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For Fear of the Tribe


For Fear of the Tribe                                                           1,408 words 12.21.19

Dr. A. H. Krieg



           No matter what you do for them, however, you help them, employ them, exonerate them, accept them into your society, let them live with you, whatever you do for any Tribe member, they will betray you, steal from you, disrupt your society, and double-cross you at every possible opportunity. No? Well, what about the Trump impeachment that is totally staffed by Judaists? I will now be called a Nazi and anti-Semite, a horrible evil person, someone who does not understand. But I do understand because I lived and worked in NYC for over ten years. NYC has a Tribe population of 14%, the highest percentage outside Israel. I have visited their stolen country. I saw want they are doing in Gaza, the world's largest concentration camp, I saw how they are colonizing the West Bank, and I read their plan for the Middle East the nine-page Oded Yinon Plan, which explains it all. The perpetual contrived civil wars against all their neighbors to dismember those nations into smaller segments to be conquered by the IDF in preparation for colonization. 

           This begs the question; what do you base your opinion on? There are many matters, let me begin with Gorge Malencoff. When I came into the family business, after my release from the US army, my father had employe George, who was F-4 draft classification, as his office manager straight out of NYU, it was about in 1962. George worked for my father, who ran an import business until 1976, at which time Robert Bosh, who owned Scintilla, a manufacturer of power tools in Switzerland, whose products we were importing, canceled my father's contract. George, who had a great salary, pension, and profit-sharing as well as company-paid healthcare told my father that his uncle in Chicago who had a hardware business required him to come and run it; he gave us notice. Four week after he left with over $40,000 in pension and $25,000 in profit sharing we learned that he was now employed by Bosh in Chicago and had stolen our A/R and A/P information as well as our customer lists and was actively soliciting our customers on behalf of his new employer Robert Bosh, the Germans and the Jews together once again. Good old George went on to manage the secret Bosh Saturday Night special import business in Miami, which caused the deaths of countless Americans. 

           The second case was a German Tribe member, Helmut, who also worked for my father in an associate business importing ski equipment. It was later to be the name of my company Widder Corp that was in the power and machine tool manufacturing business. In any event, the sporting gods business ran from about 1969 to 1976 when Helmut, one day, did not come to work sent in a termination notice asked us to mail him his due pay and was gone. He, just like George, stole our A/R and A/P lists along with customer lists he was now employed by one of my father's competitors. Both George and Helmut did their very best to steal my father's customers. Helmut's departing pay, profit, and pension was over $25.000.

           I have never since hired a Tribe member, I know better. These people are not trustworthy, and they will stab you in the back the moment someone offers them a lucrative opportunity. It is in the Talmud, where it says; Christians are animals and have no souls, it's OK to seal from Christians and Muslims, Schwarze (Blacks) are not humans. If you see any non-jew drowning in a river, don't save him; he is just an animal. All the afore listed are animals and were placed on earth by God to be the slaves of Jews, when the Jewish Messiah comes, Jews will run the world. There's more much, much more just look it up, but not in the Jewish encyclopedia, it's all been censored out.

           Let's look at our home, America, and Judaists, after all, we are told by our Judaist media every day that Israel is our best and the only ally in the Middle East, well, actually before 1948 and the acceptance by America of Israel, first of all, nations, of Israel as a nation; we had no enemies in the entire Middle East; now we have lots. That, in fact, should surprise no one, the Muslim and Christian Palestinians are attacked by American helicopters, fighter planes artillery, phosphorus ammunition, their infrastructure, as that of Syria and Lebanon is continuously destroyed, Bethlehem, which was a Christian town 50-years ago and for the previous 2,000-years, is today only 2% Christian Arab, who are all second class citizens. It's somewhat surprising to see how our wonderful ally, friends treat us. J. Robert Oppenheimer, Whitaker Chambers, Alger Hiss, Elizabeth Bentley, Julius Rosenberg, Ethel Rosenberg, David Greenglass, Morton Sobell, Leo Szilard, Bruno Pontecorvo, Morris Cohen, Jack Gobble, Victor Perlo, Lee Pressman, Jacob Albam, Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, V. J. Jerome (Isaac Romaine) Alexander Trachtenberg, Israel Amter, Gus Hall (Arvo K. Halberg), Philip Bart, Carl Winter (Philip Carl Weissberg), Joel Barr, Harry Dexter White, Alfred Sarant, Harry Gold, (Golododinsky) Theodor Hall, (Hallsberg, Holzberg), Yakov Golos, Armand Hammer, Samuel Dickstein, and Jonathan Pollard. Now there are 32 good dual-national Americans…Oh, sorry, I forgot to list all these traitors makes me a Nazi! This bunch of bastards gave Stalin the atomic bomb, then the hydrogen bomb, and the last one on the list sold the Israeli State all our national self defence secrets, over 800,000 pages of them, that the Mossad then sanitised and sold to the Russians. Hey, why are you surprised? After all, they paid Pollard close to one million they had to recoup those funds somehow; it's only good business, don't you know. In the case of Harry Dexter White, he betrayed us at the Mt. Washington Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 with his queer friends Henry Morgenthau and his bum buddy, the British economist John Maynard Keynes.

           These last guys present America and the World the Keynesian economic system that has wreaked havoc on the entire world ever since. Keynes aside, being a queer was also a Fabian socialist his entire economic retinue' is similar to that of the Grey Lady's. Paul Krugman, another tribe member who just like Keynes, never got anything right. A simple look at their economic predictions will verify that!

           These tribe members tell us that they are our betters, they are a people apart; they are the chosen of God. So, what does the Bible say? Revelations 2-9 "I know the blasphemers of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan." 

           More precisely, who are these Jews—in fact, they are not Jews, they are Judaists they are a tribe of people with widely varying belief systems. Zionism is an Israeli nationalism in large part Communist, a political advocacy that is Judaist in origin, proven by Israeli communist Kibbutz systems, of which Israel has 230. They are Hasidim they are Orthodox they are Reformed, they are Sephardic, but most of all, according to DNA testing in London, NY, and Jerusalem they are by majority of 97% of Khazarian ancestry, which makes them Turkmen Caucasian not Semitic Caucasian. None of them have any historic or racial rights in the Levant. This has repeatedly been proven even in Israel, much to the chagrin of the tribe, because it undermines their entire fake modern Judaist claim that they are the inheritors of the Levant. DNA tests were conducted at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine at Johns Hopkins, proving that the genome's ancestry of modern Jews is a product of their Khazarian ancestry. The Khazars came from what is now part of Russia called Crimea, where Dmitry Vasilyev found the old capital city of the Khassars, Khanate, in 2008. The Khazarian people did not convert to Judaism until the 8th century AD. They have no claim on any land in Palestine or the Levant.


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