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The primary fundamental problem of our time


Our society, is in this century, impacted by a problem seated in socialist communist philosophy. The crux of that is; to view historic events of the past by application of present day norms. Norms, are the way society perceives itself. These norms continuously change with time; consequently what is today accepted as rational, ethical and moral behaviour may well in past time have been observed as transgression of such demeanour, or visa versa.

The principal carriers of this are academics, who are the active sellers of the progressive application of todays norms to those of the past. An excellent example of that is now, by the progressives process of demeaning Thomas Jefferson (1743-1809) because he was a slave holder. In Jefferson’s time and all the eons this preceded him, slavery was a common accepted and moral practice; as was indentured servants, an alternate form of slavery. By Jeffersons time abolitionists were few in number, less than 1% of the population, and the general consensus, even among those who opposed slavery, was that Blacks were not intellectually comparable with the White governance population. Furthermore slavery prior to the 17th century was not restricted to Blacks, and almost all indentured servants were White. Biblically in the Torah (Old Testament), slavery was a common practice in the Levant from pre-recorded time to the 17th century. Slavery was in fact an accepted practice in all religions and all societies for well over five thousand years, ending in England in 1833. In Islam, Devshirme the practice of forced conversion of Christian children to Islam and staffing their military with them, only ended in 1703. In England slavery was abolished in 1833, 24-years after Jefferson died. In America slavery was not abolished until 1856, when the CSA surrendered, 56-years after Jefferson died. The progressive practice of demeaning Jefferson for his obvious possession of slaves fits todays norms, but not those of his time.

One of the most glaring falsehoods of our time has been Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, (Jan. 1863) that educators commonly claim to have freed salves. This is historically incorrect in the following facts; firstly Lincolns proclamation only freed slaves in the Southern states, (CSA) over which Lincoln had absolutely no control; secondly the proclamation did not free any slaves in the “Union”. In fact the Union military commander-in-chief Ulysses Grant owned five slaves, which he did not release from bondage until 1865, after the end of the War of Northern Aggression. In this instance not only have educators blatantly lied, they applied the lies to historically alter the realities of history.

Many will say so what? But this is a very serous matter, our entire social behaviour is impacted by our joint understanding of events long past. By creating a false narrative of past history we will make wrong decisions for future events. In application to 20th century history we can draw certain parallels to issues now important to America and the world.

I take much of this information from Elizabeth Carto the wife of my past friend, her husband, Willis. President Richard Nixon (1969-74) was the prime mover and shaker in the replacement of Free China (The Republic of China — Formosa) with Communist “Red” China. It was not untill president Jimmy Carter (1977-81) that America broke off relations with the Republic of China and accepted communist China as the only legitimate agent of Chinese. The ever present Ziocon Heinrich Kissinger was in both cases pulling the stings from behind the stage. In no time at all it was no longer Red China but was changed to the PRC (People Republic of China). Formosa was changed from China to ROC (Republic of China) and big business, the Business Round Table and US Chamber of Commerce, commenced in an unprecedented “Free Trade” expansion of transferring American manufacturing from America to Red China. Virtually all Chinese manufacture is controlled by the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) in conjunction with various oligarchs. Beginning in 1975 and expanding ever since, especially after China was granted WTO membership on Dec. 11, 2001, by President H. W. Bush, the PLA organised the largest in history thefts of patents, and proprietary information of American individuals, as well as corporations. Notable is the fact that Kissinger, and Bush were CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) members and Carter was TC. (Trilateral Commission) Large American corporations quickly realised that they could expand their profit margins by transferring manufacturing technology to PLA related corporations. Members of the families of the traitors, who organised this, are now all multimillionaires. Not only is labor cheaper at $6.5 per hour (2020) in China compared to America $23.32 (2020) In my case Machine Tool industry labor costs 1989 was ($34.50) per hour.

The disastrous results of these policies which I predicted repeatedly beginning in the 70s, and continuing on through NAFTA, CAFTA, free trade and the WTO recognition of China membership, have fallen on deaf ears. Likewise, the “Free Trade” disasters implemented by the Republocrats are now coming home to roost—and its just the beginning! While most Americans at least those that avoid CNN and MSNBC the NY Times and Washington Post, now understand that free trade was nothing but the bargain basement sale of the century of America. The pharmaceutical industry (now 90+% outsourced to China) has made this acutely obvious in the Coronavirus outbreak, but what is to come is the 100% dependence of America in the machine tool sector, all of which has been outsourced. Today there are no longer any American machine tool manufacturers—none. And let me as a SME certified manufacturing engineer tell you that you do not make anything without machine tools. The notion that this, which is the most complex industry in existence can be rebuilt rapidly is a pipe-dream. Tool and die maker, 3-years of education and a five year apprenticeship, machinist, four years of education, Swiss screw machine set up man, four years, CNC operator, two yers programming and 2-years on the job training. 96% of the people who have those abilities are long retired. The plants where they worked disassembled auctioned-off or shipped to China, just like GE’s medical manufacturing in NY. We, all of America is in for a very bumpy ride in the rest of this decade.

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