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Politically Neo Con methods of social control and fundraising


 Dr. A. H. Krieg CMFGE A3P board member

The most pronounced success of the political left is attributable to academic socialist and communist intellectuals most of which are Jews. The well-known fact that over 60% of professors in the twenty most prominent universities in America are Jews (1) and that pseudo intellectual Neo-Con's like David Horowitz flood the airways with their misinformation is also well known and accepted. The national control of mainstream media by Jews is also well documented and published outside that venue' that continues to deny it.
The implicated means of social control is PC (2) more accurately described as CM (3). This process, which began shortly after the Russian Revolution in the 1920;s has mushroomed in the latter 20th century to encompass most means of social dialogue, especially within structured organizations like universities, goverment agencies and within to some smaller degree multinational business entities. Various religions particularly Protestant sects have also succumbed to the process. It is unnecessary to explain the processes used because they are broadly known through rigorous application especially in the education sector.
Fundraising on huge scale employs victimhood, falsified poverty, fear mongering based on misinformation, invention, distortion of truth, for the primary purpose of extorting funds from people, mostly Jews, who have been traumatized through indoctrination by SPLC and other zionist run operations, that they will be victims of White terrorism, Muslim terrorism, and hate crimes, all of which are fictitious inventions in that they have been inflated a thousand times over. Zionist run organizations like SPLC (4), which sit on a treasure trove of $216 million dollars and whose executives earn in the neighborhood of 1/4 million dollars a year laugh all the way to the bank.
Soon to come are the opening of American Re-Education Camps more aptly called American Gulags. A secret document from the HQ of the Department of the Army titled, "Internment and Resettlement Operations" under army anachronism FM 3-39.40 has been issued. The army does not want you to read it so on page one we see the following notice: "Destruction Notice: Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of document". Pages are not numbered but the book contains 10 chapters and appendices A-N Figures 1-2 through J-16. America will be a fully operational police state by 2016, as I predicted ten years ago with my book "July 4th 2016 The Last Independence Day"
The methodology used is very similar to those of 1900 to 1946 by the Soviets, Nazis, Fasisti, all socialists and communists encompassing Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Salazar, Franco, and Peron. In fact the parallels between 21st century America and 1938 Germany are astoundingly analogous. This then brings us to our present situation and again the repeated historic events which took place in Russia as afore mentioned, whereby a societal outside group Jews, achieved control of the reigns of power of the largest nation in the world and this time 100 years later, the most powerful one, America.
The Neo-Cons as the name is intended to imply "conservative" are nothing of the sort. Many of their parents came from New York City's Rivington Street hovel, (5) where the CPUSA (6) was headquartered and whose population was overwhelmingly immigrant Jew communists. They were to a man, Trotsky communists. Their offspring are almost exclusively socialists. So who are they? Axelrod, Obama's alter ego, whose mother wrote for the prime communist periodical of the 40's, (7) Emanuel who was Obama's gate keeper did his military service with the IDF (8) and is now mayor of Chicago whose father lives in Israel and was in the zionist terrorist Irgun, (9) Bush, Rove, McCain, Wolfowitz, Bernanke, Rumsfeld, Kristol, Rice, Cain, O'Riley, Clinton, Hitchens, Pearl, John Bolton, and Abrams, to name a few. Interestingly they are both Democrats as well as Republicans, and the intelligenceia leadership is almost exclusively Jews. The Neo-Con movement is attributed to Dr. Leo Straus university of Chicago, the school closely tied to Obama and his friend and ardent Neo-Con Bill Ayres the author of Obama's autobiography. Irving Kristol the father of Bill Kristol was also instrumental in Neo-Con foundation.
Neo-Cons believe in all the Jewish biblical grandiose concepts as expanded upon in Talmudic writings. These are: Preemptive wars to further an American empire, permanent revolution, (permanent peace for permanent war) that the ends justify the means regardless of societal repercussions, morals or ethics, the centralized power of an all encompassing welfare state, total control of the population through control of education, they demand centralized power of an all pervasive federal state, they believe that an elite class (Neo-Cons) are the rightful rulers and that the people are second class election fodder, and finally they hate Libertarians and Constitutionalists who diametrically oppose Neo-Con philosophy..
Through the federalization of education brought on by Jimmy Carter in October 1979 and his establishment of the US Department of Education they have succeeded in not only dumbing down the American electorate but reducing student competency from number four worldwide to number 34 today. By elimination of Civics, American Government, Economics, and Geography, never mind most Mathematics from HS required matriculation they succeeded in producing a population that is uninformed, uneducated, and incapable of reaching a rational political or economic decision. Added to this has been a continuous stream of misinformation, both on current affairs, as well as history, as provided by the lamestream media, whose journalists suffer from the identical un-education as the public in general. The primary directive of education the ablity to reason and to think, are no longer part of the curriculum, having been replaced by rote education, and memorization of mostly irrelevant and useless information. Propagandizing the entire population is no small part funded by the CIA, which allocates 30% of their entire budget on population misinformation projects. The most troubling of this is apparent in conversations held with public school HS students whose general educational status is below that of an 8th grade graduate of 1850. They are 30% illiterate, incapable of paying attention for more than three minutes, incapable of balancing a cheque book, understanding public expenditures never mind deficits. Most cannot recite the three branches of government and have not read the Constituion or Bill of Rights. The situation is so dire that the average college freshman must take remedial reading and math courses. Almost none of these students want to go into engineering vocations because that would mean hard work and studying. America now graduates four times as many lawyers as engineers because the curriculum for law it ten times easier.
The hero worship of sports figures has attained the magnitude of Circus Maximus in Rome, and football has replaced the coliseum's gladiatorial games. Our TV's boast more sports programs than news, more basketball than education, and more baseball than civics. The most popular programs on TV are mindless rubbish centered on dance, sports, singing, and the idolization of individual actors and musicians whose intellectual abilities remain nondescript. The population's most adored individuals are to a man or woman failures in every aspect of human achievements.
So, what's the plan? In a nutshell we are headed into the second human Dark Age. The plan is for a society in which one percent owns everything, 10 % are of a military-police cadre that is paid to keep the lid on the remaining 89%. Nothing more nothing less. In fact you can gain an excellent understanding of these ideas and concepts by reading a booklet, Das Manifest der Kommunistischer Partei (Manifest of the communist party) (10) paying close attention to the ten points, and then comparing them to present day America. Needless to say Marx, Engles, Lenin, Trotsky, and all the rest were Jews. If you follow that up with reading, "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" (10) in its unabridged version as located in the British History Museum in London you will gain a general knowledge of what the plan is and how it has been implanted. For further understanding George Orwell's 1984, written in 1948, makes for some good entertaining reading.
The latter 20th and beginning of the 21st century has demonstrated massive government centralization not only in America but even more so in the EU. In America this has been manifest in the enactment of The American Patriot Act, probably the most misnamed piece of legislation in world history. The law violates Habeas Corpus provisions of the US Constitution (11) a civil right that has been part of the laws of English speaking world since the 12th century (12) and is in direct conflict with the Bill of Rights, specifically the first, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eight, ninth and tenth amendments thereby virtually shredding every American's liberty. The Creation of Homeland Security the largest police agency in world history, followed this act with over 200,000 employed. Followed by TSA whose diabolical and depraved screenings at airports and lately bus depots are an affront to civilized behavior. And the thereupon creation of NDAA sponsored by Neo-Con Senators Levin (D) and McCain (R) that trashed the Pose Comitatus Act (13) which prohibits the use of American military or Federal troops for the enactment of laws and legal enforcement within the nation. Additionally it grant to the president the right to kill, arrest, or incarcerate indefinitely any US citizen without court order, without a writ of arrest, without cause, without judicial review, simply on his say so. This has ended the Republic and eliminated the Democracy making America a dictatorship of the Executive.
The political system that is now in place, which we call the Republocrats and who are the sponsors of all of this, have through these processes enabled an 87% re-election rate of its incumbent members. The "System" has become self-sustaining and self-perpetuating. In collusion with the media who attains profits in the billions of dollars due to electioneering by the Republocrats, (14) they have effectively eliminated honest discourse and purged third party participation in federal elections, thereby guaranteeing their longevity. Every issue is boiled down to only two mildly conflicting ideas (15) other possible ideas or suggestions are sidelined and the System always gets their desired outcome. This in fact is where Europe was, not so long ago. But then with the takeover by Euro-socialists their situation gradually became untenable. These same sort of "progressives" or more correctly, socialists and communists are at the cusp of taking over in America. In fact they now, in Spring 2012 control the Executive and the Senate, along with a substantial portion of the judiciary due to the appointment of judges and progressives sympathetic to their cause.
The pendulum is turning in the opposite direction in Europe, especially in the Northern European regions. Marine Le Penn's National Front is propelling her to the center of the seats of power in France NF is as of Sunday last, the third largest party in France, likewise the English nationalist party is also third. The French elections this Sunday will reveals just how strong the anti-immigrant and nationalist movement has become in France, boycott of the Election by the National Front ensured a socialist win and lost the election for Sarkozy and greatly expanded the power of the political right NF in France. The Dutch Nationalist Freedom Party of Geert Wilders is the third largest party in Holland and they are growing. In Switzerland, which is not in the EU, the Swiss Nationalist, party is the largest party in total plurality in the country with about 34% of the total in a nation of 7 major political parties. Meanwhile the Alliance of European National Parties is meeting in Brussels with participation of ten national parties from within the EU to plan a united front against the socialists, environmentalists and radicals.
America is about ten years behind Europe in cleansing the socialist disease from our political scene. American Third Position (A3P) is the active American political party at the forefront of this anti-socialist movement on this side of the Atlantic. Our friends are all the Euro-centric organizations all over America. Our Opponents are 74 members of the DSA (16) that reside in our federal legislature. The political separation of the progressives is about 70% Democrats and 30% Republicans. The Obama executive is completely controlled by DSA members and communists. The mainstream media along with the banking cartel of the FRS (17) headed up by progressive Benjamin Shalom Bernanke and all the Jewish banking houses worldwide are progressives and internationalists to the core. (18) Meanwhile progressive zionists (19) in overwhelming numbers staff the various government, FRS, and private banking and insurance cartels with well over 200 members in leadership positions.
For our opposition, the "System" misses no means of demeaning us, lying about us, calling us Nazis, claiming us to be skinheads, linking us to deceased extremists and organization of which we know nothing, fabricating miss-information about us and then posting it on our Wikipedia site, altering posted CV's of directors or blocking others publication, the list is endless and irrelevant. One of their major issues is "Free Trade" (20), the "Trojan Horse" of the multinationals, which we strongly oppose with fair trade. People are not as stupid as our detractors think they are. People read, and one of the books they are reading in huge quantities is our national policy and platform titled Our Vision for America ISBN 078-1-937553-05-0 from all booksellers or www.A2Zpublications.com for only ten dollars plus $2.00 for shipping via USPS Confirmed mail.
Processes used against us are those developed by Dr. Goebbels for the Nazi ministry of propaganda, including.

  • Linkage the process of linking A3P to groups and individuals historically thought of a bad or evil.
  • The use of generalities to describe our issues thereby deluding A3P's impact.
  • Transference by symbolic manipulation of our issues.
  • Fear the process of manipulating information to create fear. Per example if you vote for a third party Obama will be reelected.
  • Testimonials whereby left leaning pundits, journalists, actors, and sports figures endorse leftist ideas.
  • Crowd seduction by which the most basic instinct of following the Sheeple is utilized to bolster the progressive movement.
  • Fabrication by which inventions not reality are introduced.
  • Lies that are simply repeated at infenitum until accepted.
  • Word semantics changes used to alter societal conceptions of issues. Cop-killer bullets, assault rifle, gay, progressive etc.
  • Omission the process of simply omitting pertinent information that does not suite any leftist historic perspective.
  • Legislation (hate laws) to enforce CM.


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  • Free Trade results: 10 million blue collar jobs lost in 11 years, 43,000 manufacturing plants shut down, A Mexican trade surplus on 1991 of $ 5.7 billion turned into a $67 billion annual deficit by 2010.
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