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           Have you given any thoughts to the Trump impeachment circus, why are the progressives so anxious to impeach him? I have thought a lot about that, and having written much about the Clinton Foundation, Bill and Hillary, I came up with a theory—what do you think about this?

           I think it is a reasonable assumption in Jan 2020 to say; that if the economy holds up for the rest of this year that Trump will be reelected by a landslide. After all, among Republicans, he has a 95% approval margin, and the fence straddlers are now by the majority in the Trump camp. That indicates another four years!

           There is now some revealing information about the 2016 election, and who was paying whom and how much? Obviously, by his admission Hunter Biden, Joe's son, was collecting about $85,000 per month as a director of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company. When queried about his position at Burisma Hunter said, it was because his last name is Biden. End of that story. Just so that Dem's will understand, Hunter was appointed to the board of directors of Burisma but did not speak Russian or Ukrainian, had no fossil fuel experience, was not a geologist or engineer, had been thrown out of the military for cocaine addiction—and what have you. When after a trip to China on air force 2 with papa, Hunter was given a $1.5-billion contract to make investments on behalf of China in America; all were amazed. Hunter has no venture capital experience—I won't even go to Rumania, nor will I go to Joe's brother James who also used the Biden name for leverage in shady finance dealings! To sum up, the Biden's, what a bunch of grafters!

           Joe Biden was the point man for Obama in the Ukraine, Rumania, and China, and it somehow strikes me as peculiar that Hunter Biden profited hugely in all those nations. Joe, in fact, by his own admission, told the Burisma CEO that Hunter would be an excellent addition to the Burisma board of directors. Joe also told the new Ukrainian president to drop the investigation of Burisma and to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor, or he would withhold the over one billion dollars promised foreign aid. That, by the way, is called extortion, and it is a federal crime.

           Well, there we are—not quite. It seems that the Clintons and their foundation, the Clinton Foundation had more money donated to them by Ukraine than from China, England, France, or Saudi Arabia, and that's a lot of mammon. This poses the question, why would an insignificant former Soviet enclave' be donating millions to the Clinton Foundation. Well, that little country was on America's donor books for billions, and coincidentally Hillary was Sec. of State, and the DNC presidential candidate—well, that had absolutely nothing to do with any of the financial machinations between the American and Ukrainian governments and the Clinton Foundation, did it? The undeniable fact being that the Clinton's and all their DNC friend's wallets got very fat from 2014 to 2016. Then along came Trump. He said, "I'm going to clean up the swamp." Consider now, that all these Clinton hangers on will be indicated in one of the largest cases of payola and graft in American history, they will go to any lengths to prevent this information from becoming public.

           Picture a huge iceberg in the North Atlantic, now see the top four inches, and consider that all the rest above and below the water line is about to be exposed. I have been pontificating about the criminal Clinton Foundation for over ten years and can assure you that it is the largest criminal operation in American history. Cover-ups, by the way, are nothing new. The Clinton Foundation neglected to file income tax returns for five years, nothing happened, they were allowed without fine to file retroactively, why the hell don't you try that. All of this came to a head after Hillary was made Secretary of State and the assumed next after Obama president. Payola was expanded into a new State Department administrative section. But then there were all those pesky rules and oversights—never mind, she set up illegal private servers, used unprotected cell phones and laptops and then her aid Huma Abedin's husbands pedophile, Antony Weiner's personal computer as a storage device. This poses the question of exactly how deep is the deep state?

           Let me explain that simply. Hillary Clinton's electronic communications devices and messages were under federal subpoenas, and this included: three laptops, five cell phones, five SIM cards, three servers, 33,000 deleted e-mails, the destruction of which are class A felonies. Transmission of classified communications listed as classified, secret, top secret, and special access over open channels is treason. Failure to file income tax returns (Clinton Foundation) is a felony. Setting up a foreign bagging place (Canada and Norway) for a charity event (Haitian Relief Fund) and pocketing the money (about two billion dollars) is a crime. Bundling funds overseas to avoid taxes is a crime. Storing 850,000 classified information e-mails on an unprotected server is treason. Lying to the FBI is perjury and is a felony. Destruction of government documents is a felony. Which all brings me to the question, why is Hillary Clinton not in jail?

           Ukraine is the key to the greatest scandal in American history. It is the planned extortion of monies from a poor government as retribution for providing them foreign aid purposefully. It was done by Hillary Clinton and scores of progressive Democrats and deep state operatives, who also benefited from the massive extortion. The Biden's were simply the tip of the iceberg and a convenient side show to attack Trump. When Trump, (whose campaign had most certainly been interfered within 2016 by Ukraine) asked the Ukrainian president to look into the American election interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, he was doing his job and had every right to ask that of a nation who is the recipient of billions in foreign aid to look into the matter. The Biden clan will become the sacrificial lambs on the altar of the Clintons, certainly not the first — there is a body count of over 50. Anyone who thinks that the Obamas' are innocent better look again. In an effort to save Hillarie's presidential bid, Biden had to be sacrificed to keep the Clinton Foundation operations secret. Remember Obama's instructions about the Mueller investigation, Carter Page, and the four FISA warrants; "Keep me informed." The whistle Blower was intended to get rid of Trump as well as Biden.

           Remember this is not a matter of a couple of dollars, this is about millions of dollars. This is not about Trump, it's about the deep state and the progressive wing of the DNC. When Lt. Col. Vindman gave his phoney false narrative to Eric Ciaramella, the fake whistle blower, the progresives were terrified about the implications of a massive bribery scheme about to be made public, that's when they, after the failed Mueller investigation, began the Ukraine spygate expansion. If Trump is successful in exposing this entire calamity, more people will go to jail than you can count on two hands and two feet. 

           So, lets summarise: Joe Biden suggests his son for a board position of Burisma. Hunter is hired and paid $85,000 per month. Joe and Hunter fly to China and Hunter is suggested by Joe as an investment specialist in America, China provides $1.5-billion for Hunter to invest in America. Hillary Clinton becomes Sec. of State, payola begins with speeches by Bill netting out at several millions. And Hillary speeches netting out at more millions. The Clintons conclude the AtomOne deal netting them $145-million. Bill and some associates start the Haitian relief fund and collect about $2-billion. Of all the collected Haitian relief fund, less than 5% goes to Haiti, all the rest is in secret bank accounts in Canada and Norway. The Clinton Foundation never in its entire existence, for any year met the IRS 501(c)(3) charitable contribution requirements but the IRS lets them keep operating. By this time the total amount of grafted funds exceeds four billion.

           To protect all of that the Deep State was organised. They are doing a great job for the Clintons and the progressive wing of the DNC and in the process are screwing the rest of America and its citizens, the exact opposite from what Truman set them up to do.



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