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Read This - America 2013


                                                                        Dr. Adrian H. Krieg CMFGE

                                                                        Board member American Third Position

In 2008 when Obama took his oath of office without a bible, that had to be repeated in private later on, the national debt was $9 trillion. Today 3 ½ years later we are at $15.5 trillion and will be over $16 trillion by the 2012 inauguration. During 8 years of Bush the debt rose by $4.889 Trillion during Obama’s 3 ½ year it rose $5 + trillion. Our national debt now exceeds our National Gross Product. According to the Obama administration’s own projections a second Obama term will mean a national debt of $ 20 + trillion by 2016. By the way, I predicted the end of America ten years ago in my book “July 4th 2016 the last Independence Day” I don’t think I was wrong. 

The American Housing market continues to get worse. Realtors BS not withstanding, the facts are truly scary. Present existing housing inventory not bank owned, in foreclosure 2.8 million units. 90 days mortgage delinquent 1 million units. Foreclosed on 2.3 million units. Bank owned with foreclosures completed 500,000 units. Foreclosures pending from 2011, 2.87 million units. Number of homes under water 23.1%. Average home value decline 2011-12 33%. Residential home sales decline 2005-2011 80%. Late on mortgage payments 2012, 5 million. Of the about one million homes owned by banks only 400,000 have been put on the market. One in ten homes remains unoccupied in legal limbo. Average time for foreclosure legal process is now 674 days, almost two years. This carnage makes the “Great Depression” look good. I predict that the value of homes in 2013 will fall an additional 4% and the residential home market will continue to fall thorough 2014.

The housing market is indicative of our national situation, which due to its severity and longevity promises to continue as the anchor dragging us down the slippery slope. The fact that progressive democrats Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd created all this seems to totally escape public notice.

The basis of what we may anticipate in 2013 is already well established. Obama said it to Medvedev  “Tell Putin that in my second term I will be more flexible” The fact of the matter is that both Romney as well as Obama are surrounded by Neo-Con zionist and Fabian socialists who support Keynesian economics and war expansion in the Middle East for the benefit of Israel, to include Iran, all the basic causes of our present economic depression. Both Republocrats have exclusively dual national Israeli Americans as international policy advisors; both men’s economic advisors are Keynesian, fiat money bail out Ponzigoniff banksters. Both men’s advisors are to a man internationalists as are Obama’s Supreme Court appointees. Where was the opposition? In fact is there any opposition?

The Obama administration has done everything wrong that can be done wrong, in economic policy, foreign policy, domestic policy and energy policy. I frankly see no improvement by a Romney administration, at least he has not articulated any. Energy is without question one of the major impacting issues on our national economic well being, that the administrations, including Bush have screwed up. The obvious pandering to the environmentalist, not jobs, in perusing green energy policy, has confounded any possible recovery in America. Americans politicians seem captive of the environmental movement a structure dominated by Malthusian’s whose scientific acumen is equivalent to that of an insect. We should all look at Spain whose radical environmentalist agenda has producer 30% unemployment and a collapsing economy.


A brief overview of Bushes’ economic policy includes the single largest waste to date. Ethanol is less effective as a motor fuel than gasoline; it reduces gas mileage by about 15%. Ethanol through its production cycle makes more pollution than is supposed, to inhibit in use or gasoline. Ethanol is about 23% more expensive than gasoline. Ethanol due to much of its production from corn has increased food prices across the board. Ethanol is through its entire production cycle from seed to fuel subsidized by the federal goverment at every single level, without these subsidies ethanol would cost over $6.00 per gallon. This brings us to Obama and Dr. Chu his energy secretary. Sun Power subsidy $1.5 billion presently under reorganization and cutting jobs. First solar subsidy $ 1.46 billion presently under reorganization and cutting jobs. Solyndra subsidy $535 million bankrupt fired all 1000 employees. Evergreen Solar-Bankrupt.. Enerl subsidy $118.5 million filed for bankruptcy. Spectra Watt after 91.4 million invested filed for bankruptcy 4.95 million was offered for the company by Canadian Solar. Beacon Power subsidy $ 43 million filed for bankruptcy. Abound Solar got $400 million filed for bankruptcy. Amonix got 5.9 million, filed for bankruptcy. Babcock and Brown (an Australian company, that will really improve our unemployment problems) got $178 million and filed for bankruptcy. Solar Trust got $ 2.1 billion and filed you guessed it, bankruptcy. Nevada Geothermal got $98.5 million and just advised the SEC of potential default. To date Dr Chu the scientist from hell has wasted over $6.5 billion dollars, all on losing propositions, he may well be a great physicist but he is among the world’s worst administrators. To paraphrase Einstein, “ proof of an idiot is someone who tries the same thing over and over again each time expecting a different result”. Dr. Chu has indicated that he wants at least 10 billion more for green energy projects.

Not to be overlooked is the automobile industry that is under assault from the departments of Energy as well as Transportation. Their stunning success in green car production is un-presidented. Fisker Automotive got $529 million to produce a car in Finland (that will help hire more Americans) that is to sell for about $100,000 on a battery life of 50 miles with an onboard gasoline engine driving a generator. Good luck with sales they will need it. The Atlantic is to produce a car that sells for about  $50,000 they got $ 193 million, and that’s all we know to date, possibly Dr. Chu has some insights he might wish to share with us. Tessla Motors got $ 465 million to produce a car in California that is to sell for about $ 100,000 quick where can I get a loan. Government Motors produced something called the Volt; they suspended production due to poor sales. The car costs $40,000 Uncle gives a $ 10,000 kickback, and GM together with the Autoworkers union kicks in the additional $240,000 that each car costs.

I just picked energy as a sample of government incompetence that is now at levels never ever dreamt of in the 20th century. There is nothing in the world that some bureaucrat or politician can’t screw up. What amazes me is the rate at which Americans keep electing the same incompetent morons to office who then appoint fools to administer the nightmares that they concocted and invest our taxes in losing ventures. We in America have an 87% incumbent re-election rate and bureaucrats are appointed for life, competency has nothing to do with it.

A3P (American Third Position) is the only party running a presidential campaign that has no politicians, no bureaucrats, and no crooks in their political lineup. We do not accept money from corporations, foundations, unions, only from individuals, that’s why we can’t afford to advertise in lamestream media. Our Candidate is Merlin Miller, learn more about him on http://Merlinmiller2012.com visit our sites www.a3pfl.com and www.anerican3rdposition.com we need your support.

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