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Dr. A. H. Krieg

Change is in the eyes of the beholder, more accurately societal change is the product of those who write and report current events, the politically left “Presstitutes” of the “Lamestream” media and their puppet masters working from behind the scenes. Gyoergy Schwartz and David Rockefeller come to mind. It is mind-boggling to consider the changes in America since 9-11. All this began at a meeting of the communist party held at the University of California Berkley campus in 1992. The Berlin wall had come down, communism was on the run and the CPUSA was in a dilemma of how to proceed, violent revolution or public policy. They chose public policy and the relentless trickle down police state in which we now live. Five basic means of change were to be feminism; terrorism, environmentalism, homosexuality and an attack on marriage and atheism were to be used to undermine the basic American strengths of Patriotism, Morality and Christianity. The fact that Ashkenazi communists were already well entrenched in all these movements is indisputable.

Since then America has come around 180 degrees to the unaccountability of aristocrats in pre-industrial Europe. All that has changed is that we replaced the aristocrats with public servants, bureaucrats and politicians. These then institute in society and government public policy to meet the outcome goals of their bosses, the elite leadership. These publicly employed bureaucrats have come to act in a thuggish and decidedly un-American manner, utilizing the false premises afore mentioned. Terrorism as defined by government in the 21st century is a control apparatus used to dictate policy to society. Eisenhower warned us of the military-industrial-complex in his departure speech in 1961, he was right; Dick Cheney and Leon Penetta are proof of it. The unholy alliance between communists and military capitalists to achieve their differing goals, demonstrates both organizations delusional nature. We have come to be ruled over by a fascist partnership of big business and big government. GM, Chrysler, AIG, Fannie and Freddie not different from 1930’s Germany.

The two “Republocrat” parties, which demonstrate no real variance of policy, but in fact have identical outcome goals, further aid this new emerging totalitarian state. The two clubs when listening to the Republican “Photo-Ops” that the Lamestream calls debates clarify that there is only one candidate in the entire Republocrat slate that views democratic processes in a clear light, that man is Dr. and congressman Ron Paul. Outside the confines of the two clubs Virgil Goode (A3P) and Michael Peroutka (Constitution party) seems the only candidate bucking the system, after all CPUSA has endorsed Obama and the socialist (DSA) Democratic Socialists, of which we have 74 in congress, most certainly support the same delusional outcome shared by the Republocrats. While Ron Paul running as an independent would most likely garner between 16% and 20% of the popular vote, he could not get any realistic support in the Electoral College, which after all pick the candidate, the Populi be dammed. Goode’s and Peroutka’s possible 1% to 3% while not having a demonstrable effect would place the “Club” on notice for 2016 and at least give third party participation a shove in the right direction.

The tolerance demonstrated by the American electorate relating to the behavior of the ruling oligarchs and their toddies is not all that difficult to understand. Americans have been educationally dumbed-down for decades. Jimmy Carter established the USDE (Department of Education) in 1980, at which time American students were number three in world student competency, today some 31 years later we are number 34. The fact being, that a present American college freshman could not pass an 1850’s 6th grade matriculation exam.

Female Ashkenazi from its very first day has spearheaded the feminist movement that has shown remarkable success in convincing American Christian women that being a mother and wife and heaven forbid a housewife, is a worthless endeavourer and that for a woman to have any value she must have a professional career. The American feminist movement may more accurately be described as a Jewish movement. As said previously that’s undisputable; Betty Friedman, Gloria Steinem, Germane Greer, Gloria Aured, Arleen Rich, Linda Wolfe, Barbara Walters, Andrea Dworkin, and Bella Abzug just to name some.

The fact that the entire communist movement is also an Ashkenazi exercise is historic fact. Gus Hall was the CPUSA leader for decades. Principal formation members of CPUSA were, Charles Ruthenberg, Jay Lovestone, Nicholas Hourwich, and Alexander Bitelman. The entire communist movement worldwide has from its first day Marx, Engles, Lenin, Beria, Trotsky, Zinoview (Bornstein) Kamenov, (Apfelbaum), Sederov, (Rosenfeld), Goldman, (Aptecker) etc. etc. has been mostly Jews. The Russian revolution (historically called) was not a Russian Revolution it was an Ashkenazi invasion and takeover.

Terrorism as a means of what Gore Vidal has labeled “perpetual war for perpetual peace” has come to be the destruction of the Republic, the end of America as a free democratic nation. The change from a Republic to a Democracy spearheaded by the federal education system (AFT and NEA teachers unions) that is in its fourth decade of misinforming their pupils, showing not the slightest possible abatement. The “False Flag” operations of Oklahoma City and 9-11 are the accelerators of it. Factually the chance of an American citizen being struck by lighting is over 1000 times greater than being involved in a real terrorist act. The chances of being caught up in a terrorist incident in America are 3.7 million to one. The enacted American Patriot Act, which violates the Habeas Corpus provisions of the US Constitution as well as the first, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eight, ninth and tenth provisions of the Bill of Rights was approved two weeks after 9-11 having been written months, if not years before and has almost unanimously been re-approved time and time again by congress, whose members seem unable to read or understand our laws, the Constitution or Bill of Rights. According to the US Department of Justice there have been 310 arrests and 179 convictions using the Patriot Act since 9-11, that was ten years ago so the Department of Justice has unwittingly convinced 300 million Americans, that to convict 17.9 individual criminals per year is a worthwhile venture. Worse is the fact that almost all the arrests were consummated using semi-legal means (entrapment) to obtain convictions. Clearly an enacted law that leads to the conviction of 18 people per year out of a population of over 300 million is ridiculous and should be struck from the books. But contrary to that, the US Senate is shortly going to vote on a bill (S. 1867) that authorizes the executive the power to have the military arrest and incarcerate any American citizen without charge or trial anyplace in the world. The frontrunner in some polls Newt Gingridge stated in last week’s presidential debate that he is in favor of such an expansion of the Patriot Act. That alone should convince you vote against him.

The environmental movement is the outcome of the failure of the communist and socialists in attaining their goals. In the late 60’s the socialist factions came to the realization that their planned takeover of Western Society was a bust and that they must consequently change their approach to gain control. Realizing that socialism would not sell to the American electorate. Their most immediate success was in West Germany where after the fall of the DDR they succeeded in merging the SPD (Sozialistische Partei Deutschland) [Socialist Party of Germany] with Die Bunten [the gay’s] and Die Gruenen [The Greens] and Buentniss 90 [The DDR communist party green branch] into one ruling clique’. The Greens and the Socialists as a coalition goverment have ruled Germany for decades. In America the most pronounced action was the takeover of the Environmental Protection Agency by radical environmentalists and their infiltration of numerous Czar positions (DOE among others) in the Obama administration, resulting in draconian environmental regulations that have virtually halted technological advancements in almost all sciences. The takeover of the UN’s UNEP was also accomplished in the 90’s. The primary direction of all these agencies has been toward so-called green energy projects. Its proponents have sidelined the fact that in economic terms not a single one of these programs has proven competitive relating to conventional power generation and fuels. In America as well as Europe this has become one to the major causes of economic collapse. Spain who was at the forefront of green energy is on the cusp of bankruptcy, and has the highest unemployment levels in Europe at over 22%. In America Dr. Chu of the Department of Energy (DOE) has lost over $6 billion in one after another, failed green energy projects. Out of 17 major green projects most have gone out of business (Solyndra, among many) and the automotive plans that involve $109,000 two seater cars to be built in Finland, that have “tank empty” at 52 miles at top speed indicates the make-believe atmosphere prevailing at the DOE.

The homosexual agenda that is closely related to pornography is the planned means by which the moral and Christian society will be overthrown. The fact that both of these are managed by Ashkenazi is again a given. The entire homosexual effort is in Jewish hands: Allen Klein (Act Up & Gay Men’s Health Crisis) Annie Kantrowitz GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation) [note similarity with JDL] Jonathan Katz (Harvey Milk Institute) Harvey Feinstein Films, Moises Kaufman (The Laramie Project) Israel Fishman (Gay Liberation Caucus) Bella Abzug, first to introduce gay tolerance as legislation, Barney Frank second to do that. Kerry Lobel, (Dir. National Gay & Lesbian taskforce) There are by my reckoning 35 more Ashkenazis in the list. Pornography is no different; the principal pornographers in America are all Jews. Ron Braverman, Lohn Bone, Wesley Emerson, Paul Fishbein, Herbert Feinberg, Hank Weinstein, Lenny Freelander, Bobbie Hollander, Rubin Gottesman, Fred Hirsch, Steve Ornstein, Theodore Rothstein, Rubin Sturman, and so on.

The effort to change America from a moral Christian Republic into an Ashkenazi managed totalitarian socialist empire, managed from Jerusalem, is well on its way. Reading the Protocol of the Learned Elders of Zion and the Communist Manifesto will clarify the situation in any readers mind. The only remaining question is how have they managed to implement this entire cabal so quickly?

Change as we learn from Eric Hoffer in his book “The True Believer” is one of the primary motive forces in changing society. The seducer using change never once really tells anyone what the change is or what may be anticipated by it. People simply fed up with the status quo gobble up change like hungry fish a worm on a hook. And thus they become the snared “Sheeple” blindly following the pied piper into the class warfare of socialism. The fact that there is no history relating to any socialist state that succeeded in world times past deters no one, least of all its proponents.

The 2012 election is about change not the change promised but the change you see every day in every way all around you. The over 20% unemployment the over 10% rate of inflation, the decline of the dollar, the 15+% growth in government bureaucracies, the relentless over regulation preventing private sector job creation, class warfare as pushed by Obama and his Czars, the loss in just three years of one third of our domestic energy production, the loss of thousands of American manufacturing plants and millions of jobs, the further expansion of the deleterious “Free Trade” scenario that has in ten years seen a $5.7 billion trade surplus with Mexico reverse to a $67 billion trade deficit. The national debt of over $15 trillion. The stripping away of our individual freedoms, state rights, and liberty all compromised on the altar of safety and security. Dr. Franklin said it best; “those who expect security and safety from government will get neither”. To which George Washington added, “government like fire is a great servant and a fearful master”.

You have an opportunity to try for the last time to reverse what the socialists have done to us. This is the very last opportunity to do so. Government employment in the last three years has grown by 15% while the private sector is stagnating at just under 1%. Government bureaucrats on average earn more than double the average American workers income, which lead us to the question who is working for whom? Congressmen with their benefits and perks now earn $244,750.00 per year. At the present growth of government employment, when coupled with all the other underlying effects of “Obamatization” if continued for four more years would make reversal impossible. It is the Zeitgeist of our time; media control of our airways, newspapers, literature and even entertainment has become the fact of modern life CCTV monitors us relentlessly worldwide. Our modern society is controlled to an extent totally undreamed of by even Dr. Goebbels the propaganda minister of the third Reich. .

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