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The Demographics of Population Movements


When I was in college in 1957, just for two years, it was all I could take, I had a very interesting Geology professor. He was from the Balkans and I always spoke German with him, even in class. Sometimes we went to his home and had a beer, he taught me about the movement of populations and what caused most of them. His take was that climate and mineral deposits were the major factor in the movement of populations. I have given this much thought after my book “Invasions” was published by CTI in 2019, because population movement has been accelerating for all of the 21st century, I decided to write this article.  


            Consideration of why populations shift—move geographically, is a relevant form of research because its impact on our time is monumental. As I outlined in my book “Invasions” demographic shifts of the late 20th and early 21sty centuries are massively impacting all Western nations as poor uneducated North Africans move to Europe and poor uneducated Mestizos move to North America. The fact that we no longer require uneducated manual labourers, due to mechanization is not to be overlooked. In any consideration of this, the comparative wealth of the impacted civilizations are a relatively new twist in demographic population movements. It is not unreasonable to attribute this to modern communications, media improvements in poorer population locations; whereby they learned that others were far better off then they in fact are. Before our time population movements were based on different circumstances. Our first consideration is what causes people to move from one place to another. Let's list these in order of prominence in our time.     

  1. Poverty:
    I believe that the most pressing cause of population movement in our time is wealth or the lack of it. Movement of people from Central and South America, by majority of Mestizos to North America, and of North Africans to Europe as well as orientals to Western North America and Canada is driven by the disparity of wealth between these geographic regions. The Caucasian populations, which represents only about 9% of world population, have from about 1,700-AD onward produced the most wealth, and development primarily due to their free open market economic systems and their superior inventiveness and intellect. The Mongoloids of China had already reached their zenith 200-years earlier and were in decline.
  2. Civil strife and food deprivation:
    The second cause is the availability of food, water and the social safety of the population. Famine and droughts, as well as war, have a huge impact on population movement. The lack of civil organization, political turmoil and civil war and poor food availability are pressing matters causing populations to move. The expulsion of over one million Christians by action of the 2014 to 2019 by the Caliphate (ISIL, ISIS) from Iraq and Syria has been a major impact of the first two decades of the 21st century.
  3. Availability of natural resource:
    Prior to industrialization and man's ability to move products for large distances and the availability of raw materials was a major factor in population movement. Today, with our ability to move raw material as well as foodstuffs at our discretion this has become a minor factor of movements to Western more developed societies but does remain an issue in Africa.
  4. Human intelligence and industriousness:
    It is undeniable that the lack of human intelligence and societal ability to produce enriching products has a huge impact on population movement. Societies like those in North Africa and Central America from which the bulk of population movement comes, are not movers and shakers of inventive development. The most logical means of looking at this issue is how many patents are produced in differing societies. Intellectual properties ranked by nations is: *

            Top three by per million of population percentage:

  1. South Korea
  2. Japan
  3. In Switzerland
  4. Top three for number of patents
  5. China
  6. USA
  7. Japan
  8. Top five by GDP
  9. South Korea
  10. China
  11. Japan
  12. Germany
  13. Switzerland

*World Intellectual Property Indicators


            While there may well be other factors to be considered, I believe it is fair to say that those listed above are the major facts impacting population movements. These are now the main influencing facts impacting social policies in all Western nations. It is also obvious that the “Body Politic”, especially on the progressive side, has not taken any serious consideration of any of this. Nor has any political national entity produced any intelligent solution to the problem. Efforts by socialists and their progressive allies, in America, with HR 5383 (The New Way Forward Act) which has 44-brain-dead cosponsors is indicative of failing conceptualization of issues and their solutions. For those not familiar with this proposed new law let me explain:

            “The New Way Forward” is as braindead as “The Green New Deal”* as proposed by Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and supported by all 2020 Democrat presidential candidates. A precursory examination of the proposal, whose total text remains unavailable, indicates the following concepts;

  1. Conviction of a felony by an illegal alien is not cause for deportation.
  2. Moral Turpitude; Child molestation is not cause for deportation.
  3. Elimination of deportation of any illegal, for committing any felony.
  4. Falsification of Government documents (US Passports) and IDs is no longer a crime for illegals.
  5. Felonies that have a mandated five-year prison term for citizens, will not be applied to illegal aliens.
  6. If any immigration judge finds that the crime committed has some humanitarian purpose, then the law will not apply to that illegal alien.
  7. Drug addiction will no longer be the reason for deportation.
  8. Illegal border crossing are decriminalized.
  9. In paragraph 1 it states that deportation of any felon is “White Suprematist”
  10. In paragraph 2 it states that illegal aliens are a “Protected Class”
  11. The law blocks the introduction of all previous felony convictions from introduction into any court hearing.
  12. The law as written absolves all gay and transgenders from compliance.

            To which we must add that America has deported 480,467 illegal alien felons since 2016. This law is to provide free transportation to all of these criminals “Back Home” (they were never actually citizens) to America at American taxpayers expense. The fact that the entire proposal violates the US Constitution is not to be forgotten.


*The Green New Deal would cost about $10.4-trillion per year for the first 15-years of implementation and American industrial capacity is unable to meet required production to meet desired outcome.


            The predominant issue in population movements is an understanding of why this happens. It has become obvious to me, that there is not only no discussion on this, but that academic discussion is totally missing. Instead of addressing the problem politicians as well as academics are producing a plethora of brainless ideas that are economically unworkable. Worse than that, they are inflaming the situation more, with proposals like granting illegal aliens free health-care at the cost to American taxpayers even though they have not paid into the system, nor are they citizens. Bear in mind that all of the Democrat 2020 presidential candidates supported this insanity by a show of hands. It might interest you to learn that in a south-of the-border 2018 poll, 150-million Central and South Americans have indicated a desire to move to North America, I was going to say Venezuela, but not even progressives would be gormless enough to believe that.

            I think that we can all agree about poverty, as a major draw for immigrants to Western nations. The most obvious solution therefore is how do we improve the economic circumstance in North Africa and Central America; where the bulk of immigrants come from. Noticeable is the fact that under colonial rule, in both Africa as well as Central America, this situation was dormant. American as well as European policy for the last ten decades has been foreign aid—so, how did that work out? Obviously not! Foreign aid was a delusional effort by both the East and the West to buy friendship, a purchased friend is not a friend he is a dependent. Something those clever people on the 7th floor at State have yet to learn. In fact you would think, that after 50-years of our foreign aid recipients voting against us in the UN, some bureaucrat at State would have seen the light—we should be so lucky! Having dealt with Washington bureaucrats as an exporter/importer/manufacturer I gradually became expert on this very issue. Apparently the European counterparts to State and Commerce departments, most of whom are career diplomats, not political appointees, call our representatives “The College Boys”, seems they figured it out a long time ago. These people are so totally incompetent that I learned over 50-years ago not to count on any American Embasy of legation for trade help. The most common employment of the commercial attaches’ was his CIA desk position, the commercial job was just a cover. Oh, and by the way I’m not revealing any secret, the Swiss attaches’ in San Paulo, Brazil told it to me.

            This all leads us to the necessity of a solution to the poverty problem. In my 40-or so years, in import, export and manufacturing I have traveled to over 100 nations, and my company Widder Corp. exported to 25-nations, and imported from four. We had plants in Naugatuck CT, San Leandro CA, and the British Midlands, in Zürich, Switzerland, where we had an international treading company, Panox Inc and a service depot and offices in Randburg South Africa. I have been to every American State except Hawaii, consequently, I am well traveled to developed as well as developing nations. Poverty is the result of one or more of several problems. Bad government,  like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe socialism like Venezuela, Cuba, Laos, corruption like in most of South America, poor education as is now developing in America and often a mindset of individual citizens not conducive to production and industry. Many of these symptoms are rooted in socialism and communism, which in almost every case develop into a totalitarian governance. These are very difficult to deal with because they most commonly are rooted in a population that is not self starting, inventive, entrepreneur, either due to poor eduction or lack of intellectual abilities. If individual citizens lack the ability of self starting, risk taking and self reliance, which is most commonly the case in the third world economic development will not take place. Regardless of plans, giving them money as foreign aid is a waste. My suggestion would be to try to improve their education and infrastructure, but not by giving them any money. If they need to build a highway we send some civil engineers and surveyors plan out the entire job, hire all local labor pay them the going wage and teach them how to build it. If it is a more complex thing like a hospital we design it we send construction foremen and they build it, we ship American equipment, and we staff it for five years with American doctors and nurses who will spend 1/2 of their time practicing medicine and 1/2 of their time teaching. In the mean time some of their qualified citizens will be schooled as doctors in America, that way after five years they will actually have something of value. All foreign aid should be administered in that manner, it will benefit them and eventually us.

            Civil wars, bad government dictatorships and food or water shortages are in almost all cases the result of poor or/and dictatorial governments. This is most common in Africa, South-east Asia, the Middle East and South America. In any proposed venture in Africa, it is relevant to understand the limitations of the populations. The average IQ in Central Africa is 85. The State Department concept that everyone is equal, seems to be the applied foreign policy, and when that fails, as it always does, the originators seem befuddled over their loss. I do not think it is possible to raise IQ levels by the minimum required 20-points, to meet current societally required abilities due to technology, consequently options are very limited. In Central and South America the solution is education especially in government, civics, and economics. In Africa the problem is not solvable by eduction because the ability to understand and grasp solutions is not there. It seems to me that the only, at least short term solution, is mandatory administration by some group of either Caucasians or Mongoloids, at least untill some intellectual population improvements are made. While they did not like colonialists, the indigenous people were far better off under colonial rule than self government. South Africa And Rhodesia are prime examples. To detractors, I can only say that in over 9000-years the central African populations did not develop the wheel, a numbering system, a written language, the domestication of animals, any architecture save mud huts, or the use and development of metals. The first African use of bronze was the Benin in what is now Nigeria (1440-AD in the Edo Empire) or 4640 years after Europe.

            The availability of natural resources was in the past a recurring cause of population movement. With the advent of industrialisation that has changed drastically. As the modern age began in England, with the “Industrial Revolution”,which greatly changed mans ability to transport goods, and to substitute machine and steam power for animal and man power, and the rapid development of electricity and electric power the formula changed. It was no longer necessary to move population to food, water, or mineral deposits, they could all be transported to the existing locations. The best example is Switzerland that without any raw materials has succeeded and #4 in Country Ranking freedom standings, #20 in GDP with a population of only 9-million, and #1 in individual per capita wealth, this is a nation that has no natural resources at all.

            The last issue of human intelligence and applicable industry is really the exclusive preview of Caucasians and Mongoloids. Nations with the longest history of economic and social laissez faire do best. These are the nations of Western Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan (free China) and previously South Africa. With the end of White rule in Rhodesia and South Africa both have fallen to disrepair under Black leadership, becoming communist. The very basic matter is, that only in free market economies that enjoy constitutional republican governance, does society progress and thrive.

            As an ancillary issue freedom from religious and social racial persecution or bondage and slavery have been inputs for mass population movements ever since the beginning of recorded history. Historic incidents like the European mostly English and German population movements to North America and Australia and the Dutch Boers to South Africa. The Jewish plied slave trade from the 16th to the 18th centuries resulted in the forced relocation of Africans mostly to the Caribbean and South America and to lesser degree to North America has had huge impact in Western Civilization. Without question, the early wars between Islam and Christianity in which both participated in Slavery as an accepted social behaviour resulted in slavery as an accepted social act of population movements from 1600 to 1833 when England abolished slavery and 1865 when America also outlawed the practice. 

            Movement of large populations as those in the late 20th and continuing into the 21st Centuries from North Africa to Europe (18.5-million) and central America to North America (34.3-million) are a new development in demographics. These new movements are caused by modern communications, which informs people of poorer regions about the greater wealth and freedom in other places. The lack of crime is without doubt also a factor as is social freedom and a lack of war is another factor not unnoticed. Most demographically noticeable is, that the great majority of immigrants are male of military age. (18 to 30) But in North America there exists another issue, a movement within society of North America to induce legal as well as illegal immigration. George Soros and his OSF (Open Society Foundation) consisting of over 300 participants, has been actively inducing anyone they can find to come to America.  To these ends they have operative agents agitating for population movements in Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua as well as San Salvador. This is only understandable in the context of purpose. It is a well known fact that Hispanics by a majority of 87% vote politically left. On its face this does not make any sense considering that most are Roman Catholic. However the American Council of Bishops (Catholic Ecumenical Council) as well as The United States Council of Bishops, is tied to Soros and his groups. The Church has been losing parishioners at unprecedented levels, to fix that they have embarked on importing Roman Catholics from Central America and Mexico. In this endeavour they have become tied to Soros who's plan shares a similar outcome desire. The devil, as they say is in the details!

            The basic claim by proponents of immigration is that multiculturalism, internationalism and globalism benefits societies. This may be put down as the greatest lie of any century. It has been the Yiddish play-book for 2,000-years and has always been a lie. Historically the fall of Empires, and America is an Empire, has always been seated in three distinct issues; 1) The importation of foreign slaves, labor, population to meet claimed demand for workers and 2) the Empires requirements for more soldiers in foreign wars of conquest and 3) the need for younger workers to meet social costs of a growing and aging population’s support. Examples of this would be Babylonia, Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome and France, all of which failed due to multiculturalism. Lastly is the ludicrous assertion that the existing civilisation prospers through the inclusion of foreign and differing cultural and racial products. Considering that the average intelligence quotient of these immigrants is 20% below that of the indigenous population, the assertion can be put down as outrightly foolish.

            Through all of this we see the American progressive plan. Import more Hispanics who will fill the pews of Roman Catholic Churches and vote Democrat by a margin of over 85%. This resolves two national problems; Firstly to replace the millions of lost Roman Catholic parishioners and secondly to change the demographics of population to produce a majority of Democrat voters and turn America into a socialist paradise just like Venezuela, Cuba, Laos, North Korea and Zimbabwe. That’s why they don’t want a wall on the Mexican border. That’s why they want open borders. That’s why they want to offer free healthcare to immigrants. That’s the cause of the relentless diatribe of lies about illegal as well as legal immigration. The fact that all of this is the truth and is not racist, should also not be overlooked.


About the author:

Dr. Krieg is an inventor of 20 patents and author of over 30 bools. He worked for the USDC in the capacity of trade advisor for over 15-years. (CT/RI DEC) He has been quoted in over 1,500 academic papers in 2019 and was the AWS NATTCO award winner of the best welding invention in 1983, and had several book awards. A complete CV is available from www.a2zpublications.com/books/authors. Or Google Dr. Adrian H. Krieg on the Internet.

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