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The ever expanding Biden disaster


No, this one is about Joe, not Hunter, the guy who had $200,000 of Secret Service protection in 2019. This is about Joe! He just announced his planned cabinet for the “it will never happen” Biden presidency. Elizabeth Warren (Pocahontas) the over-the-top liar and 1/124956845th Indian as Treasury Secretary, John the liar (Unfit for the command) Kerry in a newly created cabinet position as Environmental Secretary, Susan (I go on TV 5 times on Sunday and lie for Hillary) Rice as a national security advisor, Michael (I wanted to buy the president office) Bloomberg) as head of the World Bank, Pete (I’m gay) Buttigieg, as UN Ambassador. Francis (Beto was mom's name, open borders, tear down this wall, take those guns, give illegal’s free health care) O’Rourke as gun Tzar) That’s just the beginning! He has signed a book deal, you know all those payola deals used to funnel cash to politicians, who could not write a book, as well as $200,000 speeches. He has also moved into a little house in McLean VA, the rent is $19,000 per month. And this jackass wants to be president?

Dr. Adrain H. Krieg


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