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A little bit of education in economics. Dr. A. H. Krieg 03.19.20. 987 words A clear definition of the elites is: Those people who employ the media, control banking and run our government through their lobbyists. They are in fact, a society of citizens, who maintain the entire sham operation ongoing; while raping the middle class and poor of their assets.

Let’s first look at banking. Yesterday I was listening to a commentator on TV, he told the most astounding lie about the existing means by which the Fed operates. I have heard this repeated at intenitum by numerous media pundits. He said, “The FRS, when they run out of money borrows it from the markets by issuing (selling) federal notes”. There are about 15 various types of notes in circulation. That is so blatantly wrong that it requires a detailed explanation. Firstly understand that the FRS (Federal Reserve System) is not federal; it is in fact a private corporation set up in NYC in September 1914 as a NY corporation. (1) The FRS is not a Reserve, the FRS has no reserves; lastly the FRS is not a “System," it is a corporation incorporated in the State of NY. Secondly as of today (2) the Federal Treasury Yield Curve Rates are: One Month 1.41% to 30- years 1.66%. The federal inflation rate (3) for 12-months is 2.49% per year. According to these media twits there are investors all about the world who are willing to invest in FRS bonds that pay (on average) 1.535% interest, when the economy is producing an annual inflation rate of 2.49% per month which compounds out to 29.88% annual inflation. In fact such an investment would lead to a annual loss of about a one percent per year. Would you do that?

What does the FRS actually do when congress (4) spends more money than the IRS (federal collection agency) collects in taxes; which is always. Congress on average for the last five decades spends about one-third more than the IRS collects in taxes or about $1.4-trillion every year. They just in mid March proposed an additional $1+Trillion dollar increase for the Coronavirus bill, they already bolstered the banksters with billions. Meanwhile Nancy the nasty witch from the left coast, withheld the bill so that the DNC could run super Tuesday ads against Trump. Included in the Coronavirus bill is $750-billion in foreign aid and one billion dollars for the abortion industry. Pelosi, has in fact, placed abortions and political power before the American taxpayer. Back to how does the FRS back the overspending by the House? It is in fact, simple. The FRS instructs each of their 12 branch banks to increase the asset side of their journals by the 1/12 part of the cost overruns. By this means they create money out of thin air. What is the consequence you ask? That is again very simple, inflation. What would happen to any businessman in America that did the same thing? Jail for the next few decades!

The very same pundits who mislead you about government bonds, then exacerbate the problems they already created, by telling the public that inflation is caused by greedy capitalists. These people have vacuous understanding of economics! The value of money cannot be influenced by capital markets, the value of the dollar is based on the policies of the FRS that is the direct result of spending by congress. The price of gold does not fluctuate it is a fixed value the change of price of gold is the direct result of inflation of the fiat (5) money supply.

The lobbyists are a function of big business and the American Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable. These two organizations in conjunction with big business, i.e., multinational corporations, provide the funds (capital) for politicians in their races to be elected or re-elected. This results in an elected majority that is beholden to those interests. Be assured that none of these have any interest in America, Americans or people employed by them. Their sole and only interest is in maximizing their profit margins at the expense of working people. Thus the Small Business Administration in government give export credit support to Boeing and Caterpillar in the billions and completely ignore small business. The politicians have become the enablers of big business.

The media is an entirely different matter. By academic pollution, in college by socialist professors, in schools of journalism, the entire media has been turned to accept socialism as a beneficial form of governance. By the elimination of critical thinking and history along with geography, science and proper instruction English, modern journalists have simply become agents for the decimation of progressive propaganda. While the media itself has turned from news, to entertainment, which today represents what media does. Sensationalism, entertainment, propaganda, and misinformation are the hallmarks of 21st century media. To clarify that 87% of academics vote progressive, and 93% of journalists are Democrats. Anyone who thinks that the Gray Lady, CNN, the Mr. Bezos, Washington Post, or MSNBC report unbiassed news is just plain crazy.

The very concept that any TV news source actually report’s unbiassed information is ludicrous, major media outlets, in large percentage, have replaced foreign correspondents with contract agents. These people learn quickly to report issues as their employer wants, with lots of inventive ancillary garbage to make it more entertaining, which process guarantees higher remuneration for the reporting journalists. Since most of the media is owned by Judaists reporting from the Middle East is especially poor.

(1) See my book (Pub in 2000) “July 4th 2016 The Last Independence Day” pp 41 Copy of NY Times article dated Sep 23/1914. (2) Source Federal Department of the Treasury

(3) Hulu inflation data

(4) Congress (the House of Representatives) is the agency that sets the budget.

(5) Paper Dr. Krieg’s books are available from www.A2ZPublications.com

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