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Black White the Anarcho-tyranny


Black, White the Anarcho-tyranny

Dr. Adrian Krieg                                                  Independence Day .20 1,979 words


          Since the end of the civil war, many in America, have been trying to solve racial differences, with limited success. This is the case particularly, between  Blacks and Whites.

          The basic problem is seated in cultural heritage and intelligence, which are the two underlying problems of coexistence, of which none dare speak. Whites, with an average 110 IQ, come mostly from Northern Europe, a continent repeat with a long history, a strong social, economic and religious history, a wealth of literature, and a people taken by force by their fellow Blacks, with an average 86 IQ, sold to Jewish slave traders, societies that have no written languages, no intellectual achievements, no architectural remnants, no wheel, not even a bow. The experiment of trying to integrate a primarily tribal low IQ, society into a highly developed one has been a predictable abject failure in America as well as Europe.

          Anyone paying attention will quickly come to the obvious conclusion that most White, as well as Black, BLM, and Antifa members, are not exactly the brightest lights around. Without demeaning anyone, the obvious problem in the BLM and Antifa communities is not related to wealth, economic systems or race, but to intelligence. The most basic issue being; what benefit is derived by, or what accomplishments are made by; looting, rioting, arson, or insulting police officers? Obviously the end game is for a non-exposed and secretive result. In my opinion, this is all about the coming Presidential and Congressional elections. It is about the desire of Democrats to rule in a totalitarian way regardless of means to achieve. It is in part substantiated by the fact, that Republican never-Trumper are on board with Nancy and Chuck. The fact that behind the scenes support for BLM as well as antifa by the DNC is obvious, as are funds flowing from BLM, to the DNC and the Biden campaign.

          Let’s put to rest, all the fake news; by 2018, the last year for which the statistics are available, 52% of, murders, rape, aggravated assaults and carjackings were perpetrated by Blacks, who are 13.7% of the population. Police killed nine Blacks in 2019 and 19 Whites, Blacks murdered 17 Blacks and wounded 87 Blacks over the Fourth of July weekend 2020. Clearly the problem is not police killing Blacks, it is Blacks killing Blacks. Don’t worry Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton won’t be repeating any of this, and neither will CNN or MSNBC because they are all in the pockets of the DNC. BLMs motto is “Save a Live Kill a Cop” which should by them be changed to “Hire More Cops to Save More Black Lives”. 

          This has persisted for decades. Whites have done every possible thing to fix it. LBJs “Great Society” pumped one trillion dollars into the so called poor, resulting in a 1/2% increase in those in poverty in over fifty years. We created The Freedom Bureau, 20 separate civil rights laws in the last 20-years, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP, Pell Grants, TANF, Head Start, WIC, Child Care, LIHEAP, CHIP, race preference for college, built housing projects, even midnight basketball. In fact, over 80 separate federal programs plus who knows how many by the individual states. Net result; nothing got better! So we called in the National guard to integrate education, then we started bussing kids all over counties in a ridiculous money wasting, effort to create some sort of racial equality, hated equally by Blacks as well as Whites. They instituted laws requiring real estate to be multicultural, then we relaxed education standards, mainstreamed students. They indoctrinated our children to believe that there was no difference between races and sexes, then we celebrated the Ashkenazim communist slogans of multiculturalism, internationalism ,globalism, diversity, nothing was off the table: In fact we made laws and programs that created a huge government dependency class of citizens, just so that they would vote Democrat. All of it, solved not one social problem.

          We have always had many good Blacks, but they are demeaned in the general Black population. I honestly feel sorry for W.E.B Dubois, Frederick Douglas, Booker T. Washington, Hattie McDaniel, Cornel West, Candice Owens, Charles Payne, all were or are articulate, intelligent members of the community, they are demeaned and relentlessly attacked by Black and White creeps, who know no better. In public schools Black who do well,  are ostracised by other Blacks, who have made failure as the primary achievement of education. A minority of blacks have succeeded, but that group, which is only about ten percent is simply not enough. 50-years ago, I had a Black friend entrepreneur who had a manufacturing business in manhattan, he only hired whites, I said you’re a racist, he responded no, I’m a realist, Whites show up for work even on Monday's. Some years later I was in a partnership with a black Jamaican, outside his son, he only had Whites working for him, he told me, “I’m in business to make a profit and survive and I know who to hire to do that”. I had a minority navy contractor who was Black as a sub-contractor for my company, he only had White employees, he told me what I have always used as my businesses model “only hire the best for the job, regardless of race or sex”. I had many Black women mostly office workers they were good employees, the men were always problematic.

          For decade after decade the general Black population seems unable to function in modern society. Every city run by Black politicians is bankrupt and riddled with crime. Africa is a huge continent, that has since the elimination of Rhodesia, and the racial destruction of South Africa not had one successful nation. Not long after communist ANC took over the reigns of power in South Africa, we began giving them foreign aid, something we never did for White run RSA. Chicago is a cultural disaster, as is Newark, Oakland, Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, Birmingham, Augusta, Jackson and 14-others, all of these cities have a Black population that exceeds 50%, and Blacks like Jews, by majority vote based on race not on ability. I can prove that with two examples, Maxine Waters and comrade Bill de Blasio formally Warren Wilhelm, Jr., Wilhelm de Blasio-Wilhelm!  When I traveled in Africa I learned all about how business and governments work on that continent; payola, bribes, nepotism, corruption all come to mind. Representative Ilhan Omar, who said “we must dismantle the entire nations [Americas] structure,” aught to go back to Somalia, the S*** hole she came from, I’ve been there and it is a S*** Hole. The cities mentioned above are more akin to war zones, than a city in a Republic. The major problem of these facts is, that Blacks refuse to take responsibility for any of this; they instead lash out at Whites, claiming it’s all their fault. Let’s all face facts, slavery ended in 1865, that’s 155-years and over 20 social aid programs ago, directed at Blacks. Stop with the excuses, when 76% of blacks are from single family units the disaster is imminent. That, by the way, is not the fault of Blacks, it rests securely on the progressive Democrats, who have made laws that favour of single mom families. These cities are rife with degeneracy, crime, political nepotism and violence, murder rates and crime rates are higher than Kabul. The present Black mantra being give us time, we need more of your money, It’s your fault.

          It never ever changes, regardless of what the rest of the nation does. Victimhood that has provided massive cash infusions to Israel and Jews  and has been taught to Blacks, and they are running with it. Whites pay and Pay and Pay. Then in 1965 America opened its doors to coloured immigration, thanks so much Teddy Kennedy (D.MA). The progresives achieved their goal, we now have 34-million non-citizen residents 14.7-million of whom are illegal aliens. Demographics are rapidly changing—California per example has 32.4% foreign born population, or quarter of population who barely speak English. Florida 16.8%, New Mexico 42.1%, Texas 32%, with a USA average of 12.5%; reconquista is in full bloom. Since Hispanics vote 87% DNC one can rapidly realise where we are headed. The most astounding part of the puzzle is, that Blacks and Hispanics cooperate in the open border philosophy. Considering the Blacks and Hispanics vie for the same employment markets, that makes no sense at all.

          This is all about communist destabilisation; here as well as in Europe. It is the same policies applied in the Weimar Republic. Think about the; Arab Spring, The Orange revolution, Refugees, BLM, Antifa, riots, looting, destruction of history past, Russian Collusion, Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels, Ukrainian telephone call, Russian payments to Taliban, how in the world is it possible for the lamestream and national security agencies, to popularise so many lies. Every few weeks they produce another one.

          This vile puzzle continues with TV advertising. If you arrived on this planet from elsewhere and watched TV on the way in, you would draw the following conclusions; Whites are most commonly employed as trash collectors or janitors, Blacks are by majority the doctors, inventors, poets, and business people; the American population is one-third Hispanic, one half Black, 10% American Indian and the remaining janitors and trash collectors are White. America is a racist nation, in which only White people have privilege. Somehow I feel cheated; I came to this, what once was a great nation, in 1952, I spoke no English, I began employment at age 14, I worked an average of 65 hours until I was drafted into the US military, after release I started the first of many businesses, I never took a cent from government and eventually paid millions in taxes, after I started businesses I always worked at least 80 hours a week, the government never provided me anything but they sure collected a lot.  I am not bitter. I’m simply establishing facts; I’m now 82 and still work because the lousy amount I get from Social Security barely pays my taxes. The progressive claim is; It’s a problem of culture—well no, its not, its an education, social  and behavioural problem and “White Privilege” whatever the hell that’s supposed to be, has nothing to do with any of this.

          Government and the Lamestream simply can’t stop lying to the people. The great accomplishments of this nation were not built on slavery.  They were the result of millions of Europeans, who came to our shores, many as indentured servants, a form of slavery,  not looking for a handout, as those now coming do, they worked their butts off. When I immigrated there were rules, 1) first you had to have a American sponsor,  who had to guarantee that you would not become a ward of the state, 2) you had to prove financial accumen and a guaranteed in America job, 3) you could apply for citizenship 5-years down the road, 4) before citizenship was granted by a federal judge you had to: prove you spoke and wrote English, pass exams in US History and US Government, and then swear to uphold the US Constitution and government. Not today! According to the latest information most Blacks graduating from HS in NYC or Chicago do not meet that criteria. Present day immigrants are not self sufficient, they by large percentage collect welfare and other government benefits and they do so for years and sometimes generations—thanks Teddy Kennedy you miserable lying moron.

          What I see in America’s future is a second civil war because we have had it with the incessant unending grievance victimhood society. We are very close to the tipping point.


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