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Population Control


Guy Debord in 1968 said that; “the idea of Social distancing is the concrete form of manufactured social alienation”. It is one of the steps by which human experience becomes internalized, and we stop communicating with each other. Think about cell-phones; All those millions of millennia's who instead of speaking with each other twiddle with their electronic devices. The latest expansion of “internalizing” human behavior is “sheltering in place” I thank my friend John Kaminski for bringing this to my attention. What better way is there for the implementation of government control of everything. So, what’s coming?

  1. The elimination of paper money
  2. The repeal of the second amendment
  3. Partial repeal of the first amendment
  4. The introduction of an RFID chip for financial transactions
  5. Confiscation of all firearms in private hands
  6. Marshal law
  7. A socialist worldwide totalitarian government
  8. Single source banking (the consolidation of banking into a single worldwide bank)
  9. Total impoverishment of the middle class and the poor, creating total government dependency.
  10. Open borders leading to massive world pandemics, and the total destruction of individual governments

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