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Sad Tidings


It is my observation, that if the government, CNN, and MSNBC told citizens to crawl on all, fours in order to prevent getting a virus, three-fourths of Americans would begin crawling around, forgetting that they are bipeds.      


          For well over 25 years I have been writing for the Nationalist Times. My friend Don Wassail as editor and publisher kept the paper going since the 80s’. I spoke at several of his national conferences the last in 2015 in Pennsylvania in support of Donald Trump in his presidential bid; we were by that, able, to swing PA to Trump. We participated on the board of directors, of A3P (American Third Position) Party for four years, attending their Party conventions, the last one in Tennessee for 2019, with Rick Tyler as the renamed; American Freedom Party presidential candidate.

          The demise of the paper seems indicative of our time. The America I came to know and love, after my immigration from Switzerland is no more.  In 1952, when I came to NYC, America was the greatest nation in the world. President Obama, more than any other person, is responsible for the death of this once great nation. He promised CHANGE and he certainly produced it; but not for the better. Obama’s relentless racist rhetoric, his unrelenting desire to change what was the greatest Republic in the world, his very demeanor, his race-baiting, gender disruption efforts, and government overregulation are testimony to it all. Unlike his 44 predecessors he decided to stay in Washington and to disrupt and relentlessly attack; with aid from the Lamestream, the duly elected new president. There was no honeymoon the attacks began before the inauguration. To these ends, Obama organized the DNC, SPA, Communists, Antifa, BLM through his Obama Foundation and Obama Center, with aid from the Clinton’s 17 agencies of the “Deep State” and George Soros, to interfere, disrupt and impeach President Trump.

          It is a long story but deserves to be heard, and often repeated. Obama was the worst president in American History—that is his real legacy, and is undeniable. It began before the Trump inauguration, when media (Washington Post) an Obama surrogate, attacked Trump no less than 20-minutes after he announced his presidential run. From there onward, it was; give us your income tax returns, Michael Avenatti DNC presidential candidate now in jail, Stormy Daniels, a three year, by dementia plagued, Mueller investigation, the Russian hoax, lies by FBI director Comey, CIA director John Brennan, AG Eric Holder, Sec of State Hilary Clinton, liar Amb. Susan Rice, Dir. of Nat. Intelligence James Clapper  among many. When all, of that fizzled and was proven false; they began another fake investigation Russians paying a bounty for Taliban to kill Americans in Afghanistan, which is now ongoing. All of these issues originated with Obama. The man who was educated in a Madrassa in Indonesia, who did not know how many states America had, a man who was born in Kenya. You had better believe it; fake Social Security number originating in CT, no known Selective Service Draft Card, Birth certificate issued as witnessed by communists Marshall Davis, and his maternal grandparent's members of the same communist cell in Hawaii as Davis, no records of his presence at Columbia College, not one student or professor could identify him as a student, his claimed professorship at the University of Chicago was as a lay reader, not an academic position. Everything about Obama is a lie; right down to his two daughters who miraculously appeared one day out of no-where there are no birth certificates and no records.

          This brings us to what our future is to be. There are two distinctly different possible outcomes. Both are based on the results of the coming 2020 election. The following results are possible. 1) Trump is reelected. 2) Biden with dementia is elected. 3) The house remains under Nancy Pelosi and the DNC 4) The senate goes Democrat 5) The Senate goes Republican. We can boil this down to either a Republican landslide or a Democrat one, let me tell you what the outcome will have in store for us.

          If the Republicans win conclusively, social turmoil, riots, and disruption will end, many will go to jail, including some very prominent Obama Democrats. This in fact is their understanding as well and is why they are fighting Trump so vociferously. If the Democrats win the House and Senate and elect Biden America will go communist, take it from a man who has traveled the world for his entire 82-year life and visited scores of dictatorships. Biden, by the way, will not even make it through his first term he will be replaced by his Party-chosen probably Black female VP.  (A Biden, Michelle Obama ticket is being pushed by China, as of May 2020) The stakes could not be higher!

          In consideration of a Biden presidency we are admonished to look at past history, the very thing that BLM and Antifa are so resolutely trying to destroy. “Profiles in Corruption” was written by Schweitzer. It takes  forty-eight pages just to list Biden family corruption, no other politician even rates half as many pages. You have surely heard about Hunter, Biden’s son and the Burisma $83,000+ monthly salary of over $2-million, and the $1.5-billion China deal, but have you heard about; Frank Biden’s $54-million taxpayer-backed loans, James Biden’s $22-billion State Department contracts, under Hillary and Barack, and that’s just the beginning. Ashley Biden-Klein runs Startup Health which upon start-up was featured by the U.S. Dep. of Health and Human Services now has over 100 workers and began in 2011 with nothing. Valerie Biden-Owens is connected with Joe Slade White & Co a primary consulting firm for Joe Biden; she is a senior partner in the firm, who directs millions in contributions, it obviously pays to know the VP. Ask yourself how did Joe Biden a 40+year politician who never had a private-sector job, in his entire life, come to a net worth of $10+million and a $9-million mansion in Wilmington and a $1.5-miilon Beach-House overlooking Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware.

          All this should give you a clear understanding of the issues at hand. Let me add to that Joe Biden is controlled by his handlers, that’s why he is locked up in his basement. They simply cannot afford for him to respond to anyone or anything off the teleprompter. When he debates Trump, he will as in the past, have a radio receiver in his ear, so that his handlers will be able to tell him what to say. A word to Trump associates; some nice bagpipe music, on that frequency would be appropriate.


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