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I am amazed by the sloppy journalistic presentations on the most active issue in today's news. The total lack of candour, including from an American military bioweapons general is really hard to accept. Actual facts about the coronavirus (COVID-19) appear to have evaporated into a deep hole. Let's first understand that COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, (Which is a P4 facility maximum secured) and which is the premiere Chinese bacteriological weapons lab. Let's also understand the America, i.e., Harvard professor Charles Liebr (now arrested) was involved with the lab. Analysis of millions of cell-phone-drops, give indication that Chinese reporting in inaccurate at best; and sources from Taiwan indicate 21-million less cell-phone users and 840,000 fewer land line telephone users in a three month timeframe. Considerations of this are grave, every country in the world now has active cases of coronavirus. Gordon Chang China affairs expert, said, "The numbers [deaths] we are getting from China are highly suspicious, they suppressed information about the origin of the virus for at least six weeks after the first outbreak." The CCP must eventually bear responsibility for this.

         The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claims that the virus originated at the Wuhan Seafood Market (Wuhan Huanan Haxixian Pifa) in central China. Wuhan is the largest city in central China. On Dec 30, 2019 the CCP issued the first notification; "There has been continuous occurrence of pneumonia cases of unknown cause at Huanan Seafood Market" This was followed by a notice from Wuhan health authorities on Dec 31, stating; "Some medical institutions found a link between the pneumonia cases and the Huanan Seafood Market" further on the document states; "there was no evidence of "obvious human transmission" and no infection of Medical personnel" This is an obvious lie—Dr. Li Wenliang, who was first to blow the whistle about the virus, died in early January 2020 from the virus. The seafood market was closed on Jan 1, 2020. On Jan 26 the Institute announced that of "33 of 585 environmental samples from the Market were found to contain novel coronavirus nucleic acid, and had been successfully isolated from the positive culture samples" thus suggests that the virus originated in the market. Cutting to the quick; it was not until 60 days elapsed that the Chinese Communist Party finally revealed coronavirus to the world. By the time this happened, 5-million Wuhan residents had already left the city and infected millions more. No order blocking local, or transnational travel was instituted until after this population departure. 

         I just read an article by my good friend John Kaminski in which he said, "…we have become consumers of electronics and chemical products who are perfectly happy to be manipulated slaves, as long as we get our own preferred addictions and compulsions" How right is John? People today believe whatever crap they hear on TV, and I have found that people who listen to CNN and MSNBC have lost all clarity of mind. This is obvious, when one realises that not one word in the second paragraph of this article has been published in the Lamestream. The used cure in a two part remedy, an antibiotic and plaquinol sulphate, (Hydroxychloroquine), is being widely used in Europe—but not in America. Why? Well, firstly because it works, is used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, having been developed for the treatment of malaria, cost $4.65 per month, is not patentable, and has been in use for over 50-years, without bad side effects. PS: I was on this drug for years when I traveled to Africa and the Middle East to prevent malaria—no side effects! It's not available here now, how can big Pharma and Bill Gates make any money! How can they justify injecting a vaccine laced with a die and RFID chips into the entire worlds' population? The government claims it is withholding it for medical workers in hospitals—all those hospital that are laying-off people, because they have a shortage of patients. Arthritis and lupus patients are as of April 16, 2020 unable to obtain hydroxychloroquine due to government CDC and FDA hoarding of the drug; of which no shortage ever existed. 

         We now know that the virus was known and being treated on December 1, 2019, and that cluster cases of about 50 were already being treated by Dec. 15, 2019. At that time 14 of the 41 cases under treatment were unrelated the seafood market, obviously spread human to human, but strongly denied by the CCP until 60-days later. 

         Molecular Biologist Judy A. Mikovits PhD "[released papers] indicate that patient zero was never anywhere near the seafood market, secondly that there are no bats in the seafood market and such rapid spread of the virus from the seafood market would be highly improbable." She then said, "that [by imposing a false place] it can go a long way to hiding the cause" Dr. Daniel Lucey University of Georgetown "If the published [The Lancet UK papers] are correct "the virus was already prominent November 2019; if the new data are accurate, the first human infections occurred in November 2019—if not earlier—because of the incubation time between infection and surfacing symptoms" It was not until Jan 10, 2020 that the Chinese government finally released the entire genome sequencing of the virus. Then on Feb 3 a paper was published in Nature it stated that the Wuhan coronavirus is closely related to two other viruses CoVZC45 & CoVZXC21 samples taken from bats. Both viruses have an 89% similarity with COVID-19 and 100% amino acid similarity. The information came from the Peoples Liberation Army! This was after all not new information, the first papers published were in Jan, 2018 by the Institute of Military Medicine Nanjing Command. The 100% amino acid similarity rules out a nature produced virus and indicates a man made virus. The "S" proteins of the COVIS-10 virus act like anchors on approaching a human cell, just more proof of a military device, designed for bacteriological warfare by the CCP.  

         The case of COVID-19 seems in retrospect much more about the world economy and banking than about a virus. On Sept 19, 2019 the NY FRS began emergency cash infusions into the economy. (repo markets) these are short term loans between banks. The FED act was, after the inter-bank loan rates rose to over 10%. Called Quantitive Easing by Bernanke the former head of the FRS. The NY FED said it was only a temporary measure—it's still happening now. The latest cash infusions by the FRS of over two-trillion dollars of journal entries on the books of the 12 FRS banks is money created out of thin air. The dollar now backed by nothing and carrying a debt load of $24.3-trillion with the Euro at $10-trillion + both the FRS and the ECB are in deep water especially when the future committed US debt load is over $120-trillion, with a $15-trillion annual economy. We see by this, that the economic impact on Western society will be far greater than the medical of COVID-19. The time is at hand, to immediately stop these economic shut downs, while the economy still has a slim chance of survival. A retention of the present shut-down into June is not a scenario that the economy can recover from. 


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