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Coronavirus, Wuhan Virus, Chinese virus or COVID-19 is a pandemic. A pandemic is a virus that has spread to multiple nations as of today every nation in North and South America, every American State, all of Europe, COVID-19 has been so classified a Pandemic by WHO and is now in all nations. As of your reading about 1,400 (03/27) lives have been lost in America. 570,000 cases worldwide; doubling in just 8-days. The United States now has the highest number of cases at over 94,000 confirmed, which is with limited testing. A reasonable assumption is that America has over one million infected, the consequent death rate will accelerate in the next few days. What remains primarily unknown is where it came from. So this is my theory:

COVID-19 first became recognized as coming from the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan, China. That market sells exotic meats like domestic cats and dogs, along with snakes and frogs, is located about 300 meters from entrance of The Wuhan Institute of Virology the largest and most advanced Chinese bacteriological weapons plant. It is my theory, and bear in mind that it is a theory, that employees of the weapons lab sold the bodies of dead test animals, to vendors, at the Huanan market in order to subsidize their poor salaries. This was also the theory put forth by eight Chinese doctors, one who died from the virus and two who have since disappeared and five who now say nothing. The primary reason for the very rapid spread of the virus is that the Chinese governments response was to put it, bluntly stupid. To “save face,” a major oriental behavioral problem, they made the virus a politically viewed problem, rather than the medical and scientific problem that it is. They arrested doctors who told the truth, did not isolate Wuhan, they allowed over one million Wuhan citizens to depart, and through today have refused WHO, or American and European health agencies access to Wuhan.

The number of cases seem directly linked to the number of Chinese citizens that interact with the local populations of infected nations. Those who have become Chinese client States like Italy and Iran have the largest numbers of cases. (Italy 31,506b cases 2,941 deaths—Iran 17,361 cases 1,135 deaths) (03/19/20)

The virus appears to grow in a wave pattern. In small numbers rapidly escalating, then as human movement is restricted, a plateau and a gradual decline. To date we know that the virus hates ultraviolet radiation that we get from our sun, and does not do well in high humidity and temperature. Why no one, in and out of government, is pursuing UV radiation at entrances to public spaces, remains a mystery to me. China as well as Italy have had good success with chloroquine phosphate used since 1934 for treating malaria, combined with hydroxychloroquine for the virus. The American bureaucratic FDA and CDC have been stonewalling the use for other then malaria and some other uses, they want to conduct six months of test, by which time millions will have died. Trump has worked feverishly to circumvent these bureaucracies, with some success the FDA under pressure is allowing doctors to inject patients with these drugs at their discretion.

On the scientific side information made public is scant; mostly because journalists have very limited science education. This virus differs from others like the Flu virus because it is not of human origin and because it was made and produced in a bacteriological weapons lab. It is an animal virus. The difference between it and the Flu is RNA sequencing, which means genetics. Flu is a human virus, which is recognized by interferon in the human immune system; due to this your body has built up immunity to the Flu but has no immunity to the Coronavirus. There is at present time no possible immunity by a Flu type shot. This type of virus is called “Novel Virus”, and originated in an animal. Scientists call it slippery due to its ability to rapidly mutate. We had two similar instances that also originate H1N1 called the Swine flu (pigs) (1990s) and the Spanish Flu (1918 to 1920) that originated in birds. The difficulty arises when these viruses mutate and transfer to humans, in this case due to eating an infected animal, which has not been properly cooked. (not enough heat to kill the virus) Because the RNA in this virus is not of human origin, the human immune system does not recognize it and it grows exponentially. That of course is the intent of a man made virus. From here it actually gets worse. This virus is self replicating and in a matter of a couple of weeks mutated again, so, now we have two strains to contend with, indications are, that it will mutate again.

The various mutations of the virus attack the pulmonary system of its victim. This results in shortness of breath, dry coughing, and fever. The difficulty for science is to create a vaccine that will attack and destroy, the presently variously formed strains and any future mutations. It stands to reason that the lab where this virus was originated in Wuhan also created a means of combatting it, if they did not do that they would be suicidal. The remaining possibility is that the virus was inadvertently released before the cure serum was developed. Krieg is not a medical doctor he is a SME certified manufacturing engineer with 20 US patents and over 30 published books on a vast range of issues. You can view his CV on www.a2zpublications.com go to authors click on Adrian Krieg.

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