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Americans are in dire situation. Many of our people are hard pressed to pay their bills, don’t go out to movies because they can’t afford it, and a big night out is a burger at McDonalds. While all of us have had to tighten our belts and give up on steaks Obama boasts about spending a billion dollars on his re-election campaign. When one citizen questioned the rising food costs his response was “Get used to it”. When another person complained about the high cost of gasoline told him to “Get a more fuel efficient car”. This president acts like a landlord addressing miserable sharecroppers, and behaves like a novo-riche that just won the power ball. In just three and a half years, this man has taken 61 vacations, more than I took as a CEO in 37 years, and played hundreds of rounds of golf, I never had the time to learn the game, then to top that he spent $5.3 trillion borrowed money on the economy with no noticeable result. His wife, no slouch, takes Air force planes on vacation to India, Spain, Hawaii NYC, and Chicago and wherever she pleases on our dime. The White House has become the imperial circus, even Nero would be jealous; the only thing missing is a horse as senator, we do have any number of Asses in the executive.

Opulent vacations, 61 of them by latest count, Hollywood in the White House, command performances, sports outings, dinners in Manhattan and Chicago, the list is endless as are the expenses we are all forced to pay. No time in my lifetime of 12 presidents has any president ever spent so much on himself and his family, played so much golf or taken so many days off. Then there’s Michelle, the worst dressed first lady, representative of our country in its entire history. Over priced clothes that don’t fit, weird wigs, fashions more commonly found on 3rd avenue, spandex pants over a butt larger than the back end of a bus, the first couple paint a picture of the ultimate low class lottery winners. These people behave, as they are, uneducated and ignorant, if the shoe fits---. The media is replete with pundits telling us how this is the most intelligent president in American history, Einstein coined the phrase; “An idiot, is someone who does the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result” that my friends might be definition of Obama, however in consideration that America is purposely being destroyed he is doing a remarkable job. If these were his and his wife’s only faults, nobody would care; unfortunately they are but the tip of a president, who is in over his head, incapable of learning the job, and who covers up his faults with an arrogance and narcissism that is truly magnificent.

If this was only in the last days of this administration we could shrug it off, it is not. He publicly insulted the entire Supreme Court in a State of the Union Address, the Republican Party to which he was an invited lunch guest, and speaks to Americans as if they were a bunch of morons. This from a man with zero accomplishments, no business experience, without any commercial ability, whose high point was as a lecturer on Constitutional law, which he obviously knows nothing about, at the U. of Chicago law school. This is the first president in my memory incapable of giving a speech without a teleprompter. Oh, I almost forgot he was a Community Organizer, a Bolshevik Eh? Oh, you say he was in the Illinois Senate, well yes, but all he ever did was to vote present, actually understandable if you don’t understand what’s transpiring the best move is to stay neutral. .

I am no psychiatrist but would venture a guess that our president among his many attributes is unable to cope with criticism, which is an exclusive trait of arrogant narcissists, this was revealed in numerous encounters with media types who asked the wrong question, you know one that required thought for response. In some cases you simply can’t use a teleprompter on which Axelrod is able to provide the appropriate phrase.

One of our more able Congressmen is Representative Paul Ryan (R, WI) like an episode of Archie Bunker the president invited the congressman to sit in the front row and then proceeded to berate and insult him before the entire nation, even the progressive CNBC was put off.

I have heard many speeches by many presidents, some recorded some on film or TV, well over a 100 and I have never in my life seen a president tell blatant and obvious lies endlessly to anyone with a TV camera. I simply cannot believe that he is so ignorant that he does not know when he is lying, or that citizens will be in the know. When he’s not lying he’s engaging in class warfare, pitting black against white, rich against poor, hispanic against black, or catering to illegal’s. Obama is the most mendacious politician in American history, if not world history. He is deceitful especially to his black constituency that he treats like vote fodder. The dumber or less educated the person is the greater are the lies. “Obama Money”. Under his direct administrative acts young blacks have the highest unemployment in history, well over 50%, overall blacks who voted for him with an 87% plurality have national unemployment levels of over 30%. 47 million Americans are on food stamps. The percentage of poor in this administration as a percentage of population is higher than when LBJ instituted his “Great Society” and “War on Poverty” and that was in 1964, 48 years ago. Another four trillion down into the back hole.

And what of the media, they act as if Obama was the second coming of the Lord. They expose none of it; tolerate being spoken to as if they were idiots, never ever for fear of being chastised, ask any difficult questions, and in general behave as if he was the American employer not an elected politician. He can tell a boldfaced lie at a press conference and the entire media all the so-called journalists (“Presstitutes”) heads bob up and down just like dashboard dummies. Race is used like a blackjack against all opposition, be it from the left or right, Black, Hispanic or White and if that does not suffice lies, misrepresentation, fabrication of imaginary information and phony government statistics are brought to bear.

There has been no leadership from the president on any issue; it’s not difficult to understand, a leader demonstrates by example he has experience he has knowledge. The American presidency is a seriously difficult executive position that requires a leader of men, Obama was never in any military, has zero leadership ability and lacks the knowledge required to perform the duties of president as he has so ably demonstrated in his first term.

He told us that he would ”Fundamentally transform America” No one can claim that he is not doing so. The problem with the transformation being, that American’s are not interested in converting this nation into a socialist failure like Greece, Spain, Ireland, Italy, and Portugal all of which will be going belly up before the year is out. .

Outright lies include Obamacare that he promised would bring health insurance costs down. We are now all apprised of the fact that, 16,000 more IRS Obamacare workers, 30 million more Americans covered by government, a $300 million cut in Medicare contributions, increased taxes on medical instrument producers, insurance companies and the drug industry will produce severe doctor shortages, cost three trillion more than budgeted, and has already increased private insurance by over 40%, will improve healthcare, The latest cost estimate by congress estimates a 10-year cost when counting all the mandated services and taxes at $14.2 trillion. .

They spent over two trillion when interest for the borrowed funds is calculated, produced; nor shovel ready projects, no highway construction, no easing of credit for small business, and now we learned that in March 2012 the administration issued bridge building contracts for NY, CA, AK to China which will fabricate the bridges in China and then bring Chinese labor to America to install the bridges. He did bail out his largest by far campaign contributors the Banks, stock brokerage houses, insurance carriers and labor unions to the tune of essentially giving the American auto unions (UAW) the major share of GM stocks. PS GM has not repaid one cent and the government can’t sell their stock because they would lose billions. 

Unemployment when correctly calculate remains above 20% (ShadowStats ©) inflation at over 11%, Black youth unemployment at over 50%, Hispanic at over 44%. He promised an 8% unemployment level, using the A3P (American third Position Party) proposals that he has not even read, he could do that.

In foreign policy he has made America the second most hated nation in the world, has apologized to every foreign nation for everything but the Marshall Plan, which he is saving for his second term. On every foreign visit he has groveled before royalty and politicians alike presenting a front of unquestioning subservience. Relentlessly pandering to our enemies while insulting our allies, with the consequence of offending everyone and everything.

On Energy he deliberately closed the Keystone pipeline project, granted Columbia funds to build a refinery, funds Brazilian off shore drilling while closing it in the Gulf of Mexico, Refuses off shore drilling in the Atlantic, Pacific, Alaskan North slope, has EPA bloc shale oil production, and then plays the class warfare card by informing all that the petrochemical industry gets $4 billion in tax breaks neglecting to inform that the government collects over $400 billion in taxes from the same industry.  Losses for failed bankrupt green energy companies loans by Dr. Chu’s Energy Department are nor over $ 6.7 billion and continue to rise.

He got the banks out of the student loan business by telling us that the government can do better, and then promptly instituted programs allowing loan holders off the hook, granting government jobs to students that then are forgiven the outstanding loan and funded the entire project by printing more money out of thin air. The program in effect will cause education cost to rise sharply because the increased government subsidies will again allow colleges and universities to raise prices, already 14% above the total inflation costs, and pay edu-crats, who are already grossly overpaid even more.

He posted the two most left wing nut cases to the Supreme Court one of them is a member of La Raza (Hispanic supremacist) the other Belizean grove (Feminist and Lesbian supremacist) which I won’t even bother to comment on, save the fact that the Republicans are so pussy-whipped that they lacked the courage to challenge the appointments.

On defense he killed the F-22 at the time that China and Russia are both actively producing such a plane, he sent 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, he cut our missile defense programs, and he succeeded in forcing retirement on hundreds of staff officers from the military for the sole reason that they disagreed with Mr. Axelrod’s goofy ideas of national defense. Obama directly order Marines in Afghanistan to attend a speech by Defense Secretary Leon Penetta, ordering Major General Mark Gurganus to disarm the troops in a theater of war lest they shoot the ignorant ass of a defense secretary.

In Texas and around the nation Obama’s AG Holder has brought suite against states for requiring a photo ID to vote, Well, yes, you need one to drive, you need one to fly, you need on to enter government buildings, why the hell would we allow some unknown person the privilege of voting? Then the very same moron Holder bring suite against Arizona for implementing constitutionally mandated immigration laws that the Department of Justice refuses to enforce.

Non-one could possibly think that this man is this stupid. This is a plan; the plan is the destruction of America and turning it into a socialist if not communist state.

I could in fact continue for pages there is nothing the man has done in 3 ½ years that I find acceptable. Obama will go down in history as the worst president the country produced in its over 200-year history.


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