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Washington abounds with dumb ideas


The very concept of a peace treaty is the participation of all the member nations that comprises the compacts attendance. The Jan 2020 deal between Trump and Netanyahu, both in trouble with their own constituencies, leaves the Palestinians out in the cold, they were not even invited. If that were only all—no, Trump gave away the Golan Hights that belong to Syria, and which was not his to give anymore then the Balfour Declaration gave England the right to give Palestine to the Jews. Then we changed our embassy to Jerusalem, a city that was by UN act to be an open city, to Israel. Now we learn that there will be no two state solution for the Levant and that instead the West Bank and the predominately Palestinian neighborhood of East Jerusalem will not be on the chopping block for further Israeli settlement. This plan like all the others from 1948 onward is driven by Jewish international banksters, who are the primary contributors to political campaigns here and in Israel.

This plans ultimate outcome, will be more trouble and war in the entire Middle East.


Dr. Adrian H. Krieg

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