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Big Pharma


It is now painfully obvious that big Pharma controls WHO and CDC. Both the World and American regulatory agencies have come out against hydroxychloroquine for really stupid reasons —more heart problems WHO — Ineffective CDC— Rubbish; this drug has been in common use for over 65- years, there are no recorded side effects— WHO study that claims it was ineffective were not scientific tests—it is cheap, cannot be patented, and has been very effective for lupus, malaria as well as arthritis. Extensive peer reviewed tests in France of over 1,000 participants proved 97.6% effective in
curing a coronavirus infection. What hydroxychloroquine does not do is to allow big Pharma and Bill Gates, to make a boatload of profit. All are pushing for vaccinations, of a to be developed, vaccine and RFID and die technology. The Media is as usual in full support of WHO, Gates, and CDC. We all know who
pays the piper——

Dr. Adrian H. Krieg CMFGE (not a medical doctor)

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