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Der Staat ohne Schatten


We live in a surreal time and place. Sometimes I think I’m in an insane asylum. It must be my age, after all, in my prime, government and politicians based their decisions on common sense. Not any more! Today every last government decision is based on the retention of political power and reelection. They don’t even take you or your wellbeing in to consideration. Let me briefly surmise what major things these SOB’s have done in just the last three years.

Illegally launch a counter intelligence investigation against a presidential candidate and then for three and one half years against an elected president. No one has been indicted, charged or prosecuted! Using fake manufactured information provided by paid foreign sources triggering a special council investigation that after 674-days proved the innocence of those charged. No one has been indicted, charged or prosecuted!

Totally ignore Michael Horowitz’s Inspector General’s report that recommends criminal indictment against numerous people. The AG has let all of them go; no charges no investigations, not indictments no trials nothing!

The FISA court was lied to, presented false uncorroborated evidence, the judges said that. The court took no actions against the liars and fabricators of false evidence, did not even fine the perpetrators, did not prosecute for perjury. Not one person has been charged with anything.

The primary sources of this false information Christopher Steele, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, John Brennan, Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, Nelly Ohr, James Clapper, Glen Simpson, Robert Hannigan, Orbis Business Systems, Pablo Miller and Fusion GPS, all have been let off the hook!

So, as in Richard Strauss Opera; Die Frau Ohne Schatten, we are a nation without a shadow. The shadow, don’t you see, was justice, the thing we lost in the last four years.

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