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Entrez s’il vous plait to our new American Century. Merci! Appelez la police!! Sorry, we have a two tier justice system and only indict or prosecute Conservatives, all progressives are let off the hook. Was ist denn eigentilch los? Our judicial system ist Kaput! Cosa significa kaput? It means Rota! Sorry, I myself an so confused that I’m mixing French, German Italian and Spanish in the same paragraph, can you really blame me? Pre Teens are giving speeches at the UN General Assembly, felons who destroy subpoenaed evidence are not indicted, government bureaucrats who lie in testimony write books, known progressive liars are given book publishing advances in the millions of dollars as an advance to a book that will be ghost written, congressmen that have lied for four years are lauded as wonderful, Attorney Generals that refuse to indict or prosecute obvious criminal behaviour are let off, ex-presidents who knowingly pursued criminal acts against their followers are not even mentioned. The list of un-prosecuted criminals of the Obama orchestrated trump derangement
syndrome lists at least 35 individuals. We no longer have a country; we live in a nuthouse!

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