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Big Pharmaceuticals and Doctors


“He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat”

                                                Napolen Bonaparte

          There are very big problems in America and they are not riots or viruses. Our problem is healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and doctors. Having been born in the 30s, I was brought up in a time in which medical practices were very different from today. This variance is never spoken of today, because the education of doctors was changed in the late 20s, to the new and useless system, propagated by Big Pharma. By funding medical schools, Big Pharma succeeded in changing practicing MDs, from healing sickness, to masking sickness. Instead of solving a malady, Big Pharma provided masking drugs taken forever, to hide the disease rather than to cure it. This is good for their business and doctors, very bad for the patient. The endlessly touted on TV ads reported, side effects of these masking drugs evidences Kafka like attained results.

          As Big Pharma began funding medical schools they made subtle changes in the curriculum. In previous time doctors were educated to cure disease, this was changed to doping the patient with a masking drug that suppressed the malady but never cured it. Think about diabetics, according to the CDC about 11% of Americans have diabetes. So, what are the major causes of diabetes? One, overweight, two, eating too much sugar laced products, three, high blood pressure, four, too much fat in the diet, five, high alcohol consumption, six, not enough exercise. No one requires any drug to fix this! More exercise and proper diet and not eating junk food or soft drinks will solve the problem. Doctors in most cases do not tell their patients that, instead tell their patients to: take oral or injected insulin, or other medications. (medicineNet) the very obvious solution for diabetics is to exercises more, lose weight and eat proper food, change soda pop to beer, and stay away from junk food. I am not aware of any doctor who gives this advice to anyone! When I was a Boy, diabetes was very rare, I did not know anyone with diabetes.

          Pharmaceutical manufacturing is the largest by volume advertiser on TV. They are the largest contributors to politicians and medical schools and they employ thousands of high paid female pill pushing sales agents selling their wares to doctors. With this three prong attack they succeed even beyond there own desires. By the sheer volume of advertising they are able to influence content relating to medical issues in media. By funding political campaigns they are able to prevent reform by the FDA. They are also able through the revolving door between FDA and Big Pharma ensure the messaging to remain in their court, while at the same time ensuring that medical schools center education, not only cure, but on masking maladies. By sales agents (drug pushers) they inundate practising doctors with a relentless load of free lunches, sample pills, and you can only guess what else.

          There is no doubt about the complicity of the FDA in fostering this entire cabal of medical miss-management. Everyone knows that the FDA is overstaffed, overpaid and is the cause of more medical deaths than cancer. Drug overdose deaths in America in 2017-18 were over 70,000 (NIH) of this over 35,000 were other than opioids and just over 17,000 were prescriptions from doctors. The most alarming being, that beginning in about 2010 deaths due to drug overdoses as well as prescription drugs spiked. We do have a pandemic but its not COVID-19 at all, its commercially produced synthetic drugs. In an alarming effort, that is now well over 40-years old; Big Pharma locates a natural in nature produced homeopathic drug, which works, that has in some cases been used for over 100-years, synthesizes a chemically produced copy, applies for a patent and then sues the homeopathic producer for patent infringement. There is no better example than hydroxychloroquine that has been shown to be very effective for the treatment of coronavirus (COVID-19) in thousands of cases in France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany as well as here in America. However, hydroxychloroquine has by WHO and CDC been hidden away. The reason is, that it has been on the market for 65-years, has no delinquent side effects, and most importantly cannot be patented and is dirt cheap. This poses my remark; how the hell can Big Pharma and Bill Gates reap the billions they anticipate from an injection of a vaccine laced with dye and RFID chips?

          How can the operators of the NWO increase their power and wealth, how can they force a fake vaccine injection, how can they gain control of everyone and everything, unless the cheap cure, that works in over 97.7% of infected cases be hidden from public view?




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