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About lying and impeaching


  1. Obama’s point man for Ukraine was VP Joe Biden. Joe suggested his son Hunter for a position the board of Directors of Burisma for his son Hunter to the CEO of Burisma. Hunter had been thrown out of the Navy for cocaine addiction. Hunter does not speak Russian or Ukrainian and has zero knowledge of the fossil fuel industry. Burisma, the largest energy company in Ukraine that is corrupt to the core, hires Hunter at a monthly salary of over $85,000 per-month.
  2. Joe visits Ukraine and has a meeting with the president thereof. The Ukrainian president has an investigation of Burisma in progress. Joe tells the Ukrainian president to fire his prosecutor into Burisma within six hours, or he will block promised over one billion dollars of foreign aid. (A federal crime on three levels)
  3. Trump has a telephone conversation with the Ukraine president. The Democrats claim that Trump committed a crime by asking the Ukrainian president to look into Burisma and Hunter Biden’s position on the board of directors of Burisma. (actually, that is part of the Executives job)
  4. Adam Schiff produces a secret so-called Whistle Blower who is, in fact, a CIA desk jockey. His name is Eric Ciaramella. Ciaramella produces a letter written by a legal member of Schiff’s committee, which is not only hearsay but total BS. The information for the letter was provided by Lt.Col. Alexander Vindman a long time, never Trumpsters.
  5. Trump, with the Ukraine president's agreement, releases the entire transcript of the telephone conversation. This proves that Ciaramella’s letter is a total BS.
  6. Adam Schiff makes up lies about the telephone conversation, which are repeated by CNN. MSNBC, ABC, and other news sources as factual.
  7. The House of Representatives has impeachment hearings in which; due process, cross-examination of witnesses, Legal representation, council, and presentation of witnesses, is denied to the president. Meetings are held in the basement of the House in secret without media or opposition participation.
  8. The House votes to impeach. As of this date, no crime has been revealed. When Schiffs House Intelligence Committee witnesses were asked if anyone committed an impeachable crime, they all said no.
  9. Charges: 1) “Trump corruptly solicited the government of Ukraine to publicly announced an investigation” No, the investigation was ongoing until Biden stopped it. “Trump withheld $400-million foreign aid from Ukraine”. No, check the dates and facts, the aid was provided. 2) Trump obstructed congress. No, he did not. Trump instituted executive privilege to release information, and client-lawyer confidentiality for his presidential council, both have been used by every president since president Washington.



This is nothing but a Kabuki theatre production with Adam Schiff stage manager, Jerald Nader Producer, and Nancy Pelosi as Director.

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