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WWII - some missing history and the aftermath


Peter Arnold


            Why was there a WWII, what caused it? Who was responsible? These are serious questions that now 75-years later still impact Western Civilization. Academic historians avoid this topic like the plague, truth could be injurious to their academic careers. The short but incomplete answer is American president Woodrow Wilson. The hidden in background causes of the WWII was the foundation of the CFR (1) in 1921; shortly after the Wilson established 14-point armistice agreement forced on Germany. The run up, to the establishment of CFR, was “The American Commission To Negotiate the Peace” consisting of 21 men, all appointed by Wilson, including many academics. (2) The commission imposed the 14-point armistice on Germany; (In Jan and Dec. 1919) (3) whose plan was the economic and social disintegration of the German nation. Going back to who was responsible for WWII, we must consider Col. Edward Mandell House, who was the social political agent of the London based Rothschild banking empire and the closest friend of President Woodrow Wilson. House was the secret agent of the Rothschilds, who were the real authors of the 14-point armistice. The Jewish Diaspora had been moved to London in the 1880s, by 1881 the Jewish population of London had swollen to over 65,000. The fact that Jews, in general, undermined the German war effort of WWI is not exclusive to the debate. It is what in reality was, the foundation of Jewish/German friction culminating in the Weimar Republic. To clarify the 14 point WWI armistice agreement was written by the Rothschilds in London in 1918 and conveyed to president Wilson via colonel Edward Mandell House in Washington. (4) WWII ensued beginning in March of 1933, when the diaspora London England newspaper (5) declared an embargo on all German goods and declared in headline, “Judea Declares War on Germany”. (5) Bear in mind that in accordance with international law a universal boycott of any nation by another is a declaration of war by itself and that this was a scant 54-days after Adolph Hitler was made Chancellor by German Weimar Republic (6) president Paul v. Hindenburg. This was years before any Nazi action against Jews, which in reality is miss-information because, all of the NSDAP (7) opposition communist movement was run and managed by Jews. (8)

            Why did the diaspora declared war on Germany less than three months after Hitler was made chancellor? An interesting question to ponder. After WWI Germany was basically bankrupt, as was England and France. The Rothschild’s had money and was more than just willing to loan it out. France and England opted for a Rothschild bailout, Germany did not! Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht, was the co-founder of the Center Right German Democratic Party in 1918. They were an oppostion party to the NSDAP (9) by 1933 Hitler asked Schacht, who had been Currency Commissioner in the Weimar Republic, to become president of the Reichsbank (1933-39) Schacht had a plan that did not require borrowing money from the Rothschild banking monopoly, which was to base the value of the Riechsmark on a collection of German home and commercial mortgages as collateral for the issuance of currency. This was wildly successful allowing Germany as the only participant in WWI out of Rothschild banking control of their economy. This angered  Walter Rothschild 2nd Baron (10) who had the diaspora Newspaper Daily Express declare war on Germany. Hostilities agasinst Germany were maintained from 1933 to the end of WWII (1945) by the Jewish banksters.

            Why did the NSDAP arrest and incarcerate so many Jews between 1933 and 1944, who represented about half of the interned in concentration camps? This is another question that has to a large extent not been addressed. The entire world communist movement from 1919 onward was Jewish. In fact the modern foundations of Communism are Jewish in nature. Marx, Engles, Lenin, Trotzki, Luxemburg, Liebknecht, Bebel and Plekhanov, were all Judaists. Beginning in 1900 to her death in 1919 Rosa (Rozailia) Luksenburg (Luxemburg) and Karl Liebknecht who also passed in 1919 were paid by the Soviets (Stalin) agents who organized the communist party of Germany and ran most labor unions especially those of government employees. The KAPD was thereafter from 1919 to 1933 run by the communist Antifaschistische Aktion (Antifa movement) after the assassination of Leo Jogiches Paul Levi became the Party leader. The other six members were all judaists. There was little difference in Russia where the Soviet Central Committee consisted of 67 men 64 of which were Judaists, and three were married to Jewesses. The communist parties of England, Italy, France, Poland, America and Czechoslovakia were all led by Judaists. From Colonel Robert Mandell House to Joshua Bolton most warmongers have been jews. In this 21st century I call them ziocons. (11) They have been responsible for every war America became involved in since the end of WWII.

            Another question that has been ignored by mainstream historians is why did the Second World War last so long? (12) Even 75-years after the end of the war the USSR remains as an enigma to most people. Progressives continue to try to mystify Soviet Russia because it is a massive embarrassment of progressive government. The German NSDAP (Nazi Party) remains totally vilified by the holocaust fable, which has permeated all victors of the wars histories to the point of civil disintegration. The fact that the Soviets liquidated 66-million Russian Orthodox Christians, destroyed over 900-monasteries, and sent over 1000 Christian Orthodox Priests to Siberia where they were worked to death, has been lost from history books, supplanted by a fictitious 6-million fable. (14) Likewise the Katyn Forrest Massacre (13) in which the entire Polish Roman Catholic officer corps was murdered by the NKVD (15) is never mentioned, because the bulk of NKVD officers were Jews.

            The Second World War was lengthen by Churchill's refusal to repeatedly accept German war termination and resolution of the conflict. German troops had decidedly defeated French and English forces terminating in the battle of Dunkirk. (1940) From May 26 to June 4 Hitler allowed the British/French alliance, which had lost 61,774 soldiers, to evacuate all remaining troops to England, while his forces could have easily prevented that. We learn from Adam Tooze, a Jew, and mainstream historian, in his over 900-pages book (16) “We are thus left with the truly vertiginous conclusion that Hitler went to war (actually defended Germany from British and French aggression) in Sept. 1939 without any coherent plan as how to defeat the British Empire, his major antagonist”. Obviously wrong, Germany tried to defend its own citizens in Danzig and surrounding German communities from Polish aggression, of which he had warned the Polish Government repeatedly. Danzig (17) was a Hanseatic City since the later 11th century that was granted to Germany, in the WWI Armistice in perpetuity. Hitler had demanded that anti-German aggression by Poland end and that the Poles would allow a rail corridor to the city of Danzig through Poland. The Poles refused because they wanted a North Sea port that was well established. England was not a mutual antagonist with Germany in 1939. The French and British governments both were distressed by rapid German development both economically as well as militarily, which they viewed as challenging their mutual world trade and economic superiority. Proof that the commencement of WWII was exactly what is vested in the fact that Germany attacked Poland on September 1, 1939, and Soviet Russia followed that Polish invasion on Sept 17th of the same year. Between those two dates on Sep 3rd 1939 France and England declared war on Germany, which was not followed with a war declaration with Russia; instead a military alliance with Soviet communist Russia. To this we must add the treaties that had been set up for the purpose of war by everyone involved; Germany and Soviet Russia and England and France with Poland. (18)

            This brings us to Winston Churchill, who was made Prime Minister on May 10, 1940, surely one of the evilest men of world history. It was Churchill, as a war corespondent in the 2nd Boer War, in South Africa (19) who suggested to Lord Roberts and Lord Kitchener the British commanders, who were stuck in a quagmire, the tactic of rounding up, Boer women and children and place them into (new word and process) Concentration Camps and deprive them of food and shelter and thereby force their sons and husbands to surrender. It was Churchill who established the colonial policies in India as PM that resulted in the starvation of 4-million Bengal, women and children, in the British Afghan-war, Churchill said, “All who resist will be killed without quarter. We filled up the wells…cut down the shade trees, burned their crops, destroyed the seed, and broke up their reservoirs”. (The exact policy of US president Lincoln carried out by general Sherman in the American war of Northern Aggression 35-years earlier) In Dec. 1944 as the allies penetrated Greece, Churchill had 28 Greeks shot in the street and 128 wounded. Prior to the end of WWII Churchill went on to commit war crimes in India, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Kenya, the Levant, South Africa as well as Saudi Arabia, in fact everywhere in the commonwealth except Canada, Australia and New Zealand in which he had no aggressive opponent. (In fact Churchill can be compared with today’s American Ziocon Joshua Bolton both are war-mongers extraordinaire’) All that was followed by Churchill’s and Eisenhower's unwarranted bombing of Dresden, on Feb. 13th to 15th, just 19-Days before German Surender in April 1945. There was no military objective in Dresden, the entire city was full of women and children who had escaped from the Eastern Front. The fire bombings in several waves, over 72-hours, resulted in over 250,000 civilian casualties, making it the second most egregious war crime of WWII. (20)

            This brings us to the repeated efforts by Hitler to ally America, England and France in a war against communist Soviet Russia. (21) This effort failed due to several reasons. The first of which is; the indebtedness of Winston Churchill to the Rothschild banking monopoly. Churchill was not only an alcoholic, but also a gambler who consistently lost. Rothschild purchased all Churchills debt notes and thereby controlled him. FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) had been in Judaists pockets for decades, resulting in Jewish control of the American as well as British delegations of the tripartite, Soviet/American/British alliance. On FDRs political associations it is worth while to read president Hoovers book “Freedom Betrayed”. As before written Soviet Russia was from 1920 onward a Jewish controlled government in which over 95% of the ruling participants were either Jews or married to Jews. Consequently the three primary members of the allied opposition to Nazi Germany were all controlled by Jews, whose primary efforts were directed to the effort to restrain German economic expansion.

            On Sept 30 but dated the 29th of 1938 A treaty was signed in München by Germany, France, Italy and England which allowed Germany to annex the Sudetenland a section of Czechoslovakia that was over 96% populated by Germans. In 1937 negotiations with Poland about Danzig and its over 408,000 German national residents was in full operation. Poland then for unknown reason, withdrew from the meetings, that had been ongoing for over ten months. In September of 1938 Poles murdered 58,000 German nationals in and about Danzig. Polish Marshal Rydz-Smigly was reported in the London based paper “Daily Mail” to have said; “Poland wants war with Germany and Germany will not be able to avoid it even if she wants to” The Polish army was substantially larger than the German one but primarily not mechanised nor schooled in Jäger Blitzkrieg. Attempts at peace with France and England were constant from 1940 onward, this to the extant that Hitler specifically forbade any bombardment of civilian targets in England. Germany only bombed London after Churchill ordered the bombing of Berlin. On May 4, 1941 Hitler and Hess had a long meeting in which Hess asked Hitler if he also wanted to institute a new alliance with France and England against communist Soviet Russia. (22)

            Rudolph Hess began to make his preparations to fly to Scotland to the estate of the Duke of Hamilton of the “Anglo-German Fellowship Association”, shortly after his May 4th meeting with the Führer. He had his personal Bf110 Messerschmidt fighter, stripped of all armaments and outfitted with additional fuel tanks. He departed Germany on May 10th 1941 at 5:30PM. He navigated to within a ten miles of the Hamilton estate and parachuted as his plane was out of fuel and he could not locate an appropriate landing site. Hess was carrying a letter to King George VI. (23) There is overwhelming evidence that the British Royals wanted peace with Germany, but that the Judaists in London wanted the total destruction of Germany by an alliance of what was to be called the Allies. Unfortunately, Hess was captured and he and his letter was not delivered to the King but to Churchill. The letter outlined a plan including; The military release of Greece, the withdrawal fo the Africa Corps, the release of France and the establishment of a Vichy French democracy and a joint British, French, German alliance against Soviet communist Russia. Churchill had Hess locked up in solitary confinement eventually transferred to Spandau prison where he was murdered by a American soldier on August 17, 1987. Witness to a letter written by Hess to Hitler, Karlheinz Pintsch, (25) stated that Hitler was not the least bit surprised by Hesse’s letter, when it was delivered to him. In other words Hitler was fully aware of Hesse’s flight and plan. Churchill's treacherous act was to prolong WWII by four years, involve America in the war, and result in the deaths of 1,115,135 allied soldiers and untold numbers of civilians. Never mind 75 years of cold-war between East and West.



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