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The Tangled Net of Deceit


            History and by that, I imply real history, not the pablum of mainstream academics, reveals much interesting and hidden information. If we examine the events of the turn from the 19th to the 20th centuries we can begin to grasp the causes of our present Middle East situation.

            Much of all of this transpired during the presidency of the Woodrow Wilson administration, an academic neophyte in foreign affairs. To that problem, Wilson, brought his life-long friend Colonel E. M. House who unbeknownst to Wilson was the paid American political and social agent of the House of Rothschild for North America. This is no minor issue because it impacted many, to come, events, including the eventual establishment of Israel in 1948, as well as WWI and WWII. Wilson was in office from 1913 to 1921 an extremely turbulent time. The first World War began in July 1914 and ended on November 11,1918. Most Americans were opposed to any American participation in the war. In order to get America into the war in Europe, Wilson, organized the illegal transport of armaments on armed passenger steamers across the Atlantic. The RMS Lusitania had 1,959 passengers of which 1,198 were killed when the ship was torpedoed by U-20 of the German navy. Due to its hold being full of explosives the Lusitania sank in minutes. What to this day remains unreported is that the Lusitania was an armed merchant ship and was loaded to the gills with military hardware for England, a violation of international law. (1)

             America entered the fray on Feb 22 of 1917. As WWI ended with the armistice in late 1917 the “allies” prosed a 14-point solution. The solution was presented to the allied participants in the name of Woodrow Wilson. The only problem with the 14-point plan is, that it was written on behalf of the Rothschilds and given to Wilson by Col. House, who acquiesced the use of his name in presenting the plan. Whatever anyone says about the plan it was a load of dreamworld innuendo. It was not enforceable, unrealistic, and destructive of the German nation. Things like the end of the arms race, free international trade, giving the Alsace to France, giving the South Tyrol to Italy, breaking up the Ottoman Empire and providing Poland with a North Seaport. The last item contradicts the guarantee of the armistice to Germany to keep Danzig Eastern German Prussian, as a German open City. However as is most often the case, the minutia is in the small print.

            Not in the 14-points, but in subparagraphs; it forced Germany to sign a “War Guilt” clause, prohibit German and Austrian alliance, create a demilitarized zone between German and France administered by France, which seceded most German coal mines to France which made Germans work in the mines without proper pay, made Germany pay massive reparation DM132-billion in gold to the allies, (in todays money $3,034,952,551,724.00) restricted German military size, confiscated almost the entire remaining German navy, prohibited a German airforce, turned over much of German territory to the Leauge of Nations; that then seceded it to allied nations, gave the bulk of German rail stock and locomotives to France, confiscated almost all dairy cattle to France and England and thereby ensured the economic collapse of Germany. In other words the entire armistice was nothing but a Rothschild devised pan to permanently destroy Germany as a competitor to the British Empire, Belgian and French colonies. The WWI armistice was the prelude to the Weimar Republic; the resulting political dominance of the National Socialists in Germany and the then WWII.

            The failed Weimar Republic was based on the economies of Wilsons plan imposed on Germany by the allies. It prevented the formation of capital, causing the great German Hyperinflation of 1921 to 1924. Things were so bad that the Weimar government issued 100-billion banknotes. My father was in textile engineering college in Germany in that time, he told me about his father sending him a silver five frank coin monthly, that he would exchange for a full suitcase of 100-billion Mark notes. His roommates would ask for a hand-full of notes to go out for a beer and sausage. The outcome was, that the National Socialist Workers Party informed the people, why this had taken place and who was responsible; the result was the appointment of Adolph Hitler as chancellor. The price of goods in “Germany, rose in the three Weimar years, by over 1000%.

            All this brings us to the Balfour Declaration, that today is the reason for all the turmoil in the Levant. The declaration was sent from Arthur James Balfour but not signed in his official capacity, as Foreign Secretary, to Lord Rothschild as president of the World Zionist Federation. It was the betrayal of the Palestinians in more than one way. In WWI Turkey was allied with Germany the recently replaced new British commander of British Expeditionary Forces opposing Turkey and Germany was 1st Viscount Edmund Allenby. Allenby was fought to a standstill, outside Cairo Egypt, by Turkish  and German forces. His requests for more men were denied, because there were no more, all were in France. Allenby made a treaty agreement with Sherif of Mecca in 1915, who is the grandfather of the present king of Jordan, to grant Palestinians autonomy over the Levant in perpetuity, for their support of the allies, the Crown would grant the lands of the Levant in perpetuity to the Palestinians if they allied with the United Kingdom. This treaty was conveyed to London. This agreement was made sometime in Jan or Feb 1915. The Balfour Declaration issued to Rothschild as president ot the World Zionist Federation was issued in November 1917, or two years after Allenby had already given the same real estate to the Sherif of Mecca and all Palestinians. The British government thereby gave land and property that they never owned, first to the Palestinians and then to the zionists, in fact double-crossing their WWI allies in the process.

            In 1931 the World Zionist Federation gave a party at the Savoy Hotel in London. The president of the zionist’s Chain Weizmann was the impresario his most honoured guest was the New British Prime Minister David Lloyd George. George had replaced Herbert Asquith due to a well engineered by zionist cabinet crisis. This proved to be a God-sent for the zionist movement. George was a strong supporter of his foreign secretary Lord Balfour as well as the declaration and zionism. The basic British philosophy behind this was, the assumption, that the zionist-British alliance would prove advantageous to British foreign policy in the Middle East. In fact, through the British Mandate, that granted to the Crown, by the Leauge of Nations in Geneva, geographic, territorial control of what was then called Palestine & TransJordan, was wrested to the United Kingdom. The Mandate was based on Article 22 of the covenant of the Leauge of Nations, it ran through to May 15, 1948. With the then end of the British Mandate came the 1948 Middle East war between the residents of Palestine and the newly immigrated zionists from Europe.

            This was no ordinary war it was the first application of 4th generation warfare in the 20th century, which we today call terrorism. Zionists came to the Levant, in large numbers mostly from Eastern Europe and Russia, during and just before the Mandate. In order to gain control of the land and property of the indigenous population of Arabs and Palestinians the zionists resurrected the practices of the Assassins of Iran of the 10th to the 12th centuries, with a large number of terrorist organizations, whose function was to drive the indigenous population out of their homes, farms and businesses. These were; Brit HaKanim, Malchut Yisrael, Gush Emunim Underground, Lehava, Sikrikim, Neturei Karta, Kach, Kahane, Irgun, Stern gang, Haganah, there are in fact too many to name them all, but they succeeded by the end of 1948, in forcing over 700,000 Palestinians to exile. From 1920 to 1948 just over 6,000 Palestinians and British were murdered, from 1948 to 2014, 40,114 Christians and Muslims were murdered by the IDF. The greatest attack was on the King David Hotel in July 1946, that was the British mandate HQ by Irgun run by Menachem Begin (later made Israeli PM) killing 91 people. It is not erroneous to say, that the concepts of modern fourth generational warfare as is used today by the IDF and Palestinians was a zionist invention.

            One of the major problems that came out of the European powers (England & France) at the end of WWI was the artificial national boundaries of Middle East nations that were made by England, and France.

  1. (1) From the book “Dead Wake” The last crossing of the Lusitania by Erik Larson


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