and if you are a child under 18 you are 2000-times more likely to be killed in an accident, than by this virus. It is obvious to any outside the box observer, that the economic impacts caused by shutdowns, are ten times worse than the consequences of the virus. Who is pushing this? It's the leftist media, no question about it, they relentlessly expand the bad and diminish the good. Sensationalism pays in public media, no question about it. All of these event have nothing to do with any virus or with your health, it is about changing America from a capitalist free market economy to a command and control socialist economy. It is about enslaving you to government and politicians.


While attacks on education and entertainment are obvious, the real victims of COVID-19 is small business. These are companies that employ less than 500 people. They are being systematically destroyed primarily by Democrat mayor and governors and by massive federal over-regulations. Mine was done in 1987 long before the virus. The process of destroying small business has been ongoing for decades. In my sector machine tools, I was one of the last holdouts, America, which was the world leader in machine tolls after WWII now imports all of them. Needless to say without machine tools you build or make nothing! Multinationals, big labor and big government hate small business with vengeance, because they are by nature better at what they do than large organizations. Big labor hates them because they are almost impossible to unionize. Big business hates them because they are the inventors and developers of new technology. The government hates them because they are independent thinkers and are difficult to manipulate and control. The foremost process used is law and over-regulations, by requiring all business to comply with regulatory procedures of 469 federal bureaucracies, from A.O.A. (Administration On Aging) to World-net TV, small business is obstructed from complying. Considering just OSHA which is applicable to every business in America and comprises 31 sub-parts of thousands of pages and I.R.S. regulations of a volume greater than the old and New Testaments combined; no small business no matter how adroit can comply with all of this, nor can they afford the Legal and technical help to navigate big government. Government is in fact the inventor of process crimes; essentially a crime of making a mistake in filling out government forms; you know the ones they convicted; General Flynn, Robert Stone, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort of and tried but failed with George Papadopoulos among many others. All bureaucrats hate independent thinkers who operate outside the herd. And all politicians believe that there are but two solutions to any problem; 1) more regulations 2) spending more money on the problem. They insist on team efforts, because they have been so conditioned by academics; people who rarely have an original thought. Colleges and universities have been teaching team solutions for decades, even when for a short time 50- years ago, I attended college. Let me pose a question, which of the following people developed ideas within a team? Tesla, Edison, Franklin, Archimedes, Newton, da Vinci, Galilei, Newton, Watt, Faraday, I thought not! Sometimes I think that everything being taught today is false—often, I'm sure of it.


Why this frontal attack on small business? Small business up until

2020 employed about 53% of the total American labor pool. Most family owned businesses cover every Spector of industry. Most independent business operators are conservative, leaning right, Nancy would tell you, if she had the courage of her convictions," We must destroy small business they oppose socialism". So, you don't believe me; let me clarify, from Jan 2016 to July 2020 America has lost 240,000 small businesses to bankruptcy, caused by mandatory business shutdowns ordered by progressive politicians. New shutdowns in California ordered by gov. Newsome, the nephew of Nancy Pelosi will all but eliminate small business from C.A. Which was the fifth largest economy in the world, with the loss of over one million resident in just 2020 their economic statutes is about to change. The exact same thing holds true for N.Y., CT, NJ ,IL and M.A. all of which are losing population due to very bad government management.


Looking at the issues separately, we are able to identify the major means used to destroy the Republic. The first of these is demographics. American now has 34-million foreign born residents. Of those about 10- million have acclimated into the society another 14-million are illegal aliens, and the remaining 10-million are not assimilating, have not to any degree learned English and represent the obstructionists against America. We can surmise by this that there are about 24-million American residents that have no understanding of what a Republic is, are unfamiliar with a functioning legal structure, have not assimilated into American society, have minimal education and are unskilled. These 24-million vote Democrat by a margin of 84% which is music to progressive ears. For this and only this reason, the D.N.C. has taken the position to grant all 24-million, free healthcare, citizenship, welfare and food stamps that most already get. The total cost of this is astronomical for American taxpayers. The total cost of illegal residents based on 2017 statistics is $116-billion, this is arrived at by subtracting the taxes paid by illegals from the total economic impact; but that does not include the $114-billion sent back to their home nations every year. Statistically as reported by USCBP these people committed 2,262 violent crimes in the first six months of 2020, which cost is not included in the $116-billion. In summation illegal aliens contrary to reported lamestream news is not a benefit to our nation.


Closing schools due to the virus is statistically stupid. Closure is

pushed by the teachers unions AFT and N.E.A. which are by a margin of over 87% Democrat and over 45% lesbian. This is proven by the fact, that not one teacher in America, has been infected by the virus from a student and that fewer than 200 under 24-years of age have died due to the virus. Statistically, the chance of death from the virus for someone under 24 is over 2000-times lower, than death by accident. The political implications are very clear, keep moms at home, make them unhappy, so that they will vote for CHANGE and Biden. All of the D.N.C. programs are specifically designed to increase the misery-index in order to induce citizens to vote for CHANGE. Remember change it was the Schlagwort of the Obama presidency.


A primary fact of our Western civilization since Constantine has been

our Christian faith. Christianity has been under attack from communists since 1919 and the Russian revolution. Vladimir Lenin, born name Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov, (1870-1924) a Jew whose father was a rabbi, devised a system of opposition to the Russian Orthodox church, which resulted by 1930, with the destruction of over 900 Christian churches and monasteries, the execution and slave labor of 900-Russian orthodox priests and systematic murders of over 90-million Russians. Modern communists, while not as violent, have successfully reduced American church attendance to below 50% that a short ten years ago was over 70%. A large part of this has been through education, whereby Freud, Jung, Reich and Karadžić, among many, have been idolized at the detriment of Christian philosophy. The many-pronged academic communist waged wars against Western civilization and Christianity has not relented in over one hundred years.


The relentless war against the dollar is in large part due to political

mismanagement of the American national budget. Today America has a national on-the-books debt of $26.5-trillion with a projected national G.D.P. for 2020 of $21.44-trillion or 23.6% of the world. (Investopedia) Our off the books projected debt exceeds $120-trillion. The basic bankruptcy of America has been duly noted by numerous multinationals, as well as governments, resulting in transfer payments in other than dollars—Euros, Rubles and Renminbi. This is a growing problem, which is supported by the D.N.C. to bring us down. This is mismanagement on order beyond reason; the American economic system, as now operating, is not sustainable. One of the main socialist platforms is to "Remake America", a primary way this is possible is by eliminating the U.S. dollar as the worlds reserve currency. This would be disastrous for the American consumer who'd find imported product rise in price by about 40% in just the first few weeks of dollar de-coupling.


Cities that have been mismanaged for decades by progressive

Democrats are all on the verge of bankruptcy. Their issued bonds are worthless because the available property tax base is not able to produce the necessary tax-income to pay the interest on the accumulated debt. Be warned, holding City Municipal Bonds is a very dangerous business decision.


The unprecedented hype about wearing "The Masks of Fear" are all part of the plan. Wearing a mask is equivalent to trying to protect yourself from mosquitos with a chain link fence. Simply put its the misery index.


 People are from a political standpoint a malleable product. The population can be molded if the proper stimulus is applied. The stimulus is now to have the media concentrate on upping the misery-index and wearing useless masks. Keeping dementia Biden locked up in his nine million dollar mansions' cellar, not allowing any media reporter access or questions, unless first vented, and staged interviews that were previously scripted. Death rates in America for 2020 Heart disease, Cancer, Respiratory disease, Stroke, Alzheimer's and accidents number about 8.4- million COVID-19 deaths 144.000 that sort-of places some degree of perspective on the issue. In. Comparison the 2009-10 "Swine Flu" infected about 60-million Americans and killed 274,000—but the White House was D.N.C. with Obama, Nancy Pelosi was the speaker of the house and the D.N.C. basically controlled the Senate with Harry Reid. There was no pandemic, no masks, no school closings, it was barely mentioned; but just last week Nancy in a CNN interview stated is was not COVID-19 or the Wuhan virus, or the Chinese virus it was the Trump virus.


There is no need to change anything in the judicial system, it is

corrupt beyond any reasonable considerations. I will not dwell on the issue; instead, I will just list people who should have been indicted in at least one case more than four decades ago, who have never even been charged, never mind prosecuted. Alive U.S. Citizens listed only: Sidney Blumenthal, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, John Brennan, Bob Ohr, Peter Strzok, Johnathan Winer, James Clapper, Nellie Ohr, Diane Feinstein, Samantha Powers, Denis McDonough, Ben Rhodes, Shailagh Murray, Harry Reid, Adam Schiff, James Wolfe, John Podesta, Robert Mook, Jake Sullivan, Donna Brazile, Debbie Washerman-Schultz, Glen Simpson, Mary Jacoby, Neil King, Anthony Weiner, Lisa Page, Joseph Pientka, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Sally Yates, Lois Lerner and John Koskinen. This is not the Department of Justice it should be renamed the U.S. Department of Corruption.


Dr. Krieg is the author of numerous books that can be purchased from www.A2ZPublications.com or from 1-800-431-1579 Autographed books from A2Z POB 192, Parrish, FL 34219 USA




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