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General Soleimani


Based on now available information, General Qassem Soleimani’s assassination by the US military was a massively popular person in Iran. This contradicts what the US media have been reporting. We know he was favored by his funeral, which was so well attended by over one million Iranian’s that 32 were killed and 190 injured when a stampede erupted during the funeral.
More to the point is, who is producing the fake news spewed out by the Lamestream? The same ziocons who told us about Pope Francis has endorsed Donald Trump, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Stormy Daniels, the list is endless. These same people are now telling us that Gen. Soleimani was responsible for over 1000 American deaths, as usual, without the slightest bit of supportive evidence for their claim. Why should we believe them now, they regularly lie to everyone?
Who was he? Killed in a drone attack on Jan. 3, 2020, he was the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ elite Quds Force. A quick internet search reveals that the deep state has indeed been busy; no less than 15 Internet sites tell us what an evil bastard he was. He was a major general in charge of military operations outside Iran. His murder was probably orders by the Mossad. If we go back to the Internet, we see no less than ten new sights, all of which claim that Trump ordered the assassination. Sure, after 27 ziocon advisors told him a pack of lies. Let’s look at the facts. There is no provided evidence from anyone that he was responsible for any American deaths. He is a Shia Muslim not one Shia was involved in 9-11. All 9-11, all participants were Sunni Wahhabi Muslims. The war between Sunni and Shia is about 1,500-years old. The Quds forces commanded by Soleimani were allied with the Assad Syrian Alawite Muslim forces against the Caliphate (ISIL & ISIS). The war against the Caliphate was the Alawite forces of Syria combined with the Iranian forces of Quds and the Russians. The Syrian war began as military mercenary force employed by Israel against the Assad government of Syria. The mercenaries were given $50-million, and Toyota pickups (White) with Russian 50-Cal machine guns mounted in the beds, by Hillary Clinton as Sec. of State. When the money ran out, they joined the Caliphate. Indirectly the Assad government and the Russians and the Iranian Quads forces all had the same goal; the elimination of the Caliphate; just by the way, our goal as well. The total opposition was Israel, who was implementing their Yinon Plan for Greater Israel (Eretz Yisrael) published in Hebrew in 1982 in Kivunim. A translation of nine pages is on the Internet by Israel Shahak.
PS The Russian machine guns were provided from the Libyan stockpile over Turkey and arranged by Amb. Stevens, who was murdered by al Qaida who were staunch allies of the Caliphate! Get it?

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