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The Green New Deal and other BS


It is not worth our time to waste to look into the convoluted progressive environmental delusions. But we can look at Spain the EU nation who has gone full bore into ludicrous Green programs. The highest unemployment in Europe, the highest energy costs in Europe and the sponsors of the latest looney climate summit, only after Brazil turned them down Chile had street riots because of higher energy costs France continued to have street riots because of the cost of gasoline and it was just too darn cold in eastern Europe. Gas in France is $6.16 per gal. USA $2.37, France chicken one pound $7.50 USA $1.53 France one beer $2.26 USA $1.16. This is called the price of socialism! This is what Sanders, Warren, Biden, Buttigieg, Bloomberg, Klobuchar, Yang, Steyer, all promise to give you if elected. Better think about that!

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