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The Dead Horse our Future


The prohibition of free speech is the very first act of the terrorist!


          To consider where we are going, we must consider our demographic past; our industrial evolution. If we were to draw a graph of our development on our planet, we would envision a relatively flat line in prehistory through the stone age say from about 8,700-Bc to 2,000-BC, we see by this, that for about 5,300-Years mankind was stagnant. Then began the ages of metals, first copper then bronze and lastly Iron these overlapped the stone age geographically whereby Asia and Mesopotamia and then Egypt preceded the rest of the world. The bronze age did not come to Africa until the 17th century as introduced by Islamic slave traders. We now see that there was a minor bump in our graph with development of each of the metals, mind you a very small bump. Things rolled along at a slightly elevated level in the iron age and the subsequent development of steel. This would be cast iron, wrought iron, and the development of steel that finally replaced bronze as the primary tool making substance. This began in about the 12th century BC. In each instance the graph demonstrates a slight upward bump. Which brings us to modern man?

          The first great development was the Steam engine of James Watt,(1763 to 1775) and the beginning of the Western industrial revolution beginning in England. It was revolutionary in that it released man and beast from most physical labor, by replacing muscle power with water, steam  and then electric power. This sparked the Luddite movement in oppostion to industrialisation by steam then water and then later electricity. The Luddites were convinced that these new machine development would lay waste to the land and make the majority of the population unemployed. About the same sort of crap we hear today form the uneducated environmentalists. Now we had a massive change on our graph, at the rapid development of industrialisation in England and subsequently in Europe and then America, our graph demonstrates a massive upward spike, over 100-times of everything that came before. This we can surmise was the first of what will be huge changes in society, consumption and labor.

          We are now in the beginning of the 21st century at the cusp of another spike in the graph, this one will make the industrial revolution look like a girl scout picnic. This time the spike, that is now in development stage, will be 1,000 times more than mankind has seen before. It will change everything. The change is the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the rapid expansion of robotics and androids. An android is a robot incorporating AI with human parts and mimicking human anatomy. Androids will be a reality by 2050 and will surpass human abilities by 2100, perhaps sooner. The determining factor of time is relevant because man’s technological advances keep speeding up. It took us 5,300 years to reach our ability to work metals, then the 12th century-BC another 3,200-years for steel and other alloys, then just 560-years to the industrial revolution and now at the beginning of the 21st century AI with massive robotic usage in just 225-years for the beginning of AI. Converted into a statistical graph we may assume that by 2080 AI in robots and or androids will be the predominate form of labor and perhaps life on earth.

          Impact on our existing world population will not only be dramatic, it will shatter all previously held ideas and concepts, social, political, legal, economic and manufacturing ideas. Our classic concepts of Austrian school economics, our Keynesian monitory policies that have been in use since 1944; existing from the Breton Woods Conference, will all be gone. The NWO (New World Order) that started the economic and monitory changes, with the structured outbreak of the coronavirus and subsequent world economic shut-down are the new operators. Let me be very frank! UV (Ultraviolet Light) will kill any virus in less than. 30 seconds—why has this been kept from us? Hydroxychloroquine has been proven to defeat coronavirus in 98.7% of uses in France. (over 1,000 tested cases) Why would the FDA pay for a test of that drug by Swiss Novartis of 440 test cases to determine the efficacy of an already proven and tested drug that has been in use for over 50-years? Why has the availability of hydroxychloroquine, an over-the-counter drug in most of the world, been blocked in America? Why is a drug that I used for malaria in the 70s and 80s, travelling to the Middle East and Africa, that costs about $4.87 per week now available on the Internet for $87.50 in 200-mg dosage of 200 pills? (overseas) Why do I need a doctors prescription for a drug that is over-the counter almost everywhere?

          Around the entire world, without exception, the virus has been used to implement draconian social and economic constraints and to expand centralised government and political power. For decades one of the primary social problems has been the centralization of political power. This is no less visible in Brussels than in Washington. It is this ongoing worldwide centralization of power, that represents, when combined with AI and the new American information storage operation in Bluffton Utah; that will represent free societies greatest challenge. This simply mirrors Chinese centralisation in Beijing, from which we can surmise the NWO to be a worldwide phenomenon.


The significance and effects of the secular NWO power system, has been the leading impact of misinformation in the formation of peoples thinking.         


          There is presently an economic technology war between China and America it is for AI. Europe is basically out of the loop, they are into robotics, but far behind in AI, which will be the most important part of robotics in the second quarter of this century. This is astounding considering that just 75-years ago at the close of WWII Germany was 40-years ahead of the allies and 100-years ahead of China. Most people simply do not understand the ramifications on the horizon. Think of 3-D printing, the ability for anyone to make three demential objects—tool and die makers gone, metal casting forms in hours instead of weeks, changes that would a short time past have been unimaginable. When AI is matured and incorporated with robotics, manual labor will no longer be done by man. Think about the machining methods of CNC, (Computer Numeric Control) numeric controls, automatic tool changers an entire generation of machine tools are no longer required, shapers are a prime example. My company stoped using shapers in the 70s. This all was just the beginning steps of automation, today set-up-men have replaced machinists, CAD (Computer Aided Design) has replaced or more correctly changed design and drafting. The greatest change this brought is in the quality of the produced product, because machines improve quality—if running correctly. CAM (Computer-Aided Design) does not make mistakes and is able to work to much better tolerances. Advanced CAD systems used by large manufacturers have abilities far beyond those of humans. They are per example, able to merge two haves of a designed ship and reveal any mismatches or errors in line up before manufacture.

          Europe made the mistaken buy-in to the Green agenda, the un-scientific approach to the environment. The environmentalists pipe dream of a world run on solar and wind is the dream of children, the ideas of fools uneducated in the sciences and electric generation production. Germany whose delinquent leadership remains stuck in 1950s social and environmental approaches to problems will remain uncompetitive until they change thought and policy. Man’s CO-2 production is less than 1% of world CO-2 production, termites produce more CO-2 than humans. World total CO-2 in atmosphere has not changed more the 2% in the last 5,000-years and has actually fallen. The “Ozone Hole” Al Gore’s big fable, is the product of the worlds angular tilt (between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees) that produces polar-winters resulting in no UV radiation or lighting the two causes of ozone. A new “Ice Age” was changed to “Global Warming” and when that also proved untenable, they changed it to the “Climate Change”—how nice an ongoing process over a million yeas old. Oceans rising is far beyond stupid because the claimed rise, to date, in not possibly measurable, tides, waves, temperatures and climate prevent it. Spain went in for green energy; the result, highest electric energy costs in Europe and highest European unemployment.

          The dead horse is us, unless we wake up to real science and real issues. If we don’t restart our economies by May 15, 2020, 40% of our small businesses will be bankrupt and I remind you that small business employs 57.3% or 54.4-million of our total American labor force. No mater how much Bill Gates and George Soros (Geörgy Schwartz) push their vaccination scenario, it will fail.


Dr. Krieg is a certified Manufacturing Engineer (SME) with a doctorate in manufacturing science. He can be reached at AdrianKrieg@A2ZPublications.com

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