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Coronavirus and whose our enemy? The CDC and FDA, as I have repeatedly said, are America’s worst enemy, in our war against coronavirus. People like the Democrat Governors of NY, MI and NV who have purposely obstructed the use of known working medication based on the ridiculous FDA drug allowance procedures, which cost average $14-million per drug and take years, are the willing enablers of the pandemic. The insane media hype, which has now been proved to be unsubstantiated, shows that hospital are actually laying off workers (Sarasota FL, Elmhurst NY and scores more) because normal operative procedures have been halted. CBS TV actually used a crisis actor to support their ludicrous news reports of hospital overcrowding.

From the 1960s to the 1980s I frequently traveled to the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, at State Department's suggestion, I took two malaria pill’s a week (hydroxychloroquine) a drug that has been used since the ’30s, not only for malaria but also lupus. I never got malaria and had no side effects whatsoever. The FDA by their authority blocked the use of this drug for coronavirus, which has absolutely been proven to work in France, Switzerland and other places, from use in America for the treatment of coronavirus. Fortunately, President Trump countermanded FDA regulations saving thousands of lives. Big Pharma and the CDC were not pleased, after all, they already knew in 2017, that the used and recommended by them influenza vaccine shots increased the probability of getting coronavirus by 36%. The VA today, still tells every veteran, that they recommend a flu shot, and has suspended normal VA procedures until after the pandemic is over. As Dr. Hieb so aptly put it “Essentially the CDC’s vaccine program made the very people fighting coronavirus more
likely to contract it”.

False and misleading information by the CDC and FDA and massive misinformation by the Lamestream media, has been used to confuse the public and even our uneducated elected officials, resulting in more cases and more deaths. These are the same morons who want to maintain open borders— apparently to let more infected people into America. As to coronavirus origin, I maintain my position, that it is manmade and the product of a Chinese bacteriological weapons program based in Wuhan China.

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