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Defy the Lock down!


It is now obvious that the DNC under Pelosi and Schumer have a plan. This fits in perfectly with that of the NWO. Destroy small businesses and turn their business over to multinational corporations. All district’s, with severe lock-down enactments, are in blue states and cities. Lock-downs are not applied to big business—WallMart, K-Mart-Home Depot etc. Pelosi has taken this one step further by refusing for the House of Representatives to meet. This is now over 50-days. Small businesses are unable to keep their employees, pay rents, electric bills, and license fees without income. Bankruptcies stats are now no longer reported by government sites, because they are astronomical. These lockdowns have no legal basis they
are in every case violations of State as well a Federal Constitutions. Open your business before you go down the tubes.

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