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All About Masks & Hoaxes


“No alteration of societal norms can fix human defective character”


          Selling us on a fake pandemic and telling us to wear masks to cover our faces, is simply part and parcel of the ongoing population-fright-control scenario. As Dr. James Sears stated: The “Pandemic” is an elaborate globalist hoax to force toxic vaccines, RFID microchips and dyes into naïve people and to kill the economy.

          For almost six months, Americans have been living through an unending nightmare—apparently the previous three years of endless fake Russian collusion, fake Stormy Daniels, and an Avenatti DNC candidacy—oh, sorry he’s in jail now, was not enough for the DNC or Lamestream. After all attention must be misdirected, or Dementia-Biden and his family of crooks could be exposed, and the DNC would be left without a candidate. Democrat and media operatives overreactions can only be characterized as administrative malfeasance. They are now shutting down the entire economy, because every previous effort of the DNC and their financial ally Soros, has miserably failed. The new DNC motto is “Party and Power before America and its People”. 

          Why is the pandemic fake? First of all the population percentage deaths from the flu annually is about 34,000 (2018-19) and an estimated 61,000 since 2010. According to the CDC there have been 120,740 deaths from COVID-19 in 2020. However, those reported numbers are bogus. Hospitals are paid $13,000 by Medicare for reported deaths, but if they are caused by the virus they get $31,000—hospital administrators are not stupid! Additionally, when someone is diagnosed with the virus, they are counted—every time they are tested. In numerous cases a single patient has been listed 15-times. In many jurisdictions (FL per example) virus statistics were misreported—as 97% while population infected was 9.7% of infection rate. In others infection rates were reported as 100% positive and 0% negative—obviously wrong. This has been taking place in many states. In still others the reported infection rates as well as death rates were somehow botched up between the reporting agency and the state, increasing both substantially. And finally, as testing is ramped up Nationally, infected numbers naturally increase.

          Regarding the lockdowns literally thousands of Doctors and scientists including a Nobel Prize biochemist have come out in opposition of Dr. Fauci’s demands. (not reported) The fact being, that Fauci and his associates, have reversed their positions so many times that I lost count. Totally unreported is a letter sent to the White House by 600 medical practitioners and scientist from every state in the Union that COVID-19 is a “mass casualty incident”. The letter now signed by thousands makes clear that the shutdowns cause more long-term harm than the virus. The obvious fact that COVID-19 can be fatal is commonly known, however the fact that almost all who die from the virus are over 55-years old and have numerous extenuating medical problems and the infection rate of minors is very low and their death rate is under 0.004% also remains unreported. Death rates of minors for 2020 are: 9 under one year of age, 7 for (1 to 4), 14 for (5 to 14) and 149 for (15 to 24) this is out of 50.8-million American minors. That based on total minor population makes minor infections rates 0.000,0002% of the total, which is negligible, considering 20,360 annual caused deaths by injury.

          All this poses another question, why this paranoia about masks. Masks are about social control by politicians. Masks used to block COVID-19 is minimal at best. COVID-19 virus particles are 125 nanometers in average, or 10.125 microns; total range is from 0.06 microns to .14 microns, the virus is so small that an electron microscope in required to see it. The very popular N 95 mask best performance is to filter 0.03 microns, consequently it blocks less than 10% of any airborne virus. This matter is not up for discussion it is a simple scientific fact. There is also another problem. Wearing a mask reduces oxygen intake into your pulmonary system by over 7%. Let me list the exact results of using a face mask for COVID-19.

  1. A reduction in bodily oxygen intake.
  2. Free passage of the virus in and out.
  3. Breath causes moisture in the environment in which the virus thrives.
  4. People continuously rearrange their masks bringing their hands that have probably been exposed, to their faces.

          What would be the best way to reduce individual exposure? The hands are the most obvious carriers, they should be washed often. Do not rub you eyes, nose or lips they are where the virus can enter your body. Do not wear a mask it actually increases infection rates. Obtain portable, if possible UV light. Ultraviolet radiation; as in sunlight, kills COVID-19 in under one minute of strong exposure—do not expose your eyes to the UV radiation—the sun is a strong source of UV radiation therefore the likelihood of being infected outdoors is very low. Politicians who close parks and playgrounds are absolute morons, or have a possible ulterior motive.

          In consideration, this virus is a political event. The virus is a man made biological weapon that was produced with the intention of having maximum economic impact. The virus has a three fold purpose; 1) to prevent a second Trump term, 2) to disrupt the dollar and end it as the international reserve currency, 3) to force public inoculations including RFID chips and a dye for individual social and political control. The weapon was developed by the Wuhan (CCP) BSL-4 Lab owned by the CCP military. The virus was partially funded by a US, CDC grant of several million dollars. The virus became a pandemic, after low paid clerical employees sold dead lab test animals from COVID-19, at the Wuhan wet market for resale by wet market merchants. The Wuhan wet market is only 300M distance from the Lab. The proven prophylactic hydroxychloroquine whose effectiveness was proven in France with 1,061 test patients whose results were 97.6% effective has been purposely sidelined in America, it is widely used in Europe. The drug that I was given for years while traveling in Africa, Asia and the Middle East to prevent malaria is not obtainable now, the government has it, millions of doses. The reason hydroxychloroquine as well as dexamethasone (not as a prophylactic but as a virus treatment) have been blocked is because these drugs are old  and cheap and not patentable; only a new vaccine developed by the pharmaceuticals industry can produce the profits that Bill Gates and the Bill and Melinda Gates investors in the vaccine can realise, to recoup their huge investments in vaccine development.

          This forces the question, to what ends and who is involved? The Deep State and Media hate Trump because he is disrupting the DC wagon. Big Pharma, WHO, CDC, FDA, the CCP and lamestream are all involved over their heads. The end game is:

  1. Eliminate the use of cash.
  2. Get rid of Trump, replace with Deep State opperative.
  3. Eliminate the dollar as world reserve currency.
  4. Destroy small business making everyone work for multinationals.
  5. Create and international fascist government combining multinationals with the government.
  6. Destroy the American Republic as a superpower, eliminate the Constitution and Bill of Rights replacing it with a fascist UN State.
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