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The BoTox Queen


Nancy BoTox Queen Pelosi, Speaker of the House, presented her non-existent case for her faux impeachment charade’ last Friday. It seems she also located a copy of the Constitution that She, Schiff and Nader have been strenuously circumventing for weeks. She said, “Impeachment has nothing to do with politics!” The entire process is nothing but politics, which is proven by the fact that they have not in three years turned up one shred of evidence of any impeachable act. When Larry O’Donald on MSNBC exonerated and idolised Nancy and absolved her of hate, I was amazed—the entire process is about Hate—I won’t hold my breath but hope that ADL and SPLC will soon come to see Nancy as a Hate Group, as they have me. Hate among other things is doxing Tulsi Gabbard (D HI.) a military veteran, for like Trump, opposing foreign wars. Hate is trying to impeach a duly elected president without Leagal cause. Hate is wagging your finger in journalists faces for asking questions you don’t like and don’t want to answer. Hate is appointing Schiff and Nader to head committees that violate basic rules of fairness and constitutional rights of a defendants. Hate is lying about pending House and government actions. Hate is inventing false narratives of documented proven released information. Hate is about lying and altering a conversation between president Trump and the president of Ukraine.


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