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An Open Letter to Speaker of the House Nanci Pelosi


Madam Speaker,
           Today I received your undated letter. I will forgo filling out the enclosed survey because it is obviously just an effort to extract money from unsuspecting suckers. For a woman who has a net worth of over $120-million to ask an octogenarian on Social Security, to send her money is beyond the pale. I write this in full understanding that your competition is doing the same thing—but, they are at least working hard for the people, while you waste millions on ridiculous impeachment efforts. For the last three years your progressive Party has done nothing for the people and exerted all efforts to regain more power, that you will then misuse as you have done ever since you regained majority in the House.
           The statements you make in your letter are not just lies, they are stupid lies, and we the people are not that stupid!
           Your flier about healthcare is not based on facts, but is the motivating background of your entire false narrative. Your candidates for 2020 have all stated that they want universal one payer healthcare that is in fact the position of the DNC. To accomplish that would cost about $62-trillion in the first ten years or $5.166-trillion per year. To add to that all of your braindead candidates support “The Green New Deal” whose estimated cost is about $104-trillion in the first ten years or $10.4-trillion per year. Then along came another fool, Bloomberg who announced on Jan 17.2020 that if elected, he would mandate the end of fossil fuels by 2035, the total cost cannot be calculated, but that is an industrial impossibility, the entire world lacks the industrial capacity to accomplish that pipe dream. Aside from the costs, which are obviously to any 4th grader, are impossible to nationally sustain, all of these proposals would achieve massive unemployment, economic deprivation, and the end of life as we know it, due to the elimination of electric power. If only that were all, but it’s not. The obsession with sex has resulted in the activists effort to elect; Black Women, LGBTQ Women, Muslim Women, Disabled Women, Jew Women, Latina Women, what can a man say—we already live in a matriarchy, I guess that that’s not enough. Further plans include; elimination of the Trump tax cuts, forgiving college debt, the elimination of private insurance companies, the conversion of 160-million American’s healthcare plans to government, 100% clean energy by 2050, rejoining the Paris climate accord, repairing the national infrastructure, stop all mining operations of federal lands, equal opportunity laws by EO, hire a public school teacher as sec. of ed, ending the Muslim Ban in immigration (there is no such thing) rescind every single thing Trump has done, elimination of the 2nd amendment, curtailment of the first amendment, reverse the ban on transgenders in the military, repeal thew Trump jobs act, appoint only Democrat progressive judges, these are the major things the DNC now stands for! Just to place all of that into perspective; our present national debt is about $22-trillion, we as a nation spend one trillion more than we collect in taxes every year. These proposals would inflate our national annual budget to $20.166-trillion above the presently existing national debt every single year for the coming ten years. This would result in an on the books national debt, of over $220-trillion and the loss of over 22-million private sector jobs, by 2030—Nancy, we are no that stupid—tell your followers to go to Walmart and purchase a $15 calculator, and use it, before they again open their pie traps!
           If these things come to pass; it will make our economy look like a girl scout picnic compared to the “Great Depression” of 1929-31.
Advice is not that hard to come by:
Dr. Adrian H. Krieg CMFGE

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