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Going to Hell in a Hand-Basket


          We live in a time of great confusion! A woman sues McDonald because she put a cup of coffee between her legs, while driving, and spilled it; she wins in court. Johnson & Johnson a maker of baby-powder (Talcum) is sued by a bunch of incredible stupid women, who got vaginal cancer due to miss-use. They are collecting millions! The Supreme Fools deny a presidential request to allow them to scrap a illegal EO of Obama; because Chief Justice Roberts, does not like the wording of the request. Scores of companies who mined asbestos are bankrupt, because some shysters convinced us, that a product found in nature all over the world and used in thousands of products for hundreds of years causes cancer; and those who produced it had no idea that it caused cancer, were criminals. Everyone is cashing in! The DNC has a new wing of radical insane communists they go under the names of Antifa and Black Lives Matter; they riot, loot, destroy, but are not prosecuted or imprisoned. Much of the cash collected on behalf of these hoodlums winds up in DNC coffers. Nobody reports this; almost none of the criminals are in jail. Google, FaceBook and YouTube are censoring 90% of Social Media, redirecting information requests to alternative sites,  blocking access to individual sites, blocking all information that shows progressives in bad light, and in general terms violating the First Amendment to the US constitution. Congress remains moot! A crazy judge (Edward Davila) dismissed a case against FaceBook, claiming that it was the responsibility of the plaintive to keep his history private, allowing FaceBook to track users even after they ended a session. Just about every company in America is using COVID-19 as an excuse to violate their own polices and responsibilities in violation of their own contractual responsibilities. The Justice department does nothing! Hillary Clinton, violates federal statutes by; destroying subpoenaed information, violation State Department regulations, using private servers for government e-mails, storing over 850,000 messages on convicted pedophile Anthony Weiner’s laptop, sending confidential, Secret, Top Secret and Special Access over open channels. She is not charged or prosecuted. James Comey, James Clapper. John Brennan, Peter Strzok, Susan Rice and over a dozen Obama appointed bureaucrats lied under oath, a felony, not a single one has been arrested never mind prosecuted. This is actually cause to riot! But the political conservatives are mild mannered and this will just continue until America is no more.

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