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Fire Judge Emmet Sullivan now!


Sullivan is the judge in the Flynn case, he has purposely and melodiously extended the case time after time. He said about General Flynn “I can't hide my disgust or disdain”. Judges are supposed to be impartial Sullivan is a die in the wool progressive Trump hater. He also said, “Arguably you [Flynn] sold your country out” a complete lie. Sullivan followed that up with when he asked the prosecutor to look into “treason” [by Flynn]. Sullivan was also involved in assisting the DNC against Trump, claiming Trump received emoluments and gifts from foreign sources, tossed by the prosecution. Sullivan is the partisan jackass involved in the asylum case in which he threatened the AG (Sessions) and HSS Sec. Nielsen with contempt of court citations. This man is a political ideologue hack, who seems unable to separate his personal prejudices in courts, over which he presides; he
must go!

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