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The war within the DNC


The war within the DNC is becoming very obvious. The Party stalwarts have proven in Iowa that they will fix all elections in accordance with their own twisted ideas of democracy, having long ago forgotten that America, is in fact, a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. Anyone who has the mistaken idea that the people elect the president are suffering from delusion. To prove that point:

Iowa has a population of 3.154-million

By the 92% count, a Toal of 267,000 Iowans voted in the DNC caucuses.

Assuming that Republocrats are split about 50/50 there are 1.577 million Democrats in Iowa.

Only 16.9% of Iowa Democrats voted? And by a margin of over 50%, they voted for a communist or a homo? This would indicate that half of Iowa’s population is either queer or communist or both. I don’t believe it! This is why it has taken days to count less than 300,000 votes.


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