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Americas second civil war


          Our first civil war was about taxes, for those who accept popular history, the garbage taught in our places of higher learning by socialist academics, the war of the 1860s was about the fact that the Southern States, that became the CSA, paid 87% of federally collected taxes and were less than half of the Union’s population. The North with its larger population and industry, outvoted Southern states in Congress and the South acted in economic self defense. Slavery was brought in as an issue, after Lincoln had hoped for a quick Southern defeat, in a vain effort to unify the North. In 1863 the NY riots were a massive opposition to the war causing the deaths of over 120 and $1.5-million in damage. (Todays $46,336.265,060.24)   By the fourth day of rioting, Lincoln had to recall the 74th & 65th Regiments from the Southern war front to quell NY riots. Lincoln had already closed over 300 newspapers, arrested scores of editors, and imprisoned entire State Legislations an effort to implement his horrific plan on the South.

          Our new war commenced with the election of Barack Hussein Obama and then rapidly expanded in the Trump administration. Soon one of the “Woke” illiterates will demand that we tear down the Pyramids west the of the Nile, because they were built by slaves—actually not the case. What we see here is Antifa and Black Lives Matter following their historic communist heritage, inculcated by Vladimir Lenin, in the Russian Revolution of 1919. The elimination of history is an ongoing project of the political left that began when American, European and World history were replaced in American secondary eduction with Social Studies. Lenin had every statue, history book, museum, and structure either destroyed or renamed. Exactly what is taking place in America today, sadly supported by numerous flag military fools. Just and by the way, Social Studies are impossible without a good grounding of history! A nation unaware of its past, is doomed to repeat the mistakes of its past. The Destruction of CSA history and CSA Soldiers graves as proposed by Nancy Pelosi, in new proposed 2020 legislation, can only be characterized as brain dead.

          The new normal in this Yankee war of progressive thought is: No more second amendment, the Green New Deal and an end to economic growth, the implementation of thought police and the end of free thought, vote progressive Democrat or you are a racist.

          How do I know its a civil war? I know because all the parameters for civil; war have been implemented. 1) About half of the electorate refuses to accept the results of the last election. 2) A refusal to accept whose in charge. 3) A systemic national separation of the population into two distinct and opposing sides. 4) The repudiation of police and law enforcement. 5) The planned elimination of national borders. 6) The implementation of a planned Coup d’état by all 17 national security agencies. 7) The appointment of a special prosecutor (Mueller) in an effort to remove a duly elected president by known false and misleading evidence.  8) The usurpation of legislature using the judiciary. 9) Systematic control of news and information by its Lamestream providers. 10) Executive changes of existing laws and implementation of new laws by Executive  Orders (EO’s), which is constitutionality Illegal. Unlike the last war there has been no widespread shooting to date—it will come!

          The progressive plan is the implementation of a Democrat, actually socialist dictatorship that will come to fruition by their planned demographic changes of America. 1) Unrelenting immigration of third world minorities. 2) Issuance of work visas (H-1B) in order for large corporations to replace American workers with cheaper foreign ones. (Disney, Boeing, McDonald Douglas, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, You Tube, of the 85,000 of H-1B visas are granted multinationals 40,000  went to the big ten) 3) Open borders that have allowed about 17.8-million illegal border crossings that have not been deported. 4) Unrestricted citizenship for about 890,000 Dreamers (the children of illegals born here)  Most of these illegal aliens. about 23-million, are Hispanics that vote democrat by an 87% margin and about half of whom vote. Don’t misunderstand this; NH went from conservative to liberal when Democrats built
 an interstate from Concord to Boston. VT went socialist when thousands of socialists and communists from NY moved in. CA went down the tubes when the population became half Hispanic. And so went AZ, NV, NM, CO, among many. They have this all worked out, the population of NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, Detroit, St.Louis, Seattle, Oakland, Newark, Washington DC, and Atlanta combined with Hispanics gives the Democrats a population majority that can then impose all the rest of America to finance their deleterious government management.


Deo Vindice





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