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Divisive America


Having just in December completed my latest book "Race—Sex—Truth" I am able to quantify the state of the nation as; divided by ideology, party and economics. We are, as some call it, in the age of entitlement. Our political operatives have with intent seen our citizens separated, for the purpose of political control, primarily using the race and gender card. Meanwhile the progressive movement has created a condition in which, society is separated into social winners and losers, based on their touting the Political Correctness (PC) line. PC is simply the 21st century expression of Cultural Marxism. Any violation of the PC structure results in the offender's being outed. To accomplish their goal they relentlessly pursue to two Yiddish means of social and political control, victimhood and entitlement.

We are all able to identify who the winners and the losers are; conservatives, Christians, Nationalists and Republicans are the losers, progressives, socialists, communists, and liberals are the winners. This is because the winners have taken care before venturing into the arena, total control of the means of communications; the Lamestream as well as the Internet. This is not a new process, it began in the mid 60s and has mushroomed into the lusus naturae of our age. Further political understanding of the two major Parties (the Republocrats) indicates that there is little difference between them, proven by the fact that regardless of who wins elections, the social movement always continues in the exactly same direction; to the political left.

Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) who became president upon JFKs murder, in which he was probably complicit, in 1963, was one of the primary workers of the progressive cause. With his draft deferment for college students, in the Viet Nam war, that he so graciously expanded from under 20,000 troops to over 450,000. Politicians and sons of those in powers, were either posted in America or given draft deferments for the duration of the war. This act by LBJ began the separation of rural and urban populations; a process that has grown ever since. Minorities and rural population was drafted (me included) while my friend Kit, whose father had much political clout, was posted to Fort Dix NJ and never posted overseas. Kit, by the way, was made a Sargent while I, who was also extended in Sevice time at the convenience of the army, was to remain a PFC. The proses begun by LBJ with the deferment from draft, of college students, who then thought themselves better than the rest and mistook their draft avoidance as a sign of social superiority. When Nixon after the war allowed draft dodgers to return from Canada, without penalty, he expanded the entire social separation process immeasurably.

The feminist movement also beginning its growth in the early 60s had considerable impact in changing America from a Constitutional Republic into a democracy. It is relevant to consider Winston Churchill's statement, "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter". Mark Twain, probably one of the most astute Americans clarifies it all with, "If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it". The feminist movement has never been about empowering women at all, it was about changing the course of history and the redirection of society. In America school teacher's are by a majority of three to one female. The AFT and NEA (teachers unions) (AFT 1.7-million NEA 2.96-million members) also have the highest lesbian participation of any organised structure in America. The primary cause de celebrant of the feminist movement has been the adverse actions against women in general; but more specifically, the dumbing down of their pupils. The astounding success of this is, the fall of student competency from number 4-in-the-world to number 15 to 34 depending on subjects, from 1953 to 2020. Feminism is understood as, to be of value a woman must not be a housekeeper or mother, she must be employed in industry, marriage is a mistake it makes women subservient to men, which completely contradicts statistical data; When women were posed the question in 2018, "What is the ideal age for marriage?" 99% responded with sometime before the age of 27, not a single one said never.

Various enacted civil rights laws like the 1964 Civil Rights Act further separated Americans by race. It also began the process of claiming that White Men (Caucasian Males) were the reason for all social problems. Victimhood followed! Victimhood is the process used by Israel since 1948, to enrich the socialist theocracy, it was expanded to America, where it has been a prominent actor in our political scheme for the last 55- years. The fact that almost the entirety of human advancement in the last 300-years has been due to Caucasian males has been demolished on the heap of political expediency. LBJ who was president at that time, was a blatant racist; "you make me president and I'll have those Niggers vote Democrat for the next 200-years" The 1964 law was a political effort to alter national demographics in order to make the progressive movement the only political party of power in America. This was not again expanded until, the 2010 census, in which the US Census Bureau instructed all census takers both individual as well as group, to count every resident from the age of three months. This in fact included, Green Card holders, Illegal aliens, foreign Consular officers, foreign Embassy and UN staff, dreamers, every living human in America. Census takes place every ten years for the exclusive purpose of congressional enumeration, to determine the size of congressional districts, by article 1 sec 2, of the US Constitution, today every district is supposed to have 711,000 resident citizens. The 2010 census inflated population to 307,000,000 or 34-million more producing an additional 47.8 progressive Democrat congressmen. (Hispanics vote Democrat by a margin of 78%)

This basically leaves us with the thoughts about the dumbing down of "Amerika"! There is no better evidence than the South Carolina vote of last week. Based in the assumption that SC is split about 50/50 Republican and Democrat, we see that about 30% of that state's population voted for either 77-year old Bernie Sanders an avowed communist or 78-year old Joe Biden a man that is obviously in the beginning stages of dementia. Both of which, are life-long politicians who have never had a job in the private sector. You have to be stupid to vote for either one and when Michael Bloomberg (Mini Mike who has to date spent over $600-million to get elected president) says that if it came down to the wire he would vote for Bernie over Trump, we garnish the information that you don't have to be too bright to become a billionaire.

The resulting social and political separation of America into the two coasts and the rest of the nation was therefore founded on actions taken by progressives beginning in the mid 60s and growing ever since. An examination of the cast votes of the 2016 presidential election will certainly clarify the results of the progressive actions of the 60s. The Pacific coast states of California, Washington and Oregon are now out of concert with the mountain and mid western states, while New England and the Mid Atlantic states are in similar condition. The nation is separated into those who live in the north-east and those who live on the Pacific coast and the rest of Amerika.

Dr. Krieg was born in St. Gallen in 1938 and has lived in America since 1952 with interruptions of Germany for 2 1/2 years and Mexico for 1-year. He now resides in Florida. He hold 20 US patents and has written over 30-books on many various topics and is editorial contributor to several American newspapers. He can be contacted at: adriankrieg@A2ZPublications.com His URL site is www.A2ZPublications.com

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