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The Plan

Whatever you may think; “nothing ever happens in politics by accident”. The world pandemic is no exception. Our 2020 world, or put more exactly Western economies, have by purpose been destroyed. This is not a “Conspiracy Theory” as the CIA will again say—it is reality. V believes, that the pandemic, which is without doubt a man developed virus, containing strains of HIV as well as malaria ,within its structure, was released in China for multiple purposes. The fact, that information, still to this day, is hidden; about ancillary maladies that will only become apparent long after the known infection has died, will become common knowledge soon.

V suggests that you become familiar with the ten Georgia Guide Stones a 6.3M high 10-stone granite monument located in Elbert County GA and what is written thereon. The message is repeated in the ten most popular languages, their origin, who paid for them, the assumed builder R. C. Christian is obviously pseudonym. The true origin is hidden and has been so since they first became public in June 1979. The Guide-stones is the NWO outline of the plan.

The coronavirus is the instrument of a economic restructuring plan for the world. The planned results are made obvious by the Georgia Guide Stones. The medical end results of the pandemic, will not be known for some time, however the economic impact is rapidly coming to forefront. V thinks it instrumental to look at the known outcome plans of the pandemic. None of these appear to be medical, with the exception of reducing the elderly population. (useless eaters) The known largest societal impact is economic, banking, and fiat currency. What do we now know, with reasonable certainty?

The push by those in power is for the development and forced vaccination of the entire world population. Why? To inject micro RFID chips and a dye into everyone who will be vaccinated. There are two reasons for this, besides the obvious profit to be made; 1) to track anyone injected by satellite and 2) to make the recipient vulnerable to electromagnetic frequency transmissions from satellites as well as truck mounted emitters. These emitters are already used for crowd control in China and human population manipulation. Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (Chemtrails) and the seeding thereby of Morgellons (Smart Dust) is part of this plan. (1)

V wants you to clearly understand that the coronavirus is a ruse to hide the real happening, the systematic destruction of the world economy and the replacement of the dollar as the world reserve currency; thereby taking down the only super power and its replacement by China, don’t be surprised it happened to England not so long ago. What you must prepare for is the outcome of the elimination of the dollar as world reserve currency. It will impact Western civilization like nothing before, but its impact on America will be monumental. (2)

To gain an understanding of this issue all you need to do is to follow the actions of the DNC for the last four years. As information is now being released by various investigations. Mueller knew that Russian collusion was false in spring of 2017, Obama who was in the loop, if not the actual organiser, was told that there was no Russian collusion on 2017. The liars, Comey, Strzok, Schumer, Schiff, Brennan, Ohr, Clapper, Simpson, Steele, Blumenthal, Rice, Power, Yates, Obama, Biden and Murray all lied as has been proven by the release of information in the week of May, 4th 2020. This in fact was the planned Coup d’état against president Trump. These lies were multiplied by Lamestream media, which repeated the lies and played Schiffs lies, thousands of times on TV. The Mueller indicted for process crimes (3) comprising Flynn, Page, Manafort and Papadopoulos had nothing to do with collusion or with Russia; their crime was to be associated with Trump, who was the target.

V admonishes you to consider what the DNC has proposed for us in the immediate future due to the coronavirus as enacted by progressive Democrat governors and mayors. Close churches and gun stores. Deny sick access to hospitals including VA, and keep abortion clinics open. Release murderers, rapers and other felons from prison. Lock up small business owners who violate totally unconstitutional close your business orders. Subsidise illegal aliens with your taxes. Ban chloroquine for the virus that has been proven 97.5% effective in treatment. Fund various DNC pet projects like the Kennedy Center. ($35-million) Purchase virus related masks gowns etc form China instead of American manufacturers. Vote for a raise for congress. Keep the House of Representatives in continuous adjournment. Block relief funds from small business. Go on vacation three times. Begin another investigation into Trump. Prolong the shut-down as along as possible to destroy the existing economic and banking systems. The other matter is the systematic destruction of small business by actually blocking most from SBA loans and grants, while giving billions to banks and large business and allowing large retailers to remain open, (Walmart, Target etc) while shutting down small ones.

V has come into possession of an internal Microsoft position paper ID2020. It basically outlines what the plan for 2021 is.

  1. The evaluation of 24/7 human digital data will provide methodology for continuing integration, or not, within the global matrix [A social credit system] in which digital data basing will determine human fitness for such things as; travel, employment, bank access, money, housing, and medical care.
  2. The paper does not advise how social signatures will be obtained. V assumes that virus vaccinations are planned to produce the signature through RFID chips and dies that will be included in the vaccination injections.
  3. The paper does not mention the NSA Bluffton UT operation through which all data now runs. The Data center established by an Obama EO it the core of the NWO process.
  1. PP 109-111 Social compliance By: A. H. Krieg
  2. Money a primer & Federal Reserve up-date 2017 By: A. H. Krieg
  3. Process crimes are mistakes made in filling out government forms.


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