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Whose Impeachment


To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. While this is a law of physics, it is also applicable to politics. 19-minutes after President Trump was sworn into office the Washington Post, now, one of America’s worst news-sources, announced the beginning of efforts to impeach Donald Trump. Lord knows the progressives tried and tried for 3-years un-relentlessly, they failed. The two charges brought by the DNC, i.e. Nader, were Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress.

            Abuse of Power:

            This charge is bogus because we have the transcript of the conversation and all the relevant dates, as well as the statement of President Trump and Zelensky. Nader claims that Trump forced Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden and Joe Biden and their complicity in Burisma Holdings. According to both presidents, there were no known funds withheld from Ukraine except by Obama in the previous administration, and the foreign aid of $391 was made; in fact, Zelensky was not aware of any hold up of aid. There was no Quid for Pro and no bribery. Part of the Presidential job is oversight; there can be no doubt about Hunter Biden’s employment on the board of Burisma. Hunter said so in a TV interview, “I got the job because my name is Biden.” Joe Biden, in fact, suggested his son for the job when he was the administration point man for Ukraine. Joe Biden in another TV interview bragged, “I told him [Ukraine President] I leave in six hours if the prosecutor is not fired by then I will withhold your aid (over one billion dollars), son of a bitch if he did not fire the prosecutor” That by the way is extortion. Constitutionally it is the president's job (oversight) to ensure that financial transfers are honest.

            Just to clarify, Hunter Biden does not speak Russian or Ukraine; he was discharged from the navy for being a drug addict. He is a lobbyist and lawyer. He is the co-founder of Rosemont Seneca Partners, the consulting firm, which eventually got $1.5-billion from China to invest in American businesses after he and his father visited China on Air Force II. For two years, he dated his brother's widow Hallie. Then he fathered a love child with another woman and refused to pay child support. (now in court) Burisma is an energy company dealing in fossil fuels. Hunter has no exposure to the industry is not a geologist and has no engineering employment record, Burisma paid him over $80,000 per month, (total over $3-million)obviously for access to his father. If that’s not corruption, then please name what it is to be called.

            Obstruction of Congress:

            This charge made by Nader is false. The Constitution is very clear on this issue, which was brought before the impeachment committee by several Republican congressmen. “By law,” any disagreement between the executive and legislative branches of government shall be submitted to the judiciary, who shall rule. In fact, Nader admitted that and then said, “We don’t have the time to do that [go to court] we are close to a presidential election” Congress (The House) lacks the authority to bring this charge based on the facts. Congress lacks the authority to bring those charges unless the matter has been adjudicated by the Supreme Court. Nader did not present the case to the Supreme Court or any other court because it was a foregone conclusion that he would lose.

            The entire three-year Russian collusion investigation by Mueller was omitted from impeachment because, in the longest on record investigation of any president, not one single issue for impeachment could be found. Bare in mind, that this included investigations by the House of Representatives, the US Senate, the Department of Justice and the FBI. Then came to the false unverified FICA warrant’s signed by FBI Director James Comey, and Rod Rosenstein used to illegally claim foreign interference by Trump (Russia) in the 2016 election. This was then continued with the Stormy Daniels investigation, apparently, a tryst by Trump ten years before his election as president, spearheaded by Michael Avenatti DNC presidential aspirant and creepy porn lawyer, now under indictment. Then came the Ukraine investigation that Trump derailed when he released the transcript of the presidential conversation.

            This poses the question of what the hell is this all about? Let me tell you! This matter, which began the day Trump took office it is about several things all related to the Obama administration and his crowd of clowns.

            The players: Congressman Schiff, Barack Obama Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, Bob Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, Susan Rice, John Brennan, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, Donna Brazile, Debbie Wassermann Schultz, Sally Yates, Hillary Clinton and Jake Sullivan which is Called Spygate. And then in the followup Ukraine second inning, Congressman Nader, Barack Hussein Obama, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, (so Called) fake whistleblower Eric Ciaramella, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. All of these people belong in jail! 

            The third inning will begin in 2020 with the charges brought against Trump after the public release of his Income tax filings. IRA statute law is about 72,000 pages. NY State law, where Trump was resident, is a few thousand pages more. I would expect that Trump's tax returns are over 400-pages long. All people convict by Mueller, except General Flynn, were for ”Process Crimes,” which is making errors in government form filings. Understand this; it would be almost impossible to file a 400+ page tax return and not make some mistakes. Unlike the Clinton Foundation that neglected to file any income tax returns for five years and was not prosecuted or fined, Trump opposes the deep state and would be convicted and fined.

            Why? Good question! Let’s look behind the scenes to see the puppet masters at work. The first is Hillary Clinton, a woman who has more skeletons in her closet than Mao. To hide her complicity in; AtomOne, ($145-million) Speeches by Hillary ($22-million) speeches arranged as Secretary of State for Bill ($6.5-million) Haiti relief fund, the total is unknown due to foreign bundling in Canada and Norway but is broadly accepted as over $2-billion. To hide and prevent scrutiny of these and numerous other crimes, Hillary funded the Steele dossier’ which began the fake Russian collusion investigation. That was then by various associates distributed to the State Department, FBI, CIA, NY Times, Washington Post, and others. To continue preventing investigations into Hunter and Joe Biden as well as Hillary Clinton, the second inning of the impeachment circus began with Ukraine. Never to be forgotten is the man who gave Hillary $25-million for the presidential campaign Geörgy Schwartz—sorry George Soros the payola master for Spygate and the Ukraine issues. 

            Everything that the progressives have accused Trump of, which he did not do, as proven by three years of continual investigations,  is exactly what they did. To hide their complicity in uncounted numbers of crimes, they decided to investigate Trump for totally invented Russian and the Ukraine stories as outlined by Hillary Clinton for Christopher Steele dossier’ who then presented them to Clinton for President organization who saw to their distribution for maximum impact.


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Whose Impeachment

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