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William Casey, Feb 1981 as CIA Director said: 

         “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the public believes is false.” 


         It behooves all, to remember our history, and more exactly the history of wars that killed millions of White Christians. Why do you think history has basically been removed from education, in America as well as Germany, France, and England? In that venue’; it is equally important to know who financed all the wars and for what reason they financed them. Noticeable is the fact that mainstream historians avoid this topic like the plague. The reason for academics reluctance identifying warmongers and war financiers is that they are cowards, fearing above all, the PC police. (Loss of Tenure and academic prestige) The onset of financial control of America is seated at the beginning of the revolutionary war in Massachusetts. Contrary to public opinion, based on academic falsehood, the war did not ensue due to “taxation without representation” It began with over 800 British troops sent out to confiscate all colonially owned firearms. Our modern story begins with the American war of Independence, in which the British military was supplied with Hessian troops provided by the Landgrave of Hessen, at the time the richest man in Europe, whose factor was Mayer Amschel Rothschild (Real name Bauer) who made on average 34% profit on every soldier provided to the British crown. It was to become the basis of the Rothschild fortune. The Rothschild clan went on to finance Napoleon (France) as well as England, Spain, Italy, Austria, Sicily, Holland, and Prussia in the Napoleonic wars. (all sides) Then they lied to the people of England and told them that Duke of Wellington (England) & his ally Leberecht v. Blücher (Prussia) lost to Napoleon at Waterloo; causing the English capital markets to collapse, whereupon Rothschild’s agents bought every stock and share on the market at 10-pence to the Pound; along with the Bank of England. 

         Then in the early 20th century, Jacob Schiff financed Japan in the Sino-Russian war with the US $350,000,000 (10-billion 220-million in today's money) raised from unsuspecting bond buyers at the NY stock exchange, in effort to destabilize the Russian Tzar. It was the setup for the Russian Revolution, which in fact, was a Judaist Bolshevik invasion, financed by Jacob Schiff, in New York and Lionel de Rothschild out of London. Then in the middle of WWI, Jacob Schiff financed Vladimir Lenin from his exile in Zürich, through Berlin and to St. Petersburg in a sealed train of gold, guns, and munitions and Judaist mercenaries; that included a healthy load of gold from the Kaiser. An agreement had been reached between the Kaiser’s agents, with Lenin and Trotzki, that all Russian troops on the German Eastern Front would be withdrawn; and that Alexander Kerensky leader of the newly established Russian Republic and the new constitution, would be killed and the Constitution destroyed. Later Jacob Schiff also financed Leon Trotsky from his exile on New York’s, Rivington Street, to St. Petersburg Russia, which promptly resulted in Trotzki’s self imposed exile, to Mexico and his eventual assassination, on Jan 5, 1925, by Lenin’s agents; competition not being a strong communist point. This Judaist/Schiff treason of Lenin’s return resulted in well over 2-million killed American, French and British soldiers because it released all German Troops from the Eastern Front, extending WWI for another year. 

         Historians claim that WWI was caused by the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, the Duchess of Hohenberg June 28, 1914, in Sarajevo, who were the heirs of the Astro-Hungarian empire. It was the triggering event, but a short 10-years earlier, the “Black Hand” had deposed and then murdered King Alexander I of Serbia. The Black Hand was always financed by Rothschild and the Arch Duke, and his wife’s killer was a Black Hand member. 

         Shortly thereafter came WWII, which was caused by fear in France and England of German scientific and industrial predominance in Europe. To those ends, England made a mutual defense treaty with Poland that could be enacted anytime any German troops entered Poland — considering events of the old German Hanseatic City of Danzig, German vs. Polish aggression was a forgone conclusion. Then Germany made a treaty with Russia the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in which Russia would invade Poland if Germany invaded Poland and that they would equally share the spoils of conquest. The diaspora HQ had already been moved to London, and the London/Paris Rothschilds, together with the Sterns & Wendels of France, combined with the Judaists in New York of, Goldman, Sachs, Lehman, Lazard, Weinbergs, Warburg (NY and the Low countries in Europe) to control of all of the Western world’s finance had already taken place. The plan was to destroy Germany and end its predominance in the industry; the simple retort is that the Germans are industrious, and the frogs are lazy, and the Brits are badly ruled. That did not change, and so, between WWI and WWII during the Weimar Republic, the Judaist Soviets under Stalin tried to take over Germany, with their two puppets, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht both Judaists both employed by Stalin’s Central Committee. From 1910 to 1930, Rosa and Karl ran the entire unionized German and Austrian labor pool and inflicted all possible damage on Germany and Austria. Strikes continued month after month. Public transportation was halted; people could not get to work. The armistice, which concluded European hostilities between the Western allies and the Austrians, Germans, Turks, Serbs, Portugal, Romania, Montenegro, and seven others of WWI, was designed to destroy Germany economically, which succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of US president Wilsons 14-point armistice plan. It was the product of Rothschild introduced to Wilson by his friend Colonel House. Germany was destitute, its industries destroyed, the Weimar Republic was a depraved whorehouse, run by Judaists. Prostitution, pornography, homosexuality, and theft were institutionalized, just as is being done in San Fransisco today; through Soros and OSF financing of progressive politicians. 

         WWI and WWII were an economic exercise to gain economic power for the Judaists of England and France and the elimination of Germany and its allies, Austria and Turkey as a competitor. However, as George Orwell put it, “The people will believe what the media tells them they believe!” The relevance of that being that, like in the Weimar Republic, the wool is firmly pulled over the citizens eyes, today as it was then. 

         Winston Churchill, one of the men who had been instrumental in the invention of and development of concentration camps in the Boer wars of South Africa, was a journalist attached to British forces in the British conquest of South Africa. Churchill’s plan presented to British commander Frederick Sleigh Roberts was simple, the Crown was losing against the Boer’s, so the British would round up all the Boer women and children put them into concentration camps and deprive them of food and shelter, in fact starving them to death and forcing the Boers to surrender to save their families. The very same process was employed by Eisenhower in 1945 against German POW’s, killing over 2.5-million of them, after Germany surrendered to the allies, only in Eisenhower’s case is was mere vindictive hate. Churchill always led from behind, with British disasters like Gallipoli and the first ever air bombings of German civilian cities, which resulted in the retaliatory German Blitz against London. In the time between the wars, Churchill became greatly indebted for his gambling debts, whose markers were bought up by Rothschild, who thereafter totally controlled Churchill for all future time to his death. Meanwhile, FDR (Roosevelt) the American president, as is shown in Pres. Herbert Hoovers book “Freedom Betrayed” was a closet communist. This is further verified by the OSS that, like France’s Marquis, was also communist to the core and why president Truman disbanded the OSS at the end of the war, setting up its replacement the CIA. France and England declared war on Germany fulfilling the 1933 war declared by the London diaspora and let the Judaist Soviet Russian Bolsheviks off the hook. The Germans actually had cause to invade Poland, because the WWI armistice had made Danzig and surrounding territory, which had been a German Hanseatic Leauge City since the 11th century, declared an open Germany City in the armistice agreement and was under German rule. Russia did the exact same thing that the Germans did, but without any provocation or reason, due to Danzig being under Polish siege, which justified German actions against Poland, while the Soviet act was pure conquest for the Soviet Empire. America, France and England then allied themselves with the Soviets (Stalin) one of the two nations who had violated Poland. From 1940 to 1941 Hitler made numerous peace proposals to Churchill his last was deputy Führer Hess who had a treaty proposal for an alliance between England, America, France and Greece, against the Soviets. Churchill destroyed to offer and the Allies in-prisoned Hess until he was finally murdered by an American guard on August 17, 1987. Proof of that is that Hess was kept in solitary confinement for 46-Years to prevent information of his offer being released to the public. (Remember that the Crown has been controlled by the Rothschilds since June 19th 1815. (Day after Waterloo) 

         The Dutch European colony of Kaapstad created in 1652 was taken over in 1884 by Judaists of London after gold and diamonds were found in South Africa. There was one family in particular the Joel’s whose three sons Jack, Wolf and Solomon predominated early gold and diamond mining interests. By 1900 the London diaspora was in full control of South Africa. By the end of the 18th century Judaist populations in RSA were Johannesburg 50,000, Cape Town 17,000 and Pretoria 3,000. South Africa, which in 1800 was a predominantly White nation was quickly changed as the new Judaist, lords of London, imported hundreds of thousands of Blacks from central Africa for labor in the gold and diamond mines. After all, those Judaists were not going to do any manual labor in the mines and dirty their hands! 

         In Jan 1919 the German population had, had enough of communist Antifa terror, paid for by Moscow, and the movement toward the (DAP) NSAP (Nazionalsozialistische Arbeiter Parti) accelerated. In 1933 Adolph Hitler was appointed Chancellor, by Paul Ludwig Hans Anton v. Beneckendorf u. v. Hindenburg. Less than 90-days later the London Diaspora newspaper Daily Express on March 24, 1933, declared war on Germany and an embargo on all German produced goods. The simple reason for the war declaration was, that Hitler refused to borrow money from Rothschild and instead settled on Hjalmar Schacht recommendation, based the value of the Reichsmark, on a bundle of German mortgages. The fact that the London Rothschilds controlled the Lamestream London Express is not to be overlooked. Noticeable is the fact, that in March of 1933 no movement against Jews by the NSAP had been made, even though the entire communist movement, from 1910 to present day is led by Judaists, who were the opposition party to the NSAP. In fact communists, are by great majority Judaists, who continued to attempt to destabilise the new NSAP government. Noticeable is; that the banner of the Antifa movement of 1932 is a circle with two flags on which is written Antifaschistische Aktion and the 21st century Antifa banner is identical, but for the translation of the words to Antifascist Action. Then as now, the Antifa movement is communist. This is verified by the Antifa banners in the Charlottesville Virginia riots, that on the bottoms had the CPUSA slogan “Workers of the World”. While Rothschild, Stalin and Schiff financed the Antifa movement of the 20’s & 30’s; George Soros (Geörgy Schwartz) and his OSF finances of the antifa and other anti-capitalist movements of this century. 

         Considerations today revolve around Senator Bernie Sanders (C.VT) who got married in communist Soviet Russia and went on his honeymoon in Castros’s communist Cuba. The fact that Sanders is a full blown communist should not escape anyones attention in America. Like Vladimir Lenin,(Ulyanov) Leon Trotsky, (Yanovsky) Gustav Halenberg (Gus Hall of CPUSA) none ever held a job, all lived off society, all are societal leeches. 

         The armistice of WWI was the 14-point agrement presented by Colonel House who was the American political agent of the London Rothschilds, and the alter-ego of US president Woodrow Wilson, The presented program was so onerous that it would ensure the economic collapse of Germany, which was the plan. The plan originated in London’s Park Lane in Mayfair (at Seamore Place) owned by Alfred de Rothschild. 

         By 1945 at the end of WWII the Judaists controlled the financial operations of France, Germany, England, Italy, South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, America and Russia. Judaist financial control was consummated at The Mt. Washington Inn of NH at the Bretton Woods Conference of the 44 victor nations and 730 delegates. It established the Keynesian monetary system as presented by homosexual John Maynard Keynes and his personal friend and communist spy Harry Dexter White, as the lead American representative. Henry Morgenthau also a US delegate, and Keynes both Representing the Rothschild/Rockefeller axis Fabians, saw to the enactment of Fabian monetary policies that have so badly troubled the world ever since 1945. All were to be plaid off against each other for the duration of the “Cold War” that only ended with Ronald Reagan in November 1989 and the pull-down of the Berlin wall. The Judaist cold war instigators earned much mammon in the preceding cold war, financing the military industrial complexes, of which Eisenhower spoke, on all political and national sides. The Fabian finance system has survived through today. 

         From the French Revolution, Napoleonic wars, the American revolution, the American War of Northern Aggression, the Spanish/American war in Cuba, the Boer wars, WWI and WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and to all the wars in the Middler East, (Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, as well as Afghanistan) all were organized and financed by the same tribe. Not to be forgotten is the opium production of Afghanistan that was ended by the Taliban and then promptly resurrected by America’s invasion and Afghan wars, that was promised to get rid of the Taliban. This was nothing but a repeat of the British East India Company Afghan/China opium business, that culminated in the Boxer Rebellion in China. (1899 to 1901) An outsider would think that the opium business was supported by the US government—and they would be right. Lest we forget China is no different; Mao Tse Dung’s political advisor was tribe member Sidney Rittenberg, who died in July 2019 at age 98 and Mao like Stalin killed over 100-million of his own people. In China Rittenberg’s recommendation was to establish a managed by Mao, communist State. Not to be forgotten is the American war against Colonel Gaddafi, who was killed and Libya destroyed, because Gaddafi had introduced the “Gold Dinar” as currency for oil trades, that the Rothschilds did not like so they had Hillary get rid of the problem, in return the NYC banksters gave Hillary $25-million for her failed presidential attempt.  

         That then brings us to the Gulf wars, that were again organized by the same people. The world was sold the lie about “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. (A Tavistock Phrase based on the lies of 9-11 propagated by the Mossad) The Gulf war was sold to an unsuspecting world that Iraq was somehow involved in 9-11 by US four star general “Colon” Powell to the UN General Assembly, VP Dick Cheney and president G. W. Bush in national speeches. The fact later proven, that there were no weapons of mass destruction, and even more relevant that no Iraqis or Afghans were ever involved in the 9-11 attack has continued to be suppressed. Not to be overlooked is the fact that almost all of the 9-11 perpetrators were Saudi Arabians, all were Wahhabi Sunni Islamists and our new great devil in the Middle East is Iran, which is over 90% Shia Islamist that has been in opposition to Wahhabis since the 8th century AD. 

         The 17-American state security agencies and the Mossad, were as Italian ex-president Gladio Francisco Cossiga stated complicit in 9-11 who said that it was an inside job. The usual CIA produced lie about “Conspiracy Theories” a phrase invented by the CIA in 1967, to discredit opposition research, is now commonly used to discredit the thousands of Architects and Engineers that do not believe the 9/11 Commission fable. Passed Italian President Cossiga said: “Osama Bin Laden in esso ‘confessa’ che Al Qaeda sarebbe stato l’autore dell’attentato dell’11 sebtembre alle due torri in New York, menter tutti gli ambienti democrati d’America e d’Europa, con in prima linea quelli del centrosinistra italiano, sanno ormai bene che il disastoso attentato é stato pianificato e realizzato dalla Cia americana e dal Mossad con l’aiuto del mondo sionistra per mettere sotto accusa i Paesi arabi e per nidurre le potenze accidentali ad intervenire sia in Iraq sia in Afghanistan”. 


See the logos at end of document:

The communist Antifa movement that had developed beginning in the early 1920’s was eventually made State Policy in East Germany. (GDR 1948 to 1990) In 1961 when the Berlin Wall was called Antifaschistisher Schützwand. Modern Antifa became a common group in the early 80s in association with the old East German communist party (KPD) combined with the Bunten and Grünen (Gay’s and Greens) in Germany. 


         We all recall that on 9-11-2001, NORAD the North American Air Defence System was shut down. Not a single interceptor was launched in the 20 minutes that the hijackings were known. The security systems on all hijacked planes airports, were run by Israeli owned security companies, and less than five men per aircraft were able to overcome over 100 people with box cutters and open locked cockpit doors without tools or a key. The five arrested by the FBI as Israeli Mossad agents in New Jersey, later deported, set up their filming equipment 40-minutes before the 9-11 event took place, on the roof of a known Mossad owned furniture moving company in NJ. And worst of all the FBI knew who did 9-11 when they deported 5 Israelis in 2001 and a total of 120 in 2002 and more in 2003 and 2004 all of which were identified as Mossad operatives. (History Commons 9-11 Spy ring in US) 

         This in fact leaves us with only one unanswered question, who in this century is making US foreign policy and to what ends are they doing it. The who is simple; they are the dual national Ziocons: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Richard Ledeen, Scooter Libby, Stephen Bryen, David Frum, Robert Kagan, David Wurmser, Dov Zakheim, Heinrich Kissinger, Norman Podhoretz, Eliot Abrams, Donald Kagan, Frederick Kagan, Daniel Pipes, Eliot Cohen, Bill & Irving Kristol, Max Boot, James Schlesinger, Marc Grossman and Joshua Bolton. The reason they are doing it will require you to go on the internet and pull up the nine page Oded Yinon Plan, as translated by Israel Shahak, which is the plan for Eretz Yisrael (Greater Israel) which is: A plan in nine pages to completely destroy the Middle East (Levant) and then to rebuild the entire area as “Greater Israel” in part, using the United States military as their surrogate army, as was done in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan and has been in progress in Syria and Lebanon since 1948, and is being used to deport thousands of Arabs out of Gaza and the West Bank to Europe. Conversely it also meets another Judaist goal, destroying Caucasians, which are less than 10% of world population, as the leading social and racial group of the world, who by majority opposes Judaist rule.



Dr. Krieg’s books are available from www.A2ZPublications.com his free newsflashes are also available from the same site.

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